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Brood de Brangelina

The Most Gorgeous Family

8/8/2007 1:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Does everything that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie do have to look so good?! Well, if you exclude "Mr. & Mrs. Smith."

Landing via private jet in Chicago yesterday, the absolutely most beautifulest family ever, made their way to awaiting SUVs. Where's a hybrid when you need one?

Eye candy daddy Brad held onto Maddox and Zahara while picturesque, pouty-lipped Angelina carried Shiloh. Just another working class family ... in Hollywood.


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I am just shocked to see Angelia with Shiloh...that poor child is never seen or photographed with her mother, only her father and his mother. How awful it must be when that beautiful child grows up and realizes her own mother doesn't like her.... and that is basically quoting Angelia in that interview.... its a very sad family in my option...

2631 days ago


Beautiful..are you kidding me? They are not married, living in sin and you say they are beautiful? What a terrible example they are showing the youngsters. Beautiful on the outside.maybe, but certainly not on the inside!!

2631 days ago


I am laughing, Boogey, at you! What an asinine post you wrote!

2631 days ago


to : No. 15, 29 and 30 ''' go puke until your tongue reach the ground and to the haters what you sow is what you will get..... you will be hated too. Have you heard about envy. Thats what you are haters. You envy Angie so much because she;s one lucky lady to have Brad Pitt.

2631 days ago


For the record, for all you people (or maybe only the ONE reposting again and again) who LUV THIS FAMILY, etc., all you LOVERS in other words, I have news for you: I don't care for Angelina. She's admitted herself that she's had mental problems most of her life, and hasn't changed that much, if you ask me, but I don't HATE HER or her family. She does good things for charity, I'll give her that. However, I am NOT jealous that she has Brad Pitt. Promise. Just cause I don't care for her doesn't mean I'm jealous. Now if she was married to my OWN HUSBAND, Johnny Depp, Andy Garcia, or Gerard Butler, or a couple of hundred other men I find attractive, I might be a little jealous. As for Brad, no thanks!! And yeah, yeah, I know he wouldn't give me the time of day either, so that makes us EVEN. P.S. Don't like Jennifer Anniston either!

2631 days ago


Keep repeating "homewrecker" the word does not turn "alleged" affair into factual evidence. So, UNLESS you actually have the facts or quotes from Jen or Brad saying there was an affair, STOP this "stole" Brad nonsense. Otherwise, I really will question the intelligence of folks who keep bringing this up.

As for Angie holding Shiloh. She is pictured constantly holding her. And as for "blob" comment, Angie did not coin the term for Shiloh. An interviewer said it and then asked if Angie agreed that newborn babies are like a "blob".

2629 days ago


I really like that whole family except for that Maddox kid. He's one of the ugliest kids I've ever seen in my life. He NEVER smiles in spite of the wonderful life he has, and he looks miserable all the time. What's wrong with the spoiled little brat. The other kids have lovely sweet faces but this kid looks mean.

2628 days ago


Barbie (#41), you're talking about them so, as you said yourself, you're wasting time and energy!

2627 days ago


...Aniston is just no match for Jolie...
How could he not fall for Jolie and everything she represents?? (#199)
You can say that again, sweething!

2627 days ago


Good grief, COCO, check your post before you send it. At least a dozen mistakes!

2627 days ago
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