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Nicole to Diane:

I Was Frickin' High!

8/2/2007 11:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nicole Richie left little doubt that she was under the influence when she got popped for her wrong way driving, and said she was "incredibly lucky" not to have killed anyone.

Richie, surprisingly composed and sitting snugly next to boyfriend and baby daddy Joel Madden, talked to Diane Sawyer on "Good Morning America" this morning, and expressed noticeably more regret and self-consciousness about her situation than her friend Paris Hilton did with Larry King. Now that she'll be having a kid, says Nic, "I owe the baby my life."

As for her upcoming four-day stint in the slammer, Richie told Sawyer that she's not afraid of jail -- just of the unknown -- and Joel acknowledges that she's paying her debt. He also told Sawyer that he nearly dumped Nicole in the midst of her troubles, but stuck with her -- and now they're having a kid together.

And what of that kid? Richie and Joel don't know whether they're going to have a boy or a girl -- and they're not going to know until it pops out.


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just a thought    

Why does whats his name from that "band" have such a HUGE head..I mean he's maybe a inch taller than Nicole but his head is huge..It also looks like he has bolts (a la FRANKENSTEINS monster) in his neck..Maybe left over from the record compant that built him..?

Everyone worried about the baby - no need to worry..NIcoles lack of proper weight and "infrastructure" (baby bearing hips) accomanied by seed from whats his face will probably give this baby such a huge heeed (ha ha it looks like a grapefruit on a toohpick) her uterus and pelvis will probably explode during birth..

That or it will be still born...

2637 days ago


Cajun Princess,,0,404958.story?page=1&coll=la-home-center

The Los Angeles Times analyzed 2 million jail releases and found 1,500 cases since July 2002 that — like Paris Hilton's — involved defendants who had been arrested for drunk driving and later sentenced to jail after a probation violation or driving without a license.

The average term was 14 days, with inmates actually serving an average of FOUR days.

Pairs served more time than 80% of other people in similar situations.

The breakdown

Of those sentenced to jail for driving with a suspended license in violation of DUI probation after July 1, 2002, the following percent actually served the number of days indicated:

Days served Percent of those sentenced
1-5 59%
6-10 13
11-20 9
21-30 4
31+ 14

2637 days ago

Chris Magnus    

most of you TMZ comment posters just spew bile and venom. im glad i dont know any of you ugly people personally.

2637 days ago



2637 days ago


You know, time will tell if Nicole is serious or not-just like any other human being who makes mistakes. She came across a hell of a lot better than Paris did on her interview with Larry King! AND it still appears like the only "doing good" that Paris has kept her word on is being good to HERSELF!!! Nicole has made her fair share of mistakes, but so have all of the rest of us. The only difference is that hers is in the spotlight-ours isn't. So because we know so much about her "mistakes", than it's easy for so many to sit back and be so cruel and disgusting when making comments about her AND her baby. I think many are just haters because of who she is, the money she has, and for growing up in a pretty comfortable lifestyle (being Lionel's daughter).
People should hold off on their judgements until they see if Nicole is sincere or not. If all of us common folk were judged based on past mistakes, some of us could be in pretty serious trouble! Many other young women out there have done alot worse things than she has, but people look at it differently because she (as she said) took things for granted. Who of us every day don't take things for granted in one way or another (ability to walk, see, hear, etc.)???
Hopefully she will have a real healthy (and alive despite what one "hater" had to say!) baby and is ready to start over fresh! More power to her if she does!
People stop being so negative and so hateful of others!!

2637 days ago


To YoMama

This is why Hilton was sentenced:

The judge sentenced her as a result of a sequence of events: 1) Reckless driving due to alcohol; she was pulled over for speeding, 2) caught driving on a suspended license; 3) driving a second time on a suspended license at 70 mph in a 35 mph zone with her car lights turned off (she was sober that time btw) plus violating her probation for the reckless driving due to alcohol; 4) violating the other terms of her probation, and 5) refusing to take responsibility for her actions in front of the judge.

2637 days ago


Butt out-these stories become news b/c of the publicity they attract and you are falling prey yourselves with your comments. As for rrein, if you are looking for "real" news, why are you on tmz?

2637 days ago


She sounds sincere to me, this is the most serious I have ever seen her been. She sounded more sincere than Paris ever has in interviews regarding her situation and maybe this baby was a blessing to help turn her life around.

2637 days ago


i think everyone that rags on nicole for being skinny is jealous that they are fat and nasty and nicole is gorgeous. as far as her health issues go, im sure she did not plan to have this baby while on drugs, and hopefully once she found out she dedicated herself to her child, and it really seems like she has. i wish her the best.

2637 days ago

Susan B    

I believe in Nicole. She is not asking for anything from us, but simply apologizing and accepting responsibility. I think she will make a beautiful considerate mommy and I wish her only the best. She is only 25, but she is definitely showing signs of maturity. You can't change the past and she regrets what she did. I think being pregnant has helped her mature. Nicole, I wish only the best for you....

2637 days ago

Susan B    

Nicole has always been more likable than Paris. She comes off as sincere to me. Good luck to Nicole and her baby. I think she will be terrific as a mommy.

2637 days ago


Oh here's a couple that's going to work out...yeah right! he was going to dump her at the first sign of all her troubles! Good lord...I give them a year or two tops. Unfortunate there is a kid inthat volved.

2637 days ago


and her baby daddy was there for the interview why???
they're not gonna last. i think everyone i just gonna sit back and watch this go up in smoke like almost every other disfnctionl hollywod relationship

2637 days ago

you go girl    

i think her mom is a fmous female drummer who toured wiht lionel

2636 days ago


I can't believe no one commented on how Joel scoffed and shook his head (as if thinking "dumbass") when Nicole said she didn't imagine that the drugs she'd taken would affect her driving.

I'm also shock at myself for actually - at least partly - believing she is maturing. I generally dislike celebrities and never believe a word they say. What's wrong with me?!

2636 days ago
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