Britney Goes A-Gardenin'

8/7/2007 11:26 AM PDT
With no career to speak of, she's a lady of leisure, y'all! And what better way to celebrate a hot August day than by puttin' on her best white see-through sundress and scootin' on down to the plant store? By wearin' hot pink panties and a blue bikini top underneath, that's how!

Looking reasonably better -- for her -- the former Mrs. Federline tossed her Extend-a-Head® braids under her Weaveguard©, got her Monday-best white pumps on, and rode on down to fetch some fresh greenery for Plantation Popwreck. Top it all off with some Dinah Shore sunglasses -- voila! Ready for Palm Springs, Las Vegas ... or Crazytown!

To be fair, Brit's summer Bride of Federline look is a stunning improvement over her other recent looks, Rodeo Drive cowgirl, pink-wigged rehab escapee, and 1960s stripper widow.