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Pelosi and Cali Cohorts Flip the Bird

7/20/2007 7:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has hijacked a long-standing Capitol tradition -- Thursday Fried Chicken -- and some people are crying fowl!

A TMZ source says that Speaker Pelosi and her cohorts in the California Democrat delegation have moved the beloved fried chicken on the Capitol dining room menu to Wednesdays so they can have some bird in their weekly lunch meeting. What's more, we're told, they're having the bird shlepped to their own conference room during the midday rush, causing all sorts of havoc for the Dining Room staff, who are said to be "furious" about the hassle.

A Capitol dining room manager didn't know why, but confirmed that the switch went into effect in January, when Pelosi and Dem guys took over the House. A Pelosi spokesman just clucked at our account, saying that the change was just "a regular part of ... soliciting members' input, and [the day] just got moved around."


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My friend Congresswoman Sherri Davis had invited Matt Groening, the famous Simpson's animator, to that chicken lunch and found the date was switched. Disappointment all around! Sherri is a close friend of Nancy Pelosi and didn't even know.

2631 days ago

chillout music girl    

Peta will be boycotting nancy soon!!!
Shame on the chicken eater lol

2631 days ago


Hope they didn't get their chicken from KFC or we'll never hear the end of it, it will take over Iraq in the news. Maybe that's a good thing.

2631 days ago


Maybe Nancy Pelosi didn't tell her colleague about the time change because she is a Democrat and Congresswoman Sherri Davis appears to be a Republican. Which does not sound very bipartisan to me.

2631 days ago


Dems are chicken poop anyhow, especially this in the closet lesbian. Can't even get votes to stop a war.. waste of time!

2631 days ago

chillout music girl    

I don't know what is scarier her face or her teeth.

2631 days ago

nikkis mom    

It takes Pelosi a few hours to change things in an area that is none of her business but it takes 20 or more years of constant bickering and they still cannot come up with a medical plan; but they already know what pork (poultry) is needed. Maybe Nancy will clog her arteries!

2631 days ago


geeez! this thing is a big deal??? tsk...tsk...tsk...

2631 days ago


Does Nancy Pelosi strike you as being a little loopy, not flying all her sails, about a half a bubble off level most of the time? There's something not right with her. I mean some of the weirdest words come out of her mouth, and then she lets out the laugh from hell. Something is not tightened down in this lady's brain.

2631 days ago


This is soooo much more important than say....the war in care....or Bush's out-of-control administration!!!!

As a woman I could get the vapors over when friend chicken is served!!!
At least not the vapors...but geez, where is everybody's priorities?

2631 days ago


Give me a break it must be a slow celebrity gossip day. TO Comment # 6 let me fill you in on a couple of things. The Democrats along with 3 Republicans held an all night debate on the senate floor on whether or not to vote on the Withdrawal of our troops from Iraq. However, the REPUBLICANS filibustered it meaning that they blocked the bill from even going to the senate floor to get voted on. As for any bill, such as the former immigration bill, you need a 60+ vote margin to get an all out up or down senate vote. So if you knew anything about politics you would know that the Republicans were so scared of the bill getting to the senate floor because then it would allow for an up or down vote, in which case it would have passed as you hopefully known MAJORITY RULES. And yes, the Democrates have the MAJORITY in the Senate and the house.

To comment # 7: My guess is that in all actuality your face and teeth are much more hideous, hence the jealously towards Pelosi, seriously respect your elders and your senators.

2631 days ago


Right on Cedna!!!!!!!!

What's goin' on that this is such a news item!!!

Gimme the dumb celebritants...the people in the know, like Paris, Lilo, or BritBrit!!! Now there's some legs I can chew on!!!

2631 days ago


That's about the only thing she's accomplished since being the House Speaker. Also, has anyone noticed she has big breast....wonder when the last time someone touched them other than herself?

2631 days ago


Who in their right mind would eat this crap?

It clogs your arteries, makes your skin look bad- it's like poison

Pelosi doesn't need it!

2631 days ago

Gregory E. Thomas    

You need to get a life, quickly! What an idiot.

2631 days ago
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