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Scary Spice Ducks King's $9 Million Question

8/10/2007 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Is the ultra-bitter paternity war between Scary Spice and Eddie Murphy all over -- a house?

On last night's "Larry King Live," the suspendered one revealed that Eddie's people are claiming Scary demanded a $9 million mega mansion from the funnyman -- a claim that Scary never outright denied.

After she was finished bobbing and weaving, Scary also revealed that she and Eddie tattooed their names on each other -- and claimed that the ink proves that they were, "very much in love and wanted to have a family together" adding, "You don't tattoo somebody's name on your body if it's brief and unimportant, let's put it that way." Romance fades, tats are forever!


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I don't know why people think she is a gold digger? Does no one remember that the Spice Girls made hundreds of millions of dollars and are still making money?

2598 days ago


Eddie got took!!!! But he should have known better. He doesn't have problems reproducing, so he should have made sure he was gloved up before sticking it into that has-been pop singer.

So now Eddie has to pay the price and will be forever attached to her. Eddie was way too slick for his own good and he has been protected for too long. He forgot women can be conniving and manipulative.

Also, Eddie has strange "habits" so he will he will have to pay to keep her mouth shut, like he paid his ex-wife more than the pre-nup. At least with Tracey Edmonds (Babyface's ex), he has hooked up with a woman with money. Finally, he got smart. But too little, too late.

2598 days ago

interested canadian    

i watched that interview,larry was so pro eddie it was ridiculous.he didnt let gloria or scary get a full sentence in.its ok to be one-sided but dont ask them to come on-air to talk.larry looked silly in my opinion.

2598 days ago


Is it just me or does Scary Spice look like a drag queen?

2598 days ago


Larry always 'shows' whose side he's on. Then again, he's been married like 7-8 times so perhaps he may just have a little something against women trying to get money from a man...LOL!!! I'm sure he's been through the experience himself. He was probably having flashbacks...LOL. Anyway, Larry is not a good journalist. His show is for entertainment. He is not unbiased at all. If he likes you he won't ask ANY tough questions. If he doesn't like you he cuts you off, gives you shorter time to answer questions...... He's so obvious.

2598 days ago


This gold-digging bitch is making the most of her 15 mins., ain't she? Child support is all she is entitled to. She's trying to align herself with Nicole, but Nicole was his wife. Mel should try that route - husband, baby, husband,'s a novel concept I know, but they usually come in that order. Not rich man, baby, marriage...dumb has-been bitch!!

2598 days ago


Just how desperate is Larry King for guests ? Scary is old news, looking for yet another 15 minutes of fame. That washed up loud mouth attorney is a BIG BAG OF WIND ! These two had sex........No condoms used....and gee a baby...What the hell did they expect. She wanted a kid and she knows it.. SETUP......Is her money running out? She got herself a rich baby daddy......I do not condone what they both did. But !!!!!! Let's get real people.......i am sure the both knew how babies are made. To continue to drag all of this in the media is sick. Does anyone in Weirdwood have any morals ? You should all be ashamed of yourself. If you think this constant writing of these nobody''s is interesting. Scarey Spice hasn't been in the news for years. All of a sudden shes with Murphy and POOF ! she's preggers and you guys can't seem to stop writting about it. Let it go. Is it really the United States business who they have sex with. I find it hardly worth writing. And shame on Larry King for having this idiot on TV.....Thought he had more class then that. They only one here that anyone should be concerned about, is that beautiful baby girl. Hey Scarey, GET SOME CLASS AND STOP RUNNING TO THE MEDIA ! SHOW SOME CLASS>>>>>>>>>if you can..

2598 days ago


Can't stand these women that get pregnant the minute they meet a celebrity in order to secure money and then want to play victim. She should get a child support check every month and that's it!!! Get a job, now that's an idea.

2598 days ago


Why do we care about a no talent girl group member who sleeps around and pops out babies willy nilly? She was part of a bubble gum British girl group who were popular for just existing. None of them have any talent to speak of. Please, this is a British invasion which should be deported! Posh and Scary GO HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2598 days ago

She Looks Fabulous    

Hi Kathy, #16 : Re the Spice Girls made hundreds of millions of dollars.

They probably did bring in that amount of money, but I don't know if they actually got paid that amount. One figure I remember from a while ago was that they were each around $15 million U.S. That was when they were popular.

Mel got married and divorced. Reports have it that she had to pay her ex-husband alimony. (I don't know how much) I don't know what else she had to give or split with him. The report went on to say that Mel was generous and liked to keep up her lifestyle with her friends and her entourage and that she footed the bill for these things. If she paid for flights, hotels, alcoholic beverages or whatever for her friends and entourages, these things add up quickly and suddenly the $15 million will dwindle down to a few million.

Mel probably has some money, but according to the report / article I read she may have really spent a lot and she may be out of her comfort zone with the amount of money she now has.

I hope Mel gets her act together. I wish she would do like Elizabeth Hurley did and go on. She seems nice and when I used to see her in pics I was so proud of her. Now all of a sudden with her public airing of this situation, that loving feeling is gone.

She is having the effect of smearing Eddie and he seems to have tried to do right financially by her.

I read articles that he had a private investigator (PI) on her and the PI came back with pictures of her with another man, twice. Now if she got pregnant right away, it looks like here this pregnant woman is with another man and she's dating Eddie.

I also read a report that she was rude to his mother, that she was with another woman (if that is true, then the report about him being with a "tranny", then they are even on that score).

Eddie has been around relationships like we all have. And we each know what we will and won't tolerate in a relationship. And since they were both in the relationship he has just as much right to pull out as she would have had.

With that going on, I think he may have had his quard down when the host asked him the question about the paternity with Mel and he spoke without being prepared. It sounds like with the wording of what he said about wanting a DNA test that he was quite upset that she was pregnant and that there may be a chance that he was the father.

Anyway, Mel, stay out of the news with this. I don't mind commenting on your situation, but every time you're in the news it gives people an opportunity to research your background and a lot of stuff is coming up on you that makes one say: No wonder he dropped her.

The fact that you want Eddie to get involved with your baby shows that you have seen a wonderful side to him, probably something that you have not seen in any man that you have been with and that you still want him for yourself. And that he is probably superb with his kids from his marriage. Your baby is just a tool for you to try to get to him and that is very obvious. Are you not concerned about your other child's father being in her life? Why not put stuff about him on the news?

2598 days ago


If it comes out she wanted a house, she should be put in jail. Sounds like a shakedown to me.

2598 days ago


Why aren't the celebrities being blamed here? If you KNOW you are wealthy--you know that MOST women that approach you are going to be coming after you because of your STATUS alone---particularly if you are not good-looking. So you had better use a condom or better yet---how about NOT SLEEPING with every woman that opens her legs for you!???? WHEN are people going to start blaming the man. Eddie is a good 10 or more years older than Mel B. and the father of 6 kids--1 before his marriage to Nicole when he was a teenager and 5 with Nicole and now one with Mel B. He had two out of wedlock with his wife Nicole before they got married!!! So who is irresponsible???

YOU PLAY--YOU PAY! PAY UP EDDIE! You were/are a Fool and you are getting played like the fool you are!

2598 days ago

the real insider    



2598 days ago



She's doesn't look like a drag queen to me but if she does then perhaps that is why Eddie was taken by her. That's his type you know???

2598 days ago

too sad    

scarey has no career and is probably broke,
she is running after a cash cow and publicity.
and she can't sing.
none of those spice girls can carry a tune!

2598 days ago
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