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Is K-Fed Feeding It to Grandma?

8/9/2007 2:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

He's over Britney -- but does K-Fed have a thing for Sean and Jayden's grandmother?!
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Britney is reportedly pissed off at both her ex-hubby and her mom, Lynne, claiming that they teamed up to force her into rehab -- but are they teaming up in the bedroom as well? Kevin and Bean from L.A.'s KROQ are helping spread the rumor with a new "K-Fed" jam called, "Milf Does a Body Good."

Finally, a K-Fed track we're supposed to laugh at.


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That is absolutely disgusting. What kind of people are you. I never liked K-Fed but I am gaining much respect for him since he is stepping up and taking responsibility for his kids. Even Shar Jackson always said he is a good father. He may not be a good husband but a father he is. I think he relationship with his mother-in-law is strictly for the sake of the kids and whoever is starting these rumors should be ashame of themselves. As for his ex-wife, she is either on drugs or has suffered a nervous breakdown and is not getting help. The kind of behavior she is displaying is not normal even for the most slutty women around. Why is she always naked? How many sex partners has she had and eventually we are going to hear that she has AIDS. Someone need to save this girl before we read that she is dead for drug abuse or a desease.

2639 days ago

Movie Ticket Buyer    

( in my best Britney voice) Hey Y'all-!! Yer just missin the point here!!
This only goes to prove how mentally ill Britney is, paranoia!!!!!!! Everyone is out to GET her...yea, uh huh. And the laws only apply to others. Example, the hit and run on the nurse's car in the parking lot....Brit gets out , examines her car closely, and drives off totally ignoring the car she slammed into....Go To The Mental Ward Brit!!!!

2639 days ago


That is grosssss. Kevin is allowing Britney's mom to see the kids and that allllllll!!!!!

2639 days ago


Fed crawled out from under a rock and fell into a pot of gold. He aint going anywhere. Does this dude work. He will hold his hands out until a judge tells him to get a job. Ariana

2639 days ago

Alan Mercieca    

Haaaa haaaaa haaaa kevin is not that talented a rapper. Not even remotely that good

2638 days ago


K Fed has been always after money. If he really loved his kids, the best gift ever was to love and respect their mama.
For me K Fed is the unresponsable parent not Britt.
Anywy, I wish all the best to Britt, and I hope she will be more carefull with her choices.

2637 days ago


. All you commentators, without compassion and full of hatred, need to look deep inside yourself and feel horrible shame for causing pain to another human being who is obviously going through depression issues.

Instead of acting like school yard bullies and ganging up on and beating up someone who is already down, look at yourself and fix all that's wrong with you, and I'm sure that there's plenty to fix. Go a step beyond and volunteer and help others in need instead of hurting others in pain.

I wonder what kind of outrageous posts you will get against you if your life was an open book and the whole whole world knew about your faults.

TMZ, you stoop so low, it's obvious you don't care one bit about any human soul. You and other raggy media like you won't stop at anything until the celeb you hound will be lying cold in a mental asylum or six-feet underground. I guess, as long as you make your money, you don't give a damn.

2636 days ago


Bitches are like Charlie....If it moves kill it.

2636 days ago


I have no proof or evidence that K-Fed and Britney's mom have been in any intimate situation before but I will say this. Those of you who think its all lies and not possible, think again. From what one can tell about K-Fed, he thinks he is God's gift to women. He has experience and most likely is quite apt to flirt with as many as possible to determine his pull. If, and I say if, Britney's mom is not being properly taken care of by her husband, and K-Fed pulls a few good Mack Daddies on her, she will give in, daughter or not. The pressure alone from whats going on and her own marital woes can drive her into K-Feds hot little hands. We just may never find out from TMZ or otherwise.

2636 days ago


LOL Psycho Mike you are amazing!!!! A work of brilliance.....out of all your spoofs...this is in my top 5! And thank you Harvey for allowing TMZ to be a co-conspirator in seeing a K-Fed "that we are suppossed to laugh at"!! I love it!!

2635 days ago


You guys earned a solid golf clap for this one. I laughed a few times this morning going to work. The comments are pretty hilarious. Hard to believe how many strange celeb worshipers are on here trying to put strange rational to a joke.

2635 days ago

white trash america    

it's a joke people - gross, but still kinda funny!

2634 days ago

Karen Wurth    

Leave the girl alone. I am not even a Britney fan, but she grew up hard and fast. She is the mother to those boys, and they need that. Yes Kevin is the father and they need that too. The two of them need to realize that real quick, because the boys are gonna pick up more than they should ever know, sooner than anyone thinks. Papperazzi, get off her back, if someone was following you 24/7 you would get a little nervous also, and maybe even make a mistake or to. There are no rule books with kids, and I certainly don't see those boys as unhappy...Leave her alone. You are going to drive her to a place she does not need to be, mentally speaking.

2621 days ago
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