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Richie Rolls

7/27/2007 12:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wearing a skimpy black number with bug-eye sunglasses, a stoic but not-pregnant-looking Nicole Richie just arrived to the Glendale, California courthouse, arm-in-arm with future baby daddy Joel Madden, to face a judge on her DUI charge.

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Go Directly to jail, Do Not pass Go, Do not collect $200

2608 days ago


She is too damn skinny. she should come to the chinese buffet with me for lunch, then i will take her to my boxing class for some sparring, then to my yoga class. That should prepare her for jail.

2608 days ago

The King of the World    

Her court date was set for august...what the heck happened, they pay off the right people to get it on today. That's a pretty obvious- not to good sign - that she'll see any "real justice.

2608 days ago

tee mast    

I have had babies and the first time, some people don't even show until they are 5-6 months along. just depends on how your body carries the baby. I am extremely thin too and could wear my normal jeans until I was 5 months pregnant. so, this video means nothing. she is wearing a black swing dress that would hide her belly. she is doing the right thing by making her plea today and accepting her consequences. if only everyone could show some accountability like this.

2608 days ago

The Shoparazzi    

I'm glad this story trumps TMZ's commitment to All Things Lindsay!

2608 days ago


She does to look preggers.She has a loose dress on and looks like she gained weight. I bet she is knocked up.

2608 days ago


Crap, never mind. That story was lame, nothing we don't already know and nothing major. I wouldn't call it a meltdown by any stretch, she was just being a brat more or less. JMO.

2608 days ago


Here we go again.........Nichol is another self-absorbed young woman of priveledge. The media gave her fame and acknowlegement for "just being there". I want the Judge overseeing her case NOT to be pressured by Hollywood society and money. I want the Judge to have the idealistic ethic that inspired him/her to enter the law profession.
We do not want the Lindsay's, Brittany's, Paris' and Nichol's to be able to thumb their nose's at the law.........get off with a " slap of the wrist "!...........I would ask the Judge that hears her case to consider this....................what if she ended your child's or grandchild's life in a car accident???????? Was it an accident..........she made the choice to drink or drug and when impaired got into her car and drove. OK Judge, how about it was your beloved child??
Put yourself in that position, how magnaminous would you be in offfering her yet another rehab stint??????????
You would have to live your life never being able to have one of your cherished babies ever again in your life!!!
3 strikes and you're out......NO,NO,NO!
How about Judge............your child didn't die...........your child is so brain-damaged that he/she can't move a about that child? How about that child is not a "vegetable" about your baby is locked in, can't move, can't give signals physically to you.................BUT your child's mind and intellect are intact? Physically they are deteriorating and mentally they are aware.
Please Judge, no more rehab in plush surroundings. Give them the sentence that they deserve.
JUDGE, I ask you this.........would you be lenient in your sentence if one of your babies had to die because of their decision to drink/drug and drive?

2608 days ago


TO: "SAM & "WHO CARES"....still think she's not pregnant?

2608 days ago

As if....    

This is for stupidpplarenotattracive~I meant who cares if she is pregnant! I definately agree that she should do time for her idiotic behavior. In no way do I condone driving under the influence of anything.....

2608 days ago


Thr Real question is, Who really cares? She is a Drunk Driver, that has not been thrown into Jail. Where we live, she would have served her time, by now.

2608 days ago


Always has that stupid smirk on her silly face. Looking forward to the day someone wipes it off.

2608 days ago


good now its lindsays turn...joel madden is as creepy as Nicole Richie....always said that two isiots deserve each other......por kid shes carrying a jerk for a father and a used up druggie for a mother

2608 days ago


With those glasses on she looks like that old lady from the old navy commercials aired years ago.

2608 days ago

Winky Vitalic    

Nicole, you look beautiful as always! We love you!

And those of you who wish for her to miscarry....may your taxes be audited for the next 25 years, be forced to attend NAMBLA meetings near you, and I hope you never lose that 150 extra pounds on your fat frames. You are dispicable!

2608 days ago
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