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Dick Dishes on Lovitz Drama

7/25/2007 3:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In an exclusive interview on's "Tom Green Live," spazzy trainwreck comedian Andy Dick details the disastrous exchange between himself and fellow comedian Jon Lovitz -- that resulted in comic-on-comic violence last week.

Tricky Dick says the fight was initially a joke. "I thought. 'he's doing a funny.' One of those characters. Like 'that's the ticket. I'll throw you against the wall -- that's the ticket.' But it wasn't one of his funny little characters."

Lovitz said he hit Dick after Dick told him he put a "Phil Hartman hex on him" and told him he would be "the next to die." Hartman and Lovitz were extremely close friends.

Dick expressed sadness over Hartman's death, claiming that Hartman was the only comic friend who called him while he was in rehab for cocaine. As for Lovitz, said Dick, "The guy is trying to f**k with my livelihood. I'm like a papa bear here. He's trying to f**k with my kid's future. I feel bad that my kids have to see anything Lovitz would have to say -- let alone his bad characters."


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I just don't know what to say about this

2617 days ago

dr. phil is a douchebag    

Andy, pull your head out of your ass, just for a minute, please??

2617 days ago


How did either of these clowns get jobs as comedians????

2617 days ago


too bad Lovitz didn't finish that worthless piece of junk out,too bad.

2617 days ago


This moron has kids?? Those poor children.

2617 days ago


ANDY doesn't NEED any HELP looking like a LOSER in front of his kidzzz

All he has to do is LOOK in a MIRROR

Speaking of LOSERSwhat's up with #'s 1, 2 & 3...postings

2617 days ago

Anyone, anyone?    

FIrst off, this guy has kids? And he feels sorry for them having to see anything Lovitz would have to say? I feel sorry that they have to see the way their dad is messed up and not realizing that it's caused him to be an unfunny joke in Hollywood. I used to find him funny, but that was many years ago.

2617 days ago


he has kids? that's an epic fail right there

2617 days ago


I MET HARTMEN, on Catalina, Island when i was 19, n' like 95'....He was trying to get the chick i was with, (another lil' hottie) On his boat....FREAKIN' OLD MAN, GLAD YOU DIED!!!, haha,,,,,just kidding, but anyway.......SARA SILVERMAN GAVE ANDY A B.J......NASTY CHIT, IS LOVETZ GAY HE SOUNDS LIKE HE IS?????

2617 days ago


It only took five minutes of his reality show to see what a ROYAL PAIN IN THE ASS he is to everybody around him.

2617 days ago


It should be against the law that someone this mentally deranged can reproduce.

2617 days ago


Not funny, guys. Next joke.

2617 days ago

you are entitled to my opinion    

i agree, cc, and they should have passed that law before you were conceived.

2617 days ago


And the Pot doth call the Kettle Black, Lovitz has class and decorum, Andy is a D1ckless wonder with no class at all. He makes himself look bad to his kids not Lovitz. Do you see Lovitz running down sunset blvd with people chasing him to kick his butt? Not at all! Andy is a no talent coke-head that has relapsed and will be dead long before Lovitz retires.
R.I.P. Mr. Hartman, nobody believes costaMesaboy, He is a loser too, probly the pres. and single member of the Andy D1ckless fan club, not funny at all

2617 days ago


They both stink. Post career mode.

2617 days ago
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