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Brit Allegedly Tells Pap: I Will Kill You

8/1/2007 9:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsBritney Spears allegedly went all gangsta on the photographer who got the smackdown from her bodyguard last week, threatening to kill him, and throwing a, um, baby bottle at his partner just to show how hardcore she really is.

According to the AP, photog Andrew Deetz is preparing to sue Spears, say his lawyers, after the scuffle last Thursday at Las Vegas' Wynn Hotel. Deetz alleges that after getting attacked by Spears' bodyguard, Britney herself threatened to kill Deetz and, according to his statement, said he should get a restraining order against her because either she -- or someone she "hired" -- would kill him.

Spears' lawyer had no comment last night. Spears' security man -- "J.C." Camera -- could face up to a year in the slammer if convicted of battery.

Brit to Boys: Grandma's a "Bad Lady"

In other Britney news closer to her own home, Life & Style is reporting that Spears is already working to turn her sons against their grandmama Lynne, and that Sean Preston -- though not injured in the Vegas brawl -- was "shaken" by the incident.

The mag says that when Sean asks for his grandmother, his mama tells him, "She's a bad lady," even though they "can't understand what's going on." What's more, an "insider" cited by L&S says that when the going gets tough with the boys, Brit hands them off. "When she needs a break, she gives her boys to the nearest person -- even shopgirls at clothing stores!" says the insider.

As TMZ reported earlier this week, Brit and K-Fed's just-finalized divorce settlement splits custody of the kids 50/50.

Usher Baby Scare – For Real?

Usher insisted yesterday that his marriage to Tameka Foster was still on, and the couple were the picture of happiness in Manhattan Monday, but now Gatecrasher is reporting that sources close to Usher's family think that Tameka's supposed "baby scare" was a "ploy to get Usher to talk to her" after the wedding was called off.

After the last-minute scratch, Usher flew by himself to see his mama, Jonetta Patton, in Atlanta, reports Gatecrasher, and was duly followed by the four-months' pregnant Foster, who then told People that she'd had a scare with the kid. "Tameka is using a publicist and is trying to smooth this whole thing over in her favor," a "friend" tells the Daily News.

Party Favors: Moss Enraged Over "Rag" Remark ... Saucy "GMA" Intern Dated Dillon? ... New "View" Revealed Today

Well done, D'oh-erty. Pete Doherty's attempt to get Kate Moss back through a Brit tab ended up sending Kate into a "wild rage," says the Daily Mail, after he called her a "nasty old rag." Moss reportedly "smashed pictures" and "threw a wine glass at a wall." ... A "Good Morning America" intern with a Playboy past -- Lace Rose Allenius -- had a fling with Matt Dillon, reports Gatecrasher. The former Florida State student posed for the mag when she was 19. ... Barbara Walters and crew will be announcing the next co-hosts of "The View," and the smart money is on Whoopi Goldberg and Sherri Shepherd.


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Do you have any new pictures of britany... you guys see to always post the same one.. LAME!!!

2603 days ago


Jim yeah you are correct , BUT this all occured before rehab , she has since been to clubs etc but you dont see her falling down drunk or flashing her goods so yeah i agree with you but dont you think that other than freaking out from the media "crush" she really hasnt done anything that warannts all this hatred?

2603 days ago


sarah, I personally don't hate her, I may give my opinion of her on here, but I don't call names. But yeah, I can understand the dislike the public has for her. She did expose herself AFTER rehab. She supposedly acted like a space cadet just the other day at a fashion shoot. And stripped down in the street to jump in the ocean. If she doesn't like the coverage, she should stay home! She wanted to be famous, am I correct? This is what happens to famous people. It's part of the deal, and she knows it.

2603 days ago


Oh please. The paparazzi are not responsible for making Britney act like the lowlife she is. This is her choice and her doing. If she can't stand being in the public eye, she can do one of two things. She can behave like someone who doesn't have to be ashamed of her every slutty move or she can give up her celebrity status and get out of the business. She sure doesn't mind collecting a celebrity sized paycheck, but poor baby just can't take being followed by the paparazzi. Brit, lead a boring, stable life and you'll see how fast the paps leave you alone.

2603 days ago


I dont remeber this happening after rehab u may be correct , yeah she wanted to be a famous singer i dont think she signed up for the "hound me to death part" as fa swimming in her underwear have u ever swum naked ? As for staying home thats a little extreem come on now i think the media should back off it seems they will not be happy until she kills herself or someting worse they are out for blood, i just think she shouldbe left alone im not so sure she really wants all this media attention anymore she always has this fake smile anyway everyone is entiled to their own opinion a just think some of it is from pure hate and they dont even know the person

2603 days ago

Bob Allende    

Professional cameras and lenses are heavy. If those guys are wildly jumping around her and her children while swinging two or more cameras and/or lenses, she and her children are in danger of getting hurt.

2603 days ago


All she wantted was a pair of gator filp flaps

2603 days ago


What is the delay on getting Britney's children to safe arms. It makes me angry that these babies are still surrounded by so much chaos and instability. I can't imagine what this must be doing to them. Their grandmother is probably the one stability they have in their lives and to have Britney trying to confuse their little confused minds about their grandmother...they don't understand. I fear that the reason why Britney's children are still with her is because of her celebrity. Come on social services...let's put these helpless little angels first. Do something now. Debbie CASA in Colorado

2603 days ago


She really ought to kill herself and save all of us, including her sons. Grandma is a bad lady?? Grandma made her a star!! Mama needs a hug Brit!! Wake up before you totally end up in the toilet!! Oh wait, threats to the paparrazzi, weird clothes, wild antics....I think we are almost there if history really does repeat itself. No one will be available for the next meltdown. You won't have to kill anyone, because no one cares anyway!!

2603 days ago


britney is hounded and harassed around the clock. how do people expect her to act? is she supposed to invite these STALKERS out for tea?

2603 days ago


This is a real person, with real problems. I am guessing she is suffering from severe Post-Partem Depression. You people need to look deep inside yourselfs and figure out whats reality and whats a show.

2603 days ago


PRESCHOOLERS, on the cover of a GOSSIP RAG?!?!!

The people at Life & Style RAGazine are like pedophiles, only they abuse children for profit.

I can't believe there are no advocacy groups to protect children from this grotesque abuse.

Well and truly f___ed up.

2603 days ago


Okay so she's suffering from post-partem depression. So was Andrea Yates and look at the outcome for her kids. I'm not saying she doesn't love her boys but is she really capable right now of giving them the stable loving environment they need. I'm not saying take them away permanently...just until Britney is willing to get the help she needs...if she is willing to put those boys first. Children need the love from ALL family members who have the mental capacity to give it including grandparents. My grandparents were THE most important people in my life! To separate those babies from their grandmother is a form of abuse....and then to tell them that their grandmother is a bad person. Shame on you Britney!! I believe in karma. Some day you will be a grandmother. Let's see if all your negativity comes back to haunt you. I must wonder, too, from her bizarre behaviors if drugs are involved. If so, all the more reason to get those kids away from her. A judge needs to court order random UA's be done on her as soon as possible. Yes, she needs help desperately but it sounds like she has surrounded herself by yes people. The safety of her children is the priority in this sad situation. Debbie CASA in Colorado

2603 days ago


She Is going slap you with her UMBRELLA ,ELLA, ELLA, ELLA, HEY, HEY, OO......

2603 days ago

Lenn K.    

Another day another Britney moment. Well what did she say today, or what did she do. I guess the media will feel better about themselves when she finally kills herself or her family. They must be waiting for something!!! Why Britney everydam day!!!

2604 days ago
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