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Brit's Assistant Gets Served

8/12/2007 4:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Model mama Brit-Brit's drama has now spread to her assistant/cousin Alli Sims!

As reported in Life & Style, Britney's cousin Alli Sims was served with papers by Kevin Federline's lawyer in the dead of night.

Why does K-Fed want to talk to Alli? It seems he and his lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan want to grill her about Britney's lifestyle and parenting skills -- including how much she boozes it up in front of the kids.

Alli was reportedly super steamed by the "serving." Court's in session, y'all!


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She's a mess!

2575 days ago

here we go again    

britney...? again....?

2575 days ago


It wasn't quite in "the dead of the night" actually. Alli was at a party whooping it up at 3 a.m. when she got served. She was rather pissed on many different levels.

2575 days ago


TMZ leave the girl alone, i don''t understand if u hate her soooo much, why do u keep postin about her... GROW UP

2575 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

........And they think the "truth" will spill from her lips?!!.......Britney is her meal ticket!!!!!!.......

2575 days ago


Britney you are not making a very good impression in front of your kids,you will lost your kids to Kevin, you are unfit mother, who needs help, and to see a shrink, Your children are better off with ex-Husband Kevin, Better than you!!! Grow up, get help: Child services will come again to take your children away your better off with no kids, the kids have a better chance with Kevin Better than you: You are a child,not a Disney Cast member anymore so grow up: This is you really Need your Mom Lynn:
Britney stop Being such A Bitch, and get Help: If you don't want to get photgraphed don't go out in public:

2575 days ago


i LOVE how her world is about to crumble around her and she still seems to find time to party...

2575 days ago


to stichwanted: learn to write.

2575 days ago


I say drug test her! Would that be interesting?

2575 days ago


K Fed just wants MORE money. GET A JOB! ONE day before Britney filed for divorce, he was on television talking about how good of a mother she was. The next day he said Britney was a bad mother and he wanted custody of the kids. This is just ANOTHER pathetic attempt to get more money. I guess the 20,000 a month in alimony isnt enough for his rented 2 million dollar mansion. Before he met Britney he was living in a apartment with several people. He is not the better parent just because he stays out of nightclubs. When the kids are with him he just lets the nanny's look after them.

2575 days ago


She acts like she is in one of these melancholy shakespearean moods that I learned about way back in high school. Basically she has this knowing that things just arent going to end well for her case so she just doesnt care anymore. Many tragic heroes in history have gone this way. She's gonna lose those kids!

2575 days ago

Sarah Silverman SUCKS!    

#12 - Posted at 3:56PM on Aug 12th 2007 by sincere

I agree. I wish someone would release the amount he filed on his tax returns before he met Britney. She was the best thing that happened to him & Shar Jackson.$$$$$

2575 days ago

objective observer    

y'all realize that we who keep bloggin' about her, photographing her, showing her every (allbeit trashy) move in public, following her every where she goes, we are all essentially going to be semi-responsible for sending her to an early grave. I know she's her own worst enemy, but us hounding her surely doesn't help her situation. Remember Princess Diana? It's been 10 years now, but I'm sure y'all can remember the paparazzi literally driving her to her death! (Two innnocent young boys were also left behind with out their mother!)

2575 days ago


This chick is dirty garbage. She is a slut, a horrible mother, a menace to society. She won't bathe, where decent clothes, or see that her "hair" is a rats nest. I hate her alot.

2575 days ago


GOOD FOR YOU K-FED! save your kids before they die. she's a mess, she's pathetic and she couldn't mother an ANT if her life depended on it. i can't stand the fact that she STILL has those kids and drags them around during times they should be sleeping. and YET some of you STILL defend her. lmao FAIL. i hope kfed gets all the information he needs from spears' little sidekicks. and TMZ DONT STOP REPORTING ON HER UNTIL SHE KILLS HERSELF! which hopefully will be soon

2575 days ago
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