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Too Hot for Queen of Soul

8/12/2007 10:08 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's getting hot in herrrre -- too hot for the Queen of Soul to perform! Citing temperatures in the 90s, Aretha Franklin called off a planned evening concert in at Detroit's DTE Energy Music Theater.

The 65-year-old soul sensation said she was "exhausted from the heat and cannot tolerate heat in these extremely high numbers and being in concert simultaneously."

R-E-S-P-E-C-T the heat!


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She should be the next spokesperson for Jenny Craig. Valerie Bertinelli has lost about
30 pounds already so they'll need someone else to fill the bill. Ms. Franklin could do
it as she is "respected" by many and I'm sure the pay check is a nice incentive. She
definitely has to drop at least 100 pounds then she can continue to rock on...

2599 days ago


At least she has the sense to not push herself.

2599 days ago

Lilith Eventide Nightshade    

The Queen of soul is wise.
In those temperatures it is best to slow down and drink plenty of water. The humidity can raise the heat index considerably as well.
This is after all a woman in her sixties and she has worked her butt off all of her life.
The whiners talking about her weight would do well to consider that this is a senior and she has not even retired!
Bless the Queen of soul for her industriousness rather than say evil things about her.

2599 days ago


Legends like Miss Re book their tours at least one year in advance. Girl don't carry no crystal ball to predict the weather.. That said, Her Royal Reness might want ta quit the road during the summer. That is unless she be entertaining the "Happy Feet" in the North Pole.

2599 days ago


OMG~AF has lived in Detroit most , if not all of her life!!! LOL
She SHOULD know what Detroit and it's suburbs are like in mid-August!!! LOL
She SHOULD fire the dumbass that scheduled this concert at DTE.

"Waaa-it's too hot to perform...." in my hometown.
Lose about 100 lbs Aretha-
She sounded like crap when she sang at the Superbowl here-it's time to retire.

2599 days ago


You know what I find that is so sad. That people like the ones on this list - who are hate-mongers are the very reason some people are overweight. I have been out and about and have seen some sad things. I have seen severely overweight and morbidly obese people trying to change lifestyles with exercise - walking around parks and such. Yes it does them good, until someone - a hate-monger just like yourselves - yells out the window "fat ass pig" and then throws a drink at them. I felt so horribly bad for that person. That was probably the last day she went out walking. Then another person, wearing some workout clothing, was sitting in a restaurant having a salad for lunch and mixed fruit for dessert until a hate monger like yourselves walked up to her and dumped the salad in her lap and called her a fat ass moron. Then there are the other hate mongers like yourselves- who walk up to the fat person while they are breaking from biking and is drinking spring water instead of a coke-cola and spits in his face yelling at the woman to go home she is a disgrace to humanity. These people are faced with this crap every single day. People like you contribute to the rising tide of morbidly obese. It is almost as much your fault as anyones. Think about that the next time you are sitting on your high horse trying to make yourself feel better by picking on someone who is trying ... TRYING to make a difference. Funny, no one looked at the pics of Aretha on the bicycle she has been riding, or seeing her out walking. Everyone just "assumes".

2599 days ago


You go, girl.

Don't let nobody force you to work when it's too hot. You are a senior citizen and folks need to RESPECT that.


2599 days ago


It is so unfair how some ignorant people want to write such horrible, cruel comments about Ms. Franklin. I'm sure some of the very same people who want to criticize her for her dress or eating habits will be the first ones at one of her concerts, or buy another one of her cd's if she chooses to complete another one. One should appreciate her talent, her humanity, and the fact that she has the highest respect from the top of the entertainment world, and she is incomperable! She may be fat, but she is here at 65 and going... while we mourn those like Anna Nicole Smith who died young and skinny by taking drugs, and what kind of legacy did she leave for her daughter to hold her head up to? None. Aretha's sons have a lot to be proud of with their mom, and she has and continues to leave a rich legacy to be very proud of, fat or skinny!!!

2599 days ago


Yet another reason to lose 100lbs.

2599 days ago


I don't usually comment on these things, but......(1) It's always hot in Detroit in August--and everyone, including Aretha's manager, must know that--or should do their homework to find out the 'conditions' under which a performer must work; (2) It's not age. A healthy sixty year old (I'm 64) can do whatever they need to do--especially if it something that they do all the time--in the heat. Besides we have great technology now! Rent huge fans--the mechanical kind--and get out there and perform, and not disappoint your fans--who have put you where you are! (3) PLEASE LOSE THE EXCESS POUNDS--you'll feel a lot better (all the time, not just when performing), and be a healthy 'living' legend that we all know and love! Aretha: we don't want you skinny, heck no! We just want you healthy, happy and 'here'!

2599 days ago


Isn't there anyone around her 24/7 telling her to lose weight? Does this woman go to a doctor? I'd hate to have her drop dead of a heart attack.

2599 days ago


Aretha should be in jail along with Brandy for being ugly and fat!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2599 days ago


Brandy is a murderer!

2599 days ago


With the money she makes for performing do you mean to tell me that they can't shade the area and fan in some air conditioning to make it in the 60's with low humidity on stage? I'm pretty sure entertainers make 500 or 600 times what the rest of us make and she can afford it.

2599 days ago

Oh good one you are so tied-down and so miserable    

No need to cancel show

2599 days ago
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