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Mitt Catches S**t Over Hillary-Bashing Sign

7/21/2007 9:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Not everyone is a fan of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, but comparing them to one of the most dastardly pieces of human excrement of all time -- that might be bit much. Especially for a presidential candidate.
TMZ obtained photos of presidential candidate Mitt Romney trying to win over grammatically challenged South Carolinians Thursday by holding a sign that said, "No to Obama, Osama and Chelsea's Moma."

Maybe he just doesn't like modern art?


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Nick La what    

Well I'm the Greg that was talking to you KT. And I am the Greg that will say it again if needed. I think many people have already, but you can't understand the wording enough to understand them evidently.

I am Greg Mason.

2619 days ago


Greg #191 - I apologize for mixing you up with another Greg. My bad.

Greg Mason - I'm still confused as to what the h*ll you are talking about. I responded to some people's posts and when they responded to me, they called me names and went off on incoherent rants about how Bush murdered this and Bush killed that. I read and understand what they posted, I just don't understand their ignorant reasoning and hatred.

If it's Obama you want me to investigate more, I will...although I've already read a lot about his stances on issues and I disagree with pretty much everything he stands for politically, although I'm sure he's a very nice guy.

2618 days ago

Larry the Liberal Lawyer    

The sign will energize the Rednecked, Rightwinged, Radical, Reactionary, Reagonite, Republican, Religious fanatic nutcakes in the GOP, but the remaining 80% of the population will be offended. Good going Mitt, you managed align yourself with the GOP base, but unfortunately it also speaks volumes about your leadership and choice-making capabiities. Finally, Mitt, do you really think that "dumbing yourself down" for South Carolinans is very Presidential?

2618 days ago


"That is too funny. People just dont have a sense of humor. Well, the demwits dont."

Why should Democrats laugh about Obama being compared to Osama Bin Laden when Republicans had a cow because someone on a blog compared Bush to Hitler! There's a little thing called hypocrisy...though you wouldn't think it's actually a bad thing considering how freely and effortlessly Republicans practice it! By the way, what's Senator Vitters up to these days???

2618 days ago


wowwwww. that's pretty low of him- hating on the other candidates. DON'T WORRY MITT- YOU'RE NOT GONNA BE ELECTED ANYWAY. and this obviously shows how dumb some south carolinans can be. it makes me laugh

2618 days ago


Please, please, please............for all of you Hillary supporters, just go to your local library or bookstore and read the biographies written about her. This woman is about nothing but power. She doesn't give a damn about anybody but herself. Just research before you vote...regarding ANY candidate, but especially her. She scares me.

2618 days ago


Hmmm. That's funny. Isn't it the liberals who are always comparing Bush to Hitler? It's the same thing so some people should just relax.

2618 days ago


After seeing something like this and the first post here, all I can say is this. You probably want me to say some stupid racist crap that will vaidate you, Romney and his English-challenged babe in the pics. Well you know what. i'm not going to give you the satisfaction.

2618 days ago


Gee, Mitt Romney found associating with not-so-subtle subliminal racism against a fellow presidential candidate? Apparently his $500.00 for makeup is too close to home to make non-issue of Edwards' alleged $400.00 haircut.

Romney has more immediate and important things to deal with, other than supporting a racist smear: his chief-of-staff authorized use of fake law enforcement badges, which is illegal in Romney's purported home state of Massachusetts. And in other states as well. If all politicians lie, and that were grounds for electing them, it is a fist-fight argument as to whether he or Guliani is at the head of the pack.

Even as a recent poll about the Republican candidates found "None of the above" had more support than any of the candidates.

2618 days ago


Oh please nobody spews garbage more than the Democrats they're nothing but walking meaningless worthless bumper stickers who have 0 plans.Oh and why hasn't the swamp draining started? Oh wait a minute Madame Neville Nancy is too busy trying to keep the scandalous Democrats from getting their just punnishments.

2618 days ago


This is making Dumbya's friend Osama very happy.

A word of advice: If you want to make a statement, the least you can do is learn how to S P E L L ! (And what Chelsea Clinton has to do with anything, I'll never know).

2618 days ago


Um, Jermaine, the Republicans were advocates of slavery, too. And Lincoln (the Republicans' hero) "freed" the slaves and was going to send them back to Africa before he was assassinated.

That was taken directly from Cindy Sheehan, who has ZERO concept of history (like most Americans).

2618 days ago


#196 Lynnz: I have read much about Hilary, and it's so pathetic how American women are scared of a powerful, opinionated woman (and the majority of the book you're asking people to read are nothing but hack jobs on the woman and her husband).

India just elected their first woman president, and yet American women actually fight against the idea of having the same here.

What Hilary Clinton has done in one day her critics will never do in a lifetime and the things she forgot most of her critics don't even know about.

How sad.

2618 days ago


It is *not* Obama, Osama and Chelsea's Mom. It is in fact Obama Osama. She is making Mr. Obama sound like the terrorist, just like school kids would same Hairy Larry, John John Leprechaun, and other stuff like that. It's exactly what someone would do when their debate doesn't have any merits of its own to stand on.

2618 days ago

Rust never Sleeps    

Just remember Mitts real name is Willard (thats a fact).

2618 days ago
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