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Britney: We Are the Lollipop Kids!

8/12/2007 2:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Popwreck Britney Spears has an oral fixation -- she just can't get enough of those lollipops, y'all. Maybe she should do a collabo with Fifty Cent -- he'll take her to the candy shop!

Brit-Brit and her buxom friend sucked candy sticks as they head out of Winston's on Friday. Then bizarre Brit began posing with her bottle of water. Say "agua?"


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Those are those drug lollipops. Whats going to happen eventually is that one of her sons will get hold of one.

2596 days ago

John Denver Rules    

when you do certain drugs, such as X or even cocaine lollipops are a good way to prevent cottonmouth. Also any stimulant type of drug makes you want to constantly move you mouth. Why does she still have those kids? If I acted like her someone would have taken mine a LONG time ago!!

2596 days ago


Wow she can flip the bird and suck a lolly at the same time .........maybe kev liked a finger in the brown

2596 days ago

sick of her    

Doesn't anyone else see the lollipop thing as a sign of ecstasy use? When a user is rolling, they need something in their mouths to keep themselves from grinding their teeth to shreds! It is an uncontrollable side effect of ecstasy use. And the fact she always has a beverage in her hands is another sign. A person on X is highly likely to dehydrate. Someone please stop her, or we will be posting comments within 2 years like the ones posted after Anna Nicole's death. It is funny to watch her antics and wait for the implosion, but soon we will be watching her funeral and saying "Wow, why didn't anyone stop her?"

2596 days ago


The claims that those are those "drug lollipops" is ridiculous. I used to take pain medication in the form of a sucker, and it looks NOTHING like a REAL sucker/lollipop at all. It is on a very small, plastic stick with a warning wrapper around the end on a base and its a very small, WHITE, chalky thing, not a real lollipop looking at all. Its called Actiq, fentanyl taken through the mucus membrane in your mouth.

If it was a drug sucker, she would be keeping it towards the back of her mouth, to absorb. you would see it jutting out of the side of her cheek.

That being said, this girl is such a trainwreck.

2595 days ago


I don't know if these are the drug pops. Britney has always had them but I noticed that she's been sucking on them constantly since the lollipop story broke. Either they are drug laced or Britney wants people to think they are drugged.

2595 days ago


She needs to just go away. Move to Montana or something and get her head straight before she kills herself or someone else.

2595 days ago

Jack M. Hoff    

Doesn't this skanky biatch know that sucking a lolipop is the way a street Ho advertises that oral is their specialty? Now we know for sure that you are good for something Miss MooseKnuckle 2007!

2595 days ago


When are we going to hear this oh so fabulous album of hers?

2595 days ago

tired of cry baby    

also a lollipops are good for hiding the booze on your breath,

2595 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

Those aren't "just" lollipop's........Steal one, and have it analized!!....................

2595 days ago


She is probably just trying to quit smoking.

2595 days ago


Go back to your trailer Brit! U R so over and a such skank!

2595 days ago


She is out living her life and we are sitting on a computer each day watching her live her life. Who really has the problem here? Big deal she likes lollipops, stop trying to spin it into something more for your twisted entertainment.

2595 days ago


britney is wreck and her kids mouths are full of cavities. good god girl stop being an attention whore and be a good mother to your boy''re a mother now so act like it. you're no longer a kid!

2595 days ago
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