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Ving Rhames' Dogs Maul Man to Death

8/3/2007 3:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

LAPD tells TMZ that "Mission Impossible" star Ving Rhames' dogs have mauled and killed a man who worked for the actor.

Cops tell TMZ the victim worked as a caretaker for Rhames, watching over the dogs and his home. The four dogs, including Mastiffs and an English Bulldog, have been taken into custody by Animal Control. When LAPD received the call this morning at 7:15, they say they found a 40-year-old black male on the front lawn, deceased.

Calls to Ving's reps were not immediately returned, and the actor, apparently, is out of the country shooting a movie.
KABC is reporting that the body of the caretaker had bites all over his body. And police tell us they've never gone out to the house for an incident related to the dogs before.

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Zenophobe Alien    

Get off the race stuff. this is about dogs and how humans misshandle them. We are the owners. we are responsible for what happens. You are responsible if you have a gun in your house too. Take responsibility people.

2617 days ago


Thank you for posting the facts, PhaQ!!

Mastiffs have never been bred for killing - only to protect. They were bred to keep the poachers off of their masters property. Unless provoked, these animals are very mild mannered, easy going and even tempered. I will agree that these dogs need attention and training, but it is not fair to call them "vicious animals" just because of their size. Know the dog before you make generalized statements!

2617 days ago


FYI People....

Description: The Mastiff is a large, massive, symmetrical dog with a well-knit frame. They give the impression of grandeur and dignity. They have been developed into a guardian, and few intruders would venture onto a property guarded by a Mastiff, yet they are a much loved family dog with a gentle side. Mastiffs tend to keep close to home and are disinclined to roam.

2617 days ago


The saddest part of this whole thing is they will kill the dogs!

2617 days ago


Just for the record mastiffs are know as the gentle giants and are very sweet, gentle and caring unless abused or made to be vicious.

2617 days ago


I feel bad for the dogs...............They should given to Quarterback Vick......For the proper training ........

2617 days ago

my 2 cents    

Okay-why does TMZ have the headline "Dogs Maul Man" when at the end of the blog you guys state that it is unknown if he had a heart attack or something natural. The bites, just as vicious, could have happened after death. Just a thought.

2617 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

OMG here goes another race thing. Keep it cool people. We don't need this stuff.

2617 days ago


#35...I am a female and I own a Pit Bull and I love that dog to death! He's sweet loving and we do not teach my dog to fight...but...he has it in him. I think if he were mistreated or protecting me and my property he would do what pits do. Its so sad that these dogs are getting a bad rap as well as being mis-used and mistreated.

I guess what is happening is the nature of the beast in man and animal...either way, its sad.

2617 days ago


Let's keep some perspective here people. The cops said they can't tell if the man was mauled or not, but that the caretaker was found on the ground dead with bite marks. Hate to tell you guys this, but if you find a body that's been mauled by three 100lb dogs and one 70lb one, you will definitely know the person was mauled and the whole neighborhood would have heard it happening. Another (more) likely scenario is that the guy dropped dead and one or more of the dogs was nipping him to try to get him to move. I have two dogs and if I'm "knocked out" on the couch and they are hungry or need to go outside, they'll start off by nudging me with their noses and proceed to nipping if that doesn't wake me or get me moving.

2617 days ago

cha cha    

(The saddest part of this whole thing is they will kill the dogs!)

I second that! Those poor babies :o(

2617 days ago


Didn't anyone read the article carefully? The police are investigating whether the man suffered a heart attack or died some other way BEFORE the dogs bit him. And the victim WAS the caretaker of the dogs.
Just wait until the whole story is told before drawing comparisons to Michael Vick (a VERY different situation entirely).

2617 days ago


#48 That was funny!!!!!!!!!!

2617 days ago


What the hell does anybody's race have to do with this? You people are pathetic. Dogs don't care who their owner is. That's one area where dogs are superior to man. Also, these dogs actually did kill somebody, so all that talk about how gentle Mastiffs are is kind of, shall we say--non-sensical. These dogs either killed this man or made a good lunch out of him after he died, so these dogs were quite vicious. Cut the PETA crap about how gentle these dogs are. Some dogs are just vicious!

2617 days ago


Check out what is going on in Oakland as we speak--black reporter killed, police sweep of Black Muslim businesses. Reporter was uncovering stuff. I like what Charles Barkley said, "I'm tired of Black people."

2617 days ago
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