Britney Won't Do Coke, Will Do Fake Accent

8/13/2007 2:37 PM PDT
Who says Britney Spears doesn't love a diversity of cuisines? McDonald's? Of course. Taco Bell? Claro que si! Carl's Jr.? Mais oui, ya'll!

The popwreck shambled up to the fast food restaurant's drive-thru after filming her music video last Tuesday night, looking pretty good -- for her -- with a full face of make-up. There's no denying her love of greasy food, but girl definitely loves herself some Fanta too -- yelling at the speaker with a truly horrendous Spanish accent, trying to emphasize how crucial the fruity soda was to her. (Fanta is, of course, a product of the good ol' US of A. And did we mention she was in L.A.? )

Spears even had her own bodyguard walk through the drive-thru next to her car to both keep the paps away and hand over her food when it was ready. She then sped off into the night, Fanta-fixed and everything.