Hottest Videos -- Week of 08/05

TMZ caught Brit going to town on a lollipop while on the town this week. Lick it baby one more time!

Brit showed up to work on her newest music video in her Mercedes. Remember people, she lipsyncs hard for the money.

Just because the Pussycats don't want you, it doesn't mean you can't work it at the Playboy party. The Pussycats need to rethink their choice.
Chili Pepper Anthony Kiedis has used his bloodsugarsexmagic on 21-year-old girlfriend Heather Christie. From the looks of her, the baby is ready to rock its way out any moment now.

Meagan Good is hot and smart. When asked if she had a designated driver, her sister replied, "Absolutely! We're not Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton!" Thanks Meagan, we'll now feel safer driving through L.A.!