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Brit Squats While Kid's Teeth Rot

8/1/2007 1:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nothin' like nutritious, delicious soda pop for the kiddies! Brit-Brit's taken to serving soda and juice to 22-month-old Sean and 11-month-old Jayden in their baby bottles, according to Us Magazine. Now the tiny tots are suffering from tooth decay -- and their dental problems are so bad that Brit's asked an L.A. dentist to whiten her kid's teeth. The dentist refused. Paging the Tooth Fairy!

Bumbling Britney caused another ruckus when the trainwreckin' poptart went real estate shopping and made a mess of one $6.5 million property. She reportedly had her bodyguard bring over some of her belongings so that she could feel "more at home" in the new pad. Movin' on up! The pop star squatter then chowed down on Mexican food with her two kids, getting "crumbs and grease everywhere" and "trashing" the house. It's taco time!

A riled source says Senorita Spears let her kids and dog have full run of the house, saying, "She left the bed a mess."


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Cynthia Bartling    

It is AMAZING to me that there are so many people out there who think they are qualified to judge this kid. She has done nothing worth taking her boys away. She has done nothing to make so many jealous creeps hate her either. As for her ex-husband, what kind of a man would support the media and people who treat her so badly. As for her mother, what kind of mother would support a creep who was doing everything in his power to make her own daughter look bad. Obviously, Brittany must feel very alone right now. It's a shame people have forgotten how to be kind and compassionate.

2602 days ago


Don't you know that Timberlake punk must be thanking his lucky stars that he had the good sense to beat feet away from Britney a long time ago. Man, what an absolute waste of humanity she has become! Federline is'nt much less of a waste than she is; but right now between the two of them he is probably the best chance those kids have of surviving through the year. Imean this dumb ass is self destructing right in front of us. hopefully , when she does her final flameout she don't take the kids with her.

2602 days ago

fellow mother    

She is a mother and in the public eye. These boys deserve better. That's right better. Someone who respects them enough to protect them from the photographers, accusations(true or not). And act like a grown up in public, not a rebelious teen. Maybe a grandparent would be best for now!

2601 days ago


When is someone going to take these poor little babies out of her custody. k-fed and his baby factory Shar aren't exactly the June Cleever family but they have to be better than Britney. Can't the authorities step in? Britney keeps buying these new little puppies that are not exactly kid-friendly, too tiny for tots, so she doesn't even take the kids into consideration when she's buying a dog. Otherwise she would be getting one that would be great with kids. My point is, she doesn't care about the pets' welfare, doesn't care about the kids health, doesn't give a flying hoot about anyone but herself. She has to admit she has very serious mental problems, probably accelerated by pregnancy and she can't just keep buying puppies and raising her kids in chaos. I was such a huge fan of Britney's music but her life is nothing but a giant tabloid headline at this point. I do wish the papparazzi would quit hounding her though, they're sure not helping.

2601 days ago


How do we know k-fed isnt doing the same thing?

2600 days ago


It makes me wonder who spreads the stories someone who wants k fed to get the kids I wonder.

2600 days ago


well im not sure if what said is true... cuz you cant always believe these tabloids or "sources"... but some of the things that are 100% true about her are ridiculous. When we gave that interview i was mortified.. she looked terrible did she honestly think she looked good? I think shes loosing her mind. And even tho im from Chicago and born nd raised in the midwest i was insulted when she said "im country!" about driving with her kid on her lap.... okay both my set of grandparents from both my side of the family are from tennesse and kentucky born and raise and they were nice respectful people and hard workers. She tries to make country people seem like slobs and reckless people. Theres nuthin wrong with being country no... but don't ever say things like that. I dont care if it is true or not. And she also needs to clean up her look. Polish it up a little Brit. Collard button up shirts are slimmin and sexy. With some cute fitted jeans a cute neckless get your nails done, light fresh makeup. Anything quit lookin cheap. Your not a five year old child so quit tlaking like one it makes you look stupid. The dumb valley girl act is not cute. STOP IT. Im not here to tell you how to act or look but dam atleast consider it.

2600 days ago


I wish someone would take the children away from her before they really get hurt. I personally don't care what she does to herself but it's a shame that those two boys are treated the way they are.

2599 days ago


what the heck is going on here? why wont everyone just leave her alone, so what she almost droped her son???? i have 3 kids and i droped all of them at one point!, people make mistakes. and so what if she wants to shave her head??? and now everyone is freaking out that she gives the kids soda!!! omg i have a 1 year old and i give him some soda sometimes too,so what??? i love this girl, ans i think she should keep her kids!

2599 days ago


Spoiled, rich b***h. Get lost and give those babies to someone who can raise them right. You are not worthy to be their mother.

2598 days ago


no one knows the real story except for k-fed and brit

2596 days ago
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