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PETA Still Doggin' Paris and Britney

7/27/2007 12:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The folks at PETA are howling mad at Paris and Brit Brit over their recent purchases of ... wait for it ... MORE LITTLE DOGS!
Paris Hilton, Britney Spears
TMZ has obtained an email PETA sent to the ex-con/socialite AND the pop-star-turned-crazy-chick:

Dear Paris and Britney,

So, you have popped into a pet store to pick up some more doggie arm candy. Your impulse purchases of dogs encourage others to follow suit, no matter how ill-equipped they are to provide a decade or more of care for a little dog who has feelings and needs and who requires patience, veterinary care, and stimulation other than nightclub music and bar laughter. Also, for every pet store puppy purchased, a pound puppy dies (and a breeder -- probably somewhere in Arkansas or Missouri -- is rewarded for adding yet another litter to the pet overpopulation crisis). A California bill that would have required most dogs and cats to be spayed or neutered-and therefore would have helped reduce the taxpayer burden for disposing of (killing) homeless animals-was recently defeated by greedy breeders. Perhaps you and other vacuous stars need to tattoo "Don't buy while pound pups die" on your foreheads to remind each other of that home truth.

Very truly yours,

Ingrid E. Newkirk, President

The "Very truly yours" was a nice touch! PETA may have a point ... Paris loves her new Chihuahua so much, she hasn't even named it yet.


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Pam S    

I am the owner of two dogs adopted from a no kill shelter, who were rescued, ironically from a mill in Missouri and Arkansas, (this mill had over 200 dogs living in a hog confinements). Both of them are male yorkies. One 19 months old when adopted, now 3 years old and one 3.5 years old when adopted and now 4 years old. They are not little designer size boys. The early years of their life were used for greed, to provide puppies for pet stores, required to reproduce and never see their children, but I will make sure the rest of their life's will be wonderful, even if I am only an average middle class white collar worker. Visit

2644 days ago

LCpl. Sheppard    

PETA really is streaching on that one!!! Paris & Britney are causing a pet overpopulation crisis?!? I thought only Britney had puppies so far :)~

2644 days ago

curious girl    

Very unprofessional letter. Why put AR. down without backing up facts? I have owned Yorkies for years and I wouldn't have thought of buying one without seeing the parents of the dogs at the same time. I have owned a lot of dogs over the years (which I can proudly say most have died from old age) and I have never even heard of puppy mills here. People here love their pets and I do not know of anybody who has ever visited a puppy mill and I have lived here all of my life.

2643 days ago

5 cent    

Attention all animal lovers! You have to see these clips. Peta is a bunch of baloney.

You may love animals but that's no reason to follow these self serving fools!
Sorry there is graphic language here but there is also the truth!

2643 days ago

you go girl    


2643 days ago

Pam S    

Proud to be from AR. If you are not aware of Mills in AR, please visit Once there feel free to click on the link Arkansas Kennel Rescue.

Glad to hear you are a lover of yorkies and can give them a good home.

2643 days ago


These media stars really set a bad example! All the young girls 5 to 14 now are begging their parents for tiny little dogs that they can dress up and carry. 2 of these girls are my own grand daughters! I tell them that dogs are not baby's and don't like to be carried and dressed, they should be walking on the ground and trained to be a good dog citizen.

2643 days ago


You can ADOPT Small purebred dogs. It shows character when you have money but choose to adopt (like Jessica Biel , Drew Barrymoore and many other actual A-listers ). I adopted my small dogs by going on You can search by age, size ,and breed ----and ALL the dogs are adoptable!!!

2643 days ago

Go Sarah!    

PETA, PETA Go away!!!

2643 days ago


I stole my yellow lab puppy from neighbors who were mistreating him. They came back six months later wanting their dog back. I told them that their dog would have been dead by now if they had kept him. He is now 12 and 1/2 years old and in great shape. He is doing so well that my vet asks me jokingly if I send him to a doggie gym for him to work out. There are so many stray and mistreated dogs out there. Get one who needs a home, not one from a puppy farm.

2643 days ago

somebody's mama    

If PETA is so wonderful what the heck are they doing for the pit bulls? I'm sorry, but instead of wasting time trying to educate people that obviously do not want to be educated about anything, or interupting fashion shows, maybe they should be trying to help rescue some of these great dogs. (Well, great until they're abused and forced to fight eachother.)

2643 days ago


Unborn babies are being killed everyday. Let a celeb doing something and it stays in the news forever. Where have our priorities gone to in the US??? Lord help us!

2643 days ago


It's sad that anti-PETA posts on here are taking the "Center for Consumer Freedom" as their source of information. That "organization" is funded by meat and tobacco industry money, and that's why they're twist the truth as much as possible to keep the funds coming in. They are against the National Institute of Health for trying to educate people about better eating, Mothers Against Drunk Driving for trying to educate people about not driving under the influence, and PETA for trying to educate people about animal rights issues.

Don't believe their BS. Check out a site called
Or just think for yourself what must happen at shelters every day around the country because there aren't homes for these animals. Would you rather have them in cages or suffering out on the streets with psychological and physical problems or be humanely put to sleep? Because those are the only options!

Get a life, all you people probably don't care about animals either way other than your own dog or cat.

2643 days ago


I don't care what PETA thinks- but these stupid "celebrities" need to stop byuing dogs. With the lifestyle they lead, they cannot give the poor dog a good life. Being gone, traveling all the time, it is hard to raise a dog. I'm sure they have dog-walkers, etc. and

it's good for kids to grow up with pets, but it's also good for kids to grow up with parents (Britney). And didn't Paris get rid of a dog she coulldn't train and some ferril or something. Stupid bitches.

I love Jessica Biel but her poor dog must miss her as she is always traveling too.

2643 days ago


I wish i was britt mom i would kick her ass, where is her kids that's what i would like to know .. you should hide your face in the ground because thats all your worlth these days

2643 days ago
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