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Protestors: Vick's Sick

7/21/2007 5:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Animal rights protesters are angry over Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick's alleged involvement with an illegal dogfighting ring. Vick was indicted on Tuesday for federal dogfighting charges.

Around 75 animal-loving members of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals demonstrated in front of the NFL's New York offices on Friday calling for Vick's suspension, reported the Daily News. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has yet to rule on Vick's status.

The Humane Society of the United States held a similar protest at Nike's Portland, Oregon, headquarters. Nike recently decided not to release its newest Vick shoe, though it has seven other Vick-related items in production.


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Hey smilesarefree Number one the Humane Society euphanizes the animals humanly, not by hanging, electrocution, or slamming them unto the pavement many times. What is wrong with you??
Number 2, the reason the Humane Society has to put the animals down is because of all the stupid idiots that get animals and do not have them neutered, so they keep reproducing, or they just do not take care of them. These people are stupid, kind of like YOU???
Anyone that says well they are stupid animals so what must be as savage as these monsters like Vick. These innocent animals still feel when they are tortured or hurt.
Its people like you with your attitude that makes this stuff happen, so SHUT UP!!!

2594 days ago

know it all    

Someone should throw him under a bus.

2594 days ago

Peta Supporter    

Pitbull should eat his neck out

2594 days ago


I am sure everyone agrees with DHD about being legal to suck the brains out of a baby, but this is the subject at hand.
Late term abortion is murder that is for sure.
and>>>>This dog fighting is savage and criminal too. I hope everyone one will pressure the NFL to get rid of this savage.

2594 days ago


Michael Vicks is an animal himself, and the NFL should be absolutely ashamed to have someone like him among their ranks. Prison is too good for him. Perhaps the best punishment for Vicks would be to put him in a ring with a large angry fighting dog, with no way out. Then, maybe he'll understand the torture he inflicted on those poor canines, and when it's over, hell can have him.

2594 days ago

Human for canines    

I think smilesarefree is baiting us and that this person has had the 15 minutes of fame that he/she craved. Let's move on to the topic of conversation about how to make sure we can get our elected officials to enact the law and enforce it so that we don't have to write about such malicious and cowardly incidents.

2594 days ago


they're just stupid dogs. millions of people are dying all around the world and i dont hear any outrage over that on here.

2594 days ago


charlie are you that ignorant. Its not peta that is prosecuting it is the feds! before you go on your innocent until proven guilty speach really think about it!!! ITS ON HIS LAND!!! his BOYS HAVE ALREADY ROLLED ON HIM! 54 PIT BULLS were found!! I dont think they were house pets! 7 DEAD PITS were found, including a treadmill designed for dogs a RAPE STICK and a bloody carpet!! So shut up and think about it! It doesnt take a genious or 12 jurors to tell me he his guilty! If thats what you need than FINE but everyone can make their decisions for themselves! So dont try to force your opinions on everyone else!

2594 days ago


I hope they go after who ever sold those dogs to them also I believe they were breed for this purpose. And many more are buying them from somone. It's all so sick it's beyound words.
For those who claim it's not so bad " because they were just dogs" do you really believe people that sadistic stop at dogs? You could be next.

2594 days ago


To post #4 'smliesarefree': You have to be the MOST mentally deprived person on earth to condone Vick's hideous, repulsive + what amounts to the most reprehensiible behavior involving animal cruelty that I have ever heard of. Not only is [Vick's] ten year $130M contract OVER, no one, including Nike will continue to endorse this stupid black moron. Nike ahs already suspended their "Vick" shoe collection. While it is true that everyone is "innocent until proven guilty", I suggest that you visit website + read the actual Federal Grand Jury indictment, IF you can stomach it! Coming from someone who is very well versed in the Federal Justice Sytem, firsthand, the feds have also indicted Vicks's cohorts who will likely roll + plea in support of providing "substantial assistance" to the U.S. Attorney (AUSA) in prosecuting this case for a reduced sentence. Thankfully, the case was taken over by the feds, without the local authorities having any prior knowledge of, this barbaric dog fighting enterprise which crossed state lines (interstate crimiinal activity falls under the juristiction of the FBI to investigate) which has evidently been going on for several years now. Vick is curently the highest paid of ANY NFL player. [You] evidently are a supporter of BRUTALLY KILLING innocent canines by the most egreious of methods that Vick + his associates have allegedly imposed on these poor animals, as outlined in the Federal Grand Jury indictment. 'smilesarefree', I can assure you, now that the feds have moved in, Vick's career is finished! The Federal Justice System moves very slowly, + Vick will be arraigned shortly, it could take up to a year if he intends to actually go to trial in defense of these allegations, the feds have him by the balls + if Vick decides to proceed to trial, expect superseding indictments to follow by both the USDOJ, the District U.S. Attorneys Office for the state of Virginia, or government agencies like the IRS, etc. MICHAEL VICK will be convicted by a jury of his peers, or either enter into a plea with the feds which still allows the judge (under "Booker') to impose a sentence in excess of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines based on enhancements as a result of this alleged HORRIFIC brutality of innocent animals, i.e. domesticated dogs. Hey Michael Vick, I would love to have the opportunity to have a 'one-on-one' confronatation with you for two minutes, accompanied by my associate, Mr. Glock, just for protection purposes of course! Both the NFL + the Falcons have an obligation to their fans to immediately suspend Vick, with pay, until this federal matter is adjuducated.

2594 days ago


The scary part is these people having no feelings for the animals.To me it's like a bunch of serial killers playing some kind of sick game together.
If Vick is allowed to play in a game (and I hope he isn't) No one should pay to see the game and thousands of people should show up and protest outside and make a huge statement. I know some will still go but if everyone makes it so deplorable maybe they will think twice...It IS an opportunity to bring about change for the innocent . PLEASE don't let this fade away. Thanks for all who love their animals and are willing to help . God Bless us all.

2594 days ago

know it all    

Too bad headline didn't read "Micheal Vick Mauled to Death in Dog-fighting Accident"
That would have been justice.
In a perfect world.

2594 days ago


Its funny how this outrages so many people, but millions of people are suffering throughout the world with poverty, aids, and the war...And this causes such controversy??????????? I don't condone what he did, but give me a break with these dumb ass boycott's, and furious losers...Open your eyes to whats really going on..Losers!!!!!!!!!!!

2594 days ago


Vick is just a sick man. Who the hell does what he did. Though I must say, I suspect the only reason #4 is condoning MV is probably because he is also involved in the betting.

2594 days ago


Open letter to MV
You just woke the sleeping Giant !!!

2594 days ago
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