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Move Over Optimus Prime, "Voltron" Is Coming

8/12/2007 2:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

VoltronYet another '80s cartoon is set to hit the big screen -- "Voltron." And I'll form ... the head!

New Regency is working with the Mark Gordon Co. to turn "Voltron: Defender of the Universe" into a live-action film. That formula worked out pretty well already this year -- "Transformers" anyone?

The studio also has "Alvin and the Chipmunks" scheduled for a December release -- and the writer of "Voltron," Justin Marks, penned the script for "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe."

As much as we'd love to rip these people and throw in a line like, "Doesn't anyone in Hollywood have an original idea anymore?" -- it's freakin' "Voltron," man!


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Hey, and maybe Voltron will suck as much as Transformers did. Hell if it only sucks half as much I may go see it.

2628 days ago


wowzers, working late TMZ staff, you usually keep the same crap up all weekend,,,,THIS IS MY ERA' .........Transformers, Voltron,,Empire Strikes Back ( not the original Star Wars), um, Legos,,,,,before computers, Studios worked with Model masterminds & artists, THE IMAGINATIONS OF PEOPLE FROM MY GENERATION, CREATED AN ENTIRE INDUSTRY,,,which is now "Mountain Dew X-Games", but c'mon, you thought we were all losers growing up!!!!,,,,,,,,you missed it, ,,,so copy our toys & make movies out of them, maybe your kids, kids will have imagination & the insight, energy & integrity 2 do something creative with there lives, because kids born in the 80;s are CLUELESS. LAZY X-BOX PARIS HILTON WANNABEES,,,,,,haha, it is so true. 4 Votron "Thundercats Activate!!"

2628 days ago


I was wonering how soon it would take to out with Voltron after Transformers. Even when we saw the movie, I told my husband I watched Voltron instead (with Jem). We ALL know they will mess it up somehow...and Alvin? WHYYYYYY?

2628 days ago


To Toni:

They came outta nowhere with Underdog, so why not Alvin?? (gonna be wack)

2628 days ago

Only swim in the Ocean    

coztamezaboy iz a faz anz iz zpreding namz cuz he iz not 2 nize

2628 days ago



Not that gay is bad or anything.


2628 days ago


The only reason most people claim that the Hulk movie sucked is because you were spoiled on the television show where it was hard pressed to find an actual HULK to play the comic book role. They found the biggest guy they could for the time, and yes the show was a success. However, they made the movie according to the comic book (which is exactly how the creator of Hulk wanted it) in which the Hulk was larger than life and several men put together.
While this all looks good on paper-I mean Voltron WOW(cat's not the cars all the way tyvm)-, if the script writer is the one who wrote the live action He-Man movie from the 80's . . . here's hoping the one liners are actually amusing and not just forced diatribe to amuse the masses.

2628 days ago

Go with the Flow!    


2628 days ago


Hmm... screwed up Transformers... the trailer for Alvin and the Chipmunks looks like total garbage... who wants to bet Voltron will be one of the biggest mistakes ever?

Oh well... at least they're allowing giant robots to show up on the big screen. We couldn't get anything similar to that in X-Men 3 or Fantastic Four 2...

2628 days ago


More likely than not, this is gonna suck ass. Probably gonna end up like the Power Rangers. Too bad, I love Voltron.

2628 days ago


From the way the Chipmunks poster looked, I thought they were going to be voiced by Chris Rock, Martin Lawrence, and Cedric the Entertainer.

2628 days ago

90's kid    

Ok I liked the transformers movie so much i want to see it again. Now voltron? stop it i can't take it. I wonder if they'll try to make thuder cats into a movie too.

2628 days ago


Voltron on the big screen? Now that'll be interesting! :-)

2628 days ago


Didn't we already have a form of Voltron.... you know.... MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS????? Wasn't that the same concept people? I mean yeah power rangers got it from voltron but if they don't do this movie right it will just be marked off as joke. PLEASE DON"T MESS IT UP!!!

2628 days ago


Sounds cool, but youre picture isnt voltron, its the mega zord from power rangers.

2628 days ago
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