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Paris Reflects -- God, I'm Hot!

8/9/2007 10:09 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There's nobody Paris Hilton loves more than Paris Hilton.

TMZ cameras were outside her Malibu dream home yesterday, where the heiress was loungin' in the sun while showing off her abs in a bikini top and short shorts. No doubt, photographers enjoyed the sight, and Paris apparently did too -- checking out her own reflection on a glass door about five times in as many minutes.

Hilton then pulled out her Jimi (Hendrix, her new dog) and the two drooled over Paris some more, the ex-con flipping through her own modeling portfolio before sharing a kiss with her canine companion. That's arf!


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800 Pound Gorilla    

Dear Paris,

Did you ever think of buying a duck for a pet?

Ducks are cute and cuddly and fuzzy feathers quack quack quack.

Donald Duck

2634 days ago


Paris is so hot! You know, people get on her for inheriting money, but with her looks, sex appeal, brains, talent and charm she'd still be a multi-multi-millionaire without it!

2634 days ago

Freddy Angel    

Paris, you're just fun to look at. I think you're hot.

2634 days ago


She's so conceded, I never seen anyone so in love with themselves. It's good to have love for yourself, but damn! I remember seeing her house one time on EXTRA and she had tons of pictures of herself, and a huge poster size picture of her in her living room. She is totally in love with herself. It's not NATURAL!

2634 days ago

wa wa waa    

bumps her head, and then let's the pages blow in the wind..kisses her mexican hairless on the's love sunbathing.. something's wrong with dat gurl!

2634 days ago

Parents Need to Know    

45. give her a break, she's changing the world

Posted at 11:38AM on Aug 9th 2007 by caveman

ROTFLMAO! The world really is "Going to Hell in a Handbag"!

2634 days ago


Seems to me that TMZ is running out of arguments for trashing her (and God knows there was plenty of them back in the days).

"Paris is looking at herself in a mirror" --- Wooo!!!!
"She's sitting on a chair" --- Is she insane???
"She's wearing a bikini when sitting in the sun AT HOME" --- What's wrong with her?
"She's browsing through her portfolio" --- Gof forbid! No model should be allowed to do that
"She has pets" ---- Shoot her!

Seriously, enough already.

2634 days ago


Is she wants her privacy there are homes with private beaches MOVE B I T C H

2634 days ago

Jim Goff    

Call me crazy but I LOVE this woman! If she lived anywhere near me in Yonkers, I'd share a cell with her in a millisecond!

Kisses Mon cheri ; )


2634 days ago


She lets the photogs get good easy shots. Is this the charity work she claimed she would do?

2634 days ago

Parents Need to Know    


“I came out to the beach to relax and get away because (the paparazzi) infested my Hollywood Hills home, and now they’re all over the beach!

I think she meant to say "Her HERPES infested her home, as well as half the men in Hollywood. Now she's moved to the beach - Parasite sure is doing her Charity work - giving men the "Gift that keeps on Giving".

2634 days ago


To Whatever... #50

Interesting, but did it ever occur to you that the #1 reason she moved to Malibu for the summer was that she would actually get more media coverage? There are private beaches available, but then she wouldn't be able to promote her new "swimsuit" line.

She's still constantly posing for the charitable works except for a few appearances that were only designed to give her more photo op coverage. She was quoted as "bragging" recently about her "charitable works" this during more than one interview.

And, believe it or not -- many people actually read books, and don't buy pets as "arm candy."

2634 days ago


She is such a talentless, annoying spoiled rich kid. I wish she would just keep living off her parents' money and stop pretending she actually has any kind of talent.

2634 days ago

Parents Need to Know    

I read somewhere on the internet (right after it happened) Parasite's argument with Nicole Ritchie stemmed from Parasite's "racial slurs".

She also makes "derogatory comments" about her "so-called" white friends, behind their backs.

Maybe that's why you don't see her with anyone around her anymore, except her adoring 8yr old fans, the papz and her dog props.

2634 days ago


Are you SURE that she's not looking at the reflection of the crowd (not giving her any privacy, or space) in the window?

2634 days ago
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