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Mischa -- O.C. Princess to Jersey Girl?

8/14/2007 11:31 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mischa BartonAnd in this week's installment of "What the ...?", Mischa Barton, pal to mama-to-be Nicole Richie and compulsively oddball fashion victim, has relocated to bucolic Hoboken, New Jersey? Not exactly the O.C. -- but trendy nonetheless!

Mischa's swanky Tribeca bachelorette pad, reports New York magazine, is currently rented out, so she decided to move across the Hudson River to Frank Sinatra's hometown. Ol' Blue Eyes would be so proud!

The actress tried to explain her Jersey jaunt to the mag, saying, "Every time I've come [to New York] recently I've stayed in a hotel which just feels lame." What, were there are no available apartments in New York City? Barton is currently in NY filming her upcoming flick, "Assassination of a High School President."

How's this for glamorous -- if any of Mischa's Hollywood chums visit, the easiest way to get to Hoboken is via public transportation. Oh, the horror! Thankfully, the ride's only ten minutes from lower Manhattan. Fuhgeddaboutit!


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I don't believe this girl will ever act/work again.

2524 days ago


See, no one likes this girl - hence "no comments." Poor Mischa :-(

2524 days ago


I love your website, but I MUST correct you here - Hoboken is amazing! It's so small and everyone that is moving from trendy spots from NYC is going there. It's still so close to the city but you're away from all the messes there. Hoboken is city chic and all the rage. You should investigate it - it's quite cozy, yet sophisticated and it's a very in town...all boutique shopping, high-end restaurants and trendy bars. It's just as expensive to live there as NYC AND the parking is even worse.

2524 days ago


She looks exactly like a hookered up playdough faced skank looking grease turd.

2524 days ago

You Know Which Dave    

bu·col·ic [byoo-kol-ik]
–adjective Also, bu·col·i·cal.
1. of or pertaining to shepherds; pastoral.
2. of, pertaining to, or suggesting an idyllic rural life.
3. a pastoral poem.
4. Archaic. a farmer; shepherd; rustic.

Yeah, that describes Hoboken perfectly. I better leave NYC early today to go care for my sheep! Right...

2524 days ago


Hoboken is about as non-bucolic as you will ever see. It is very urban, trendy 5 minutes from Manhattan city that is better than any other outer borough that NYC has to offer. Hoboken apartment prices are incredibly expensive and the nightlife is incredible. Most bars per square mile than anywhere else in the United States. And it is also the home of Gov. Jon Corzine, Eli Manning, Jeremy Shockey, Artie Lange, Richard Jefferson...bucolic my a**

2524 days ago


Just checking in on Mischa. Sorry, Mischa, no one cares yet. Poor you. Your not worthy.

2524 days ago


Obviously, whoever wrote this has no idea how many celebrities live in New Jersey. Hoboken is so not bucolic, that I have to assume that was some sort of sarcasm. I already live in NJ, but if I was famous, I'd opt to live here then too. You have the closest suburbs to NYC without the paparazzi and crazed fans and fakeness of Los Angeles. Good for you, Mischa.

2524 days ago


Every time I see this actress I always envision her in her role as the ghost with the mouth full of vomit in the Sixth Sense.

2524 days ago


Hoboken's pretty funky, really. And perhaps if Mischa's Manhattan friends want to visit, they can always take the PATH train from Greenwich Village.

2523 days ago


Bucolic? Hoboken? It has the bars per square mile of any other city. Ever try to park in Hoboken? You better check yourself before you dis NJ again.

2523 days ago

Hoboken princess    

Hey! Don't mock my home town. Growing up in Hoboken was great. The entire square mile known as Hoboken has been turned into a pretty nice place to live these days. Apparently Mischa isn't as dumb as she dresses.

2523 days ago


I can vouch for her moving here ... I already saw her and her mom at the A&P in Jersey City. They bought two carts worth of food!

2510 days ago

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