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Britney, Boo Boo and Boob

7/23/2007 12:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hey y'all. Britz was out a'sailin' in Malibu this weekend, but the seafarin' fright-weaved mom/mess could only take it for less than 30 minutes. It's unclear whether the ocean made her nauseous, or she caught sight of her hair in the reflection of a yacht window.

Mama bit her lip and carried her boo boo, the cranky Jayden James Federline, away from the ship, while barely managing to keep her babe balanced and boob covered.

Britney also debuted a new weavehider headband, which appears to have been fashioned from an old bicycle tire. Ahoy, y'all!


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Brit is a f*ck up    

My God, people leave her alone!! Stick that camera up your asses!!

2646 days ago

pay atention    

TMZ I love to read your sight and catch up on celebrity news, but I am going to stop looking if you don't chill out!! I think it's okay to get shots here and there but you never let up on this girl. She is having a rough time right now can't you show something besides Brittany all the time? She can't even be in her own backyard with out some of your photogs taking pictures. Do you want to see her end up like Anna Nicole Smith and leave two innocent babies behind?? You follow her down the highway while she is driving with her kids in the car!!! What if she becomes distracted and wrecks and gets killed like Princess Diana?? Yes, she has made some bad choices but if anything crazy happens to her you TMZ are going to be part of the blame!!! I wish I could take her under my wing and help her get back on track... Just back off of her--PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2646 days ago

jeanettte jay    

Choo...Choo...all aboard to the train wreck this women has been for far to long.

2646 days ago

Happy To Be Me    

I'd be cranky too, if that were my mom.

2646 days ago

Michael Richards    

That is a very nice looking boob.....very nice....

2646 days ago


OK. So this is ONE OF THOSE TIMES that she just seems to be trying to go out and do something normal. In this instance, does it STILL have to be a snarkfest? Sometimes, you gotta give it a rest with her.

2646 days ago


HallMark reject....nothing good to say about this accept...Oh, Larry Flynt; your the next stop!

2646 days ago


can the paparatizzi leave this woman alone and let her be. some of us would have cracked under the kinda if photographers follow us around every day. there things we all do that we our selfs would not want in the media every day, give this woman a brake. enough already

2646 days ago


please leave this young woman alone stop following her around, give her a brake . i could not take all this my self . leave her alone

2646 days ago


My guess is she thought it would be a nice outing. The child didn't like the ride; so she cut the trip short. Which is a good thing, guys. Give it a rest.

2646 days ago

Sparkling City by the Sea    

TMZ needs to leave her alone already I think they have taken enough pics of her to last a life. Also, for all of you that are saying for her to cover up she is covered up. She is wearing a bathing suit you all need to get a life if you are sick of seeing her than don't look or don't comment. Also some of you are pathetic saying that Brit does not spend time with her children in public and when she does then you talk bad about that too! She is damn if she does and damn if she doesn't. Just back off her already can you imagine what it must feel like for her to read all of these comments no wonder she has problems. Leave her alone and let her work on her life.

2646 days ago


I am by no means a "Brittney fan"
I think she is a beautiful girl who I would hope would realize that making poor decisions gets you noticed, Even if 90% of society does the same thing people watch her.
How sad that the same society that judges her are the same people makin identical mistakes some people are so hateful..

2646 days ago

The Past is Significant, too!    

it's funny that the only people that sound smart at all about Britney anymore are the people that are telling you to stop with the stupid comments and pictures.

If she weren't a celebrity, no one would think anything of this picture. They'd say, "so what? It's a woman with her kid on the lake." Yeah, she's a HUUUUGGGEE trainwreck when it comes to being just like anyone else. So she's not picture perfect all the time... who IS?!

Even Celebrities go through hard times, you don't need to sit there and judge every single move they make.

2646 days ago


Leave her alone ! Who hasn't, including her own parents for which she's been a meal ticket, used her up and then spit her out. My God, she has to be the loneliest poor little rich girl in the world. She may be surrounded by people, but who out of all of them truly love her and want only the best for her - no strings attached. I don't see anyone. God bless her, I just hope we're not reading her obituary any time soon.

2646 days ago


OK, enough is enough. I have gone from defending Brit to being totally anti-Brit. But, TMZ leave her alone. I agree with the other readers, what if...........I know I have had enough of the TMZ bashing. It's like we say in the South "If you can't say something nice about someone, then don't say anything at all".

2646 days ago
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