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Mitt Catches S**t Over Hillary-Bashing Sign

7/21/2007 9:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Not everyone is a fan of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, but comparing them to one of the most dastardly pieces of human excrement of all time -- that might be bit much. Especially for a presidential candidate.
TMZ obtained photos of presidential candidate Mitt Romney trying to win over grammatically challenged South Carolinians Thursday by holding a sign that said, "No to Obama, Osama and Chelsea's Moma."

Maybe he just doesn't like modern art?


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Like the sign,
Like the sentiment,
Like the candidate!

She wasn't COMPARING the senators to Osama, she was INCLUDING them, and him, in a "No to . . ." list. Actually, it is a pretty clever idea. You Mormon haters and libs would dislike it just as much if she dropped Osama and correctly spelled Momma, (actually the perfect spelling in this case would have been Mama) BUT we all understood the sentiment!
(And whether #71's opinion is correct or not, did we see TMZ jump all over that even BIGGER gaffe?) If TMZ is going to go political, how about the ugly statements about the President of the United States being compared to Hitler by Keith Ellison, the freshman congressman from Minnesota who also happens to be the first Muslim elected to federal office? Now that really is the definition of NASTY, inappropriate, and as TMZ likes to call it, S**ty!

2614 days ago

Nick La what    

Well then get a tissue Cindy Snow. And ‘wipe the white stuff off their face’ clever, clever, you must be a young one.

No one has to check the constitution to know this is an idiot bigot. I think the majority rules here. Most of use thinks that this was inappropriate and now he has truly shown his true colors on both sides.

I bet you probably voted for Bush twice too. His second time around voters really did out boy (overseas) some good. Playing with them like their little plastic army men. They are someone’s loved one. Now you’re the kind of moron that would vote in this other bigger moron.

Thanks but no thanks Snowflake.

2614 days ago

No Kidding    

~~~ Our children are the priority for most of us, especially so during difficult times. However, this idiot woman doesn't seem to realize that "Mittwit" would like to see her barefoot and pregnant 'till she has 10 or 12 kids and subservient towards her husband(s). His philosophy seems to be that women, like children (in an old saying) should be seen and not heard except for his precious boo-boos. Also, WHY didn't any of his *FIVE* sons enlist since he's so keen on the war??? ~~~

2614 days ago

Larry Durham    

OK, so she mispelled "moma"; the joke is still funny! You "libs" are a dour, sour, crabby bunch. I used to be a liberal democrat myself, but I woke up one day to the realization that I had nothing in common with you cranky, complaining "feelers". I started THINKING for myself; and I think the joke was funny.

Flame away crybabies!

2614 days ago


What respectable politician would pose with someone holding a sign like this? Most at least try and avoid the appearance of mud slinging or dislike for a fellow candidate. This is a horrible PR move for Mitt. It may be time for the spin doctors to make a move. I am not a fan of any of the candidates mentioned in this article, but if I were thinking of Mitt as my possible choice for President this would give me pause.

2614 days ago


So he supports racism, sexism AND stupidity ! Good job. The Repubs are doomed.

2614 days ago


Big F'n deal! He's taking a picture with some people that don't like Billary or Obama. Did he make those posters?

And South Carolina is the lowest on the education ladder -- It's Arizona first, then California. The home of the uneducated social benefit bloodsuckers that Hillary is desperately campaigning to.

Why is it that Hillary supporters have a real problem with free speech? They're trying to kill talk radio, but yet they have the meanest things to say about Republicans.

Get over it people -- all politicans suck. This country is in deperate need for a third party to push the greedy, special interest, multimillionaire Repubs and Democrats away.

(and the Dems have the greatest # of superrich, trust fund millionaires trying to convince the world they relate to the middle class!)

2614 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

So what if they can't spell? They know they don't want a muslim or a Communist for prez. Give em a break.

2614 days ago

Nick La what    

No Jackie I cannot imagine a Muslim president….and therefore Obama would NOT BE. Stick with reality and were he is today. If someone’s pregnant mother was visiting over there for 6 months and they were born there, and socialized there, or even went back there to visit a friend years later, then that would NOT make them one of them And all of them are NOT terrorist or believe in them.

2614 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

Wonder if Osama the muslim will attend the obligatory pork roast while down south? He and Hillary sure haven't said NO to the pork thatNancy Pelosi said the Dems would stop when they took control. Repubs are just as bad. I say YES to Ralph Nader.

2614 days ago

Nick La what    

The democrats are never great but the republicans always show how many stupid candidates that they would love to represent them.

Good job Republicans

2614 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

Hillary had to show some cleavage just to proove she was a woman. She still got a set of balls.

2614 days ago

Nick La what    

Yes he is taking a photo with this person, so therefore he IS showing that he supports this type of thinking. Which is barely thinking at all.

2614 days ago

Nick La what    

Hey Larry Durham 92…I’ll tell you like someone else on here said BACK TO Justin L #29 post ….

Justin also said that “This is too funny…People just don’t have a sense of humor”.

Yeah …I’m sure as the people we falling down to the ground in burning flames, smoke and debris from thousands of feet high up in the air while in the TWIN TOWERS, falling, they were all waving and laughing at their surroundings Big joke to them I’m sure. So funny that I bet they weren’t even praying or thinking of their families and children that they knew they would never see EVER again. And our men & women overseas are just DYING laughing too.

Thanks for your post. I think all the relatives and friends of the fallen really appreciate your words this morning. You need to shut your computer off until you learn better manners.

You must be one of their people that support that terrorist. Only one of those dumbass people/terrorist lovers would type that messed up comment.…but then again…look at the absent minded American that we are commenting on today. But you both are still heartless, morons, and you both need to learn better conduct.

((((I believe like this other poster that said all this. You too are far pass stupid if you really think this is funny. I guess IF he became president and cause worse problems than we already have here in America, then I guess America’s final downfall will be *Funny to you too*, Grow up stupid and learn what a real joke is…starting with your own thinking.)))

2614 days ago


I am still researching candidates and their stance on the issues important to me, and want to hear a few more debates between the candidates before deciding who has my vote. I also have no political affiliation. My vote is based on the candidate and issues, and not the party. However I would like those who are claming Sen. Obama is a Muslim to read the articles in the links I've provided. I know they may not change anyone’s mind, as when people have pre-conceived notions it is difficult to get them to believe anything else, however it is worth a try. Below are links to the two informative links regarding Sen. Obama.

2614 days ago
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