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Gore Banks Green from Green

7/22/2007 3:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Green giant Al Gore makes a pretty penny off of his environmental speaking engagements. The former veep raked in around $100,000 for a recent 75-minute speaking engagement at the University of California, San Diego, reports by way of the L.A. Times.

What did the Big Greenie require during his stay? Only first-class air travel for himself and one companion; $1,000 per day for incidental expenses; security guards; and an environmentally-conscious vehicle for all road travel. The prima donna vice president also demanded that there be no press, video or audio taping of his appearance, and that he have full approval over all banners, logos, and communications materials for the event.


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THIS is the reason most reasonable people don't buy into his environmental argument. He's a hypocrite, and full of hot air. He alone is responsible for more hot gas expelled into the atmosphere than a fleet of gas guzzling SUV's. Mansion in Tennessee still lit up and ready in case you want to "drop in" one weekend? Pool heated and ready? He makes me sick to my stomach.

2618 days ago


So what? He's flying commercial, not on a private plane, and he's using an environmentally sound car--it fits in with his message. Good for him for making money from speaking.

2618 days ago


Hey, let's get one thing least he has brought awareness to the environment and more things are being done about it. Why don't you look at his overall lifestyle and at the same time, check your own out. What more can you be doing to better the environment? At least he is not sending innocent Americans over to Iraq to kill innocent Iraqi civilians. Yes, I realize that will stir up controvesy...that is what life is all about. Now all of you hot heads can yell at me. But, I am headed outside to enjoy the beautiful day.

2618 days ago


He's entitled to ask for perks, for Christ's sake. He's way more entitled to them than the idiots you seem to revere like Paris Hilton or Anderson Cooper. Al Gore has affected more positive change for the world than your usual story subjects. If you want to try your inept hand at politics, TMZ, stick with President Bush and his colon polyps. You suck.

2618 days ago


Al Gore is digusting and despicable.

2618 days ago


Hey Donnie, global warming is a myth. Deal with it.
Al Gore did invent the internet, we can thank his phat azz for that.

2618 days ago


Patty, I know you're outside, but anyway,

I applaud anyone's efforts toward saving the environment. I do believe that Global Warming is a serious problem, even though there are those who say the whole argument is a bunch of crap. People like him, however, hurt that argument and give those who don't believe in it fodder to discredit it. I don't care what perks he's entitled to, he needs to set a better example. And by the way, I'm doing all I can toward the cause. Now, enjoy that beautiful day. I'm going to do the same.

2618 days ago


Most sought after speakers do have large fees and do have their perks. Nothin' unusual here.

2618 days ago


Gore's son has nothing to do with this. God, if everything my adult kids did reflected on me, I'd be in trouble. They've flown the nest. They are their own person.

2618 days ago


How come you never talk about how much money Republicans make on their talking appearances. Ex. Rudy, Fred Thompson etc.

2618 days ago


When Al Gore got publicity by (supposedly) going "green" he had no idea he'd ever have such wealth in his hands. Now he's trying to live high on the hog and still pretend the environment is his first concern. Phony.

2618 days ago

Red Bull 420    

Just like every other politician he just wants to fill his pockets. If "Warming" is so urgent why charge people to speak about it. What a Joke! How arrogant are you people that think you can save the planet. The earth will clean itself when needed...get over it..its the cycle of life.

2618 days ago

i heard he litters.

2618 days ago


It is not news that Gore has made a nice living off of his global warming
" theory's ".
I wont confuse that with cleaning up the environment as I believe those are two entirely different issues that should not be connected.

2618 days ago


Is he supposed to ride on a commercial bus for three days to get where he speaks, then take a rubber chicken dinner and a Motel 6 room for compensation? In this modern world, for well known people to get the message out, it takes speed and diligence, and the man is nothing if not diligent. One thing though, he is rich enough to forego the fees and just take the perks a man with an itinerary and entourage requires. And why should he allow a place to video tape him and they can profit from it? It's just good business practice.

He really should close up half the mansion and stop paying 30 grand a month, or whatever it is, to keep it running. And the pool, is it really necessary in the south to have it heated? Yes some things seem hypocritical, but he's a smart man with a good message, unlike the twerp that stole the presidency from him.

2618 days ago
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