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James Brown's Will Drama

8/12/2007 11:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

james brownPapa's got one less trustee! The bizarre battle over James Brown's will continued this week with the surprise revelation that a trustee of the estate had misappropriated $350,000 of the soul singer's money.

The trustee handed over a check for the full amount of missing money before resigning from his position as trustee and as co-executor of Brown's will.

Brown, who died this past Christmas lived on a $100,000 a month allowance, and friends and relatives aren't sure how much money is left in his estate. Some of the funds, say his former pastor Rev. Larry Fryer, are meant to go to needy children through Brown's "I Feel Good" Trust, and Fryer is concerned that those kids won't get their share of the money. Fryer has filed a motion to intervene on behalf of the trust.

A follow-up hearing on the will is scheduled for September 24. That feels good!


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Sounds like Fryer is getting greedy!!

2575 days ago


the only thing worse than greed, ,,,,,,,,,ELLEN DEGENEROUS DANCING!!!!

2575 days ago


That's a damn shame when the preacher is going to court for the money...

2575 days ago


no one is going to get any money anytime soon!! his off springs keep poping up,, one here,, one over there,, hey maybe i should get a "brand new band" and claim im a son to!!

2575 days ago


Man he had a slug of kid's & everyone including God want's a share of poor Jimmy's cash.

2575 days ago


Will these people involved ever let this man rest in peace? I believe if you want to know who your trusted friends and loved ones really are, watch how your estate is fought over and divvied up after your death..... from a peek from the beyond.

But by then it's too late. All the more reason to spend your inheritance whatever way you choose while you still have a pulse.

2575 days ago

The Princess    

I'm so glad that when I die my family won't have s**t to fight over....

I'm leaving it all to my rats.....

I bet James Brown is glad that he is finally dead. To think that a man of the cloth is fighting over his money must make him so proud....

Did the woman who was living with him finally drop out of the fight?

It seems like everyone but her is being mentioned now.... Sad very Sad.

2575 days ago


Fryer is NOT getting greedy. Good grief, the man is concerned that needy children wont get the money that Brown meant to go to the poor. And how about Browns poor wife, Tomi ? And TOmi and James little son? Tomi and james son were treated so damned shabbily after Browns death, being locked out of hers and Browns estate. I was mortified when I saw the ugly things on utube and other sites that blacks were saying about Browns widow. This poor woman was killed over james death. When Tomi was asked about the ugliness hurled at her she said she "didnt want to play the race card because if we all inderstood one another , this would be a much better world. " What a beautiful, classy thing for that woman to say. Anyone who made ugly or racist remarks about Tomi after james death should be ashamed.

2575 days ago

Miss Duncan    

The Rev. has" visions of sugarplums"! Of course I bet "HE" has control over this "help the child trust" or is it the help myself trust! No way should "He" be involved! He could be a wolf in sheep's clothing, ya think! From a former Motown Girl Holla!

2575 days ago


correct me where i'm wrong, but didn't JB serve time for tax evasion some years ago? even if he served his time, isn't the tax liability still due from the estate? so, basically then, all of this will come after the IRS gets their part, right?
I hate to play the bad guy here, but I don't think they have anything to worry about!

2574 days ago

Injun Mike    

I was saddened to hear that James Brown was getting so poor that he was put on an allowance of a paltry 100.000 bucks a is a man supposed to eat, pay his light bill, buy gas, purchase cocaine, repace his ammo supply etc. on a crummy 100 grand a month?.....

2574 days ago

Jo Booth    

I am wondering how a will can be fought over if it is wriiten up uncontestible. Makes you scared when you make a will out that someone can contest it and start a real mess for the family. I don't think he kept his will updated to show the changes he had made in his life( such as a new son by his long time girlfriend or wife} I thought if someone died and didn't leave any instructions for anyone other than the blood relatives and recent spouce/ campanion then that was the law. Where are these people coming from? His family is first before anyone else. That is the law of the land as far as I know.

2574 days ago


Every one of James' kid's need to be taken care of before any charity or trustee gets a penny. It is sickening how all of the vultures start circling once someone dies. His kids are the only ones who should be receiving the funds, especially the ones he failed to support over the years when he was alive.

2574 days ago


Looks like Papa can't hang on to his brand new bag.

2574 days ago


#9 you must have skip the part in the Bible that said God created everything including you. Why would he wants Mr. James Brown money. And by the way his daughter LaRhonda Petitt is from Houston, Tx (Acres Homes) and let me ask you when the last time you had your DNA taken. It seem like some forget that mommie is not mommie and daddy is not daddy. And if you don't know what book in the Bible just turn to the first book Genesis and can you read it is James Mr. James Brown it not Jimmy maybe Jimmy is your father. Oh yes, the confusing wife she forgot when she married Mr.James Brown she was already married maybe she need to go to the book of Matthew and Mark and the poor son it really going to take a village to raise him if he mommie forget that she was married while putting on another man wedding ring. Let some other rich elder comes along with gold she going to forget that she birth a child. Think about it
Take care let all try to get into Heaven

2574 days ago
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