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A Little Animated Bush for the Kiddies

8/10/2007 5:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jenna Bush and First Lady Laura BushMove over Madonna, because First Lady Laura Bush is taking time out of her busy schedule of, er, from, er ... she's taking time out of her schedule to write a children's book with her party girl daughter, Jenna! Drinks to that!

The as yet untitled book
is due in 2008, and tells the story of "a mischievous little boy who likes to do everything but read." Georgie, porgie -- is that you?!

The mother/daughter team is a perfect choice for authoring children's books. At age 17, Laura ran a stop sign and killed a man in another vehicle, while a few years ago, Jenna was caught underage drinking and using a fake ID. Mrs. Bush and Jenna are already role models -- for Brandy and Lindsay!


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I've always liked TMZ because it's politically unbiased-- it really stands out among the other gossip sites that must bash Republicans on a daily basis.

This was out of character, and whatever twit little liberal wrote it should be fired.

Shame on you TMZ. You know better than to sink so low.

And for you a**holes bitching about the Bush twins not being enlisted...are you enlisted?

2629 days ago


You really sunk too low for this crapy story... how dare you speak that way about the First Lady of the United States and her daugher. They're doing much better things with their lives than you are... and I can't believe you claim to be a "neutral" party... you're farther left than you admit. The President, First Lady and First Family of the United States should NEVER be disrespected in this manner... GET A LIFE, TMZ. I will NEVER read from this site again... it has just become TRASH in my book.

2629 days ago


Oh, so all of you who are so ready to forgive and forget that she killed someone, are you also willing to forgive and forget about the situation involving brandy?

2629 days ago


TMZ, you made a blunder today targetting Laura and her daughter. It's irreversable and you damaged your reputation. If you want to survive please issue an appology, and a sincere one.

2629 days ago


WOW, Worst and most ignorant story I've ever read on TMZ...Dissappointing...And no, I am not a republican!

2629 days ago

Maple Leaf Jones    

Is Harvey not aware of how many people have been 'suicided' penning Bush biographies and outing secrets about 'The Fam'? Curious George was written about GB senior and the guy who wrote that ended up dead at the premier of the movie. And that wasn't even incriminating. Man, Harvey, you're brave bro.

2629 days ago


Laura Bush was such a great women's role model, she would never have married George Bush. It has been suggested by even some (Republican Party) that none of us have seen the "real" Laura Bush (a serpent behind the public mask that is worn)!

2629 days ago


Wow, you should remove this from your site. It's truly ugly. Anyone who knows the story of Laura Bush's accident knows this was heartbreaking.

2629 days ago


Just when you think the media is at an all-time low, TMZ rears its ugly head and needlessly and intentionally slanders one of the most popular first ladies that our country has ever had. Laura Bush is a beacon of light in a world full of half-wit Paris Hilton's and Lindsay Lohan's, and to interject her name with the likes of those morally repugnant people is reprehensible. Shame on you, TMZ - our First Lady deserves better.

2629 days ago

your kidding    

first and last time on this site! I thought it would be better--i am disappointed

2629 days ago


Typical TMZ hack job on Bush and his family. And in Laura's case (as in the case of all other people who make devastating/life-changing mistakes), accidents happen and she has to live with that everyday of her life. In your effort to make fun of Bush, you guys make yourselves look like total a-holes.

P.S. I gaurantee that book will be a lot better than Hillary's "It Takes A Village."

2629 days ago


Is anyone else having trouble getting their comments posted?

2629 days ago


send the twins to IRAQ.
this family sold their souls and this country to the saudi's and Halliburton.

2629 days ago


Thank you TMZ for saying something almost never heard: Laura Bush killed someone with a car...accident or not, it happened. Most people either never heard of this or don't believe it because of supression of the press. How brave you are to tell the truth. Thanks so much.

2629 days ago


Let's try this one more time and see if you post my comment THIS time.....

I'll summarize... Linda, since TMZ's "reports" are often quoted in "credible" news sources, they bear some responsibility for what they print. "It was funny"??? You have some kind of underdeveloped sense of humor.

Laura's ACCIDENT at age 17 was just that...a tragic ACCIDENT. It has no bearing on her character. As a UT-ex, I can say that Jenna (while she should not have) did no more nor less than 99% of UT (or any other state university) students. Since graduation, her behavior has been exemplary. She taught in a public school and has interned for UNICEF, teaching poverty-stricken students. I realize that this does not meet the criteria for what those at TMZ do with their lives....that is, to "report" ad nauseum on Paris, Britney, Lindsay, et al... and what they do with their skanky lives. Talk about role models. The reason Jenna CAN write a book is because she is actually literate, unlike the others I mentioned.

To all of you who "work" at TMZ....just how many showers per day does it take you to get the stench off?

2629 days ago
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