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Mos Def-iant -- Rapper Knocks Around Photog

8/16/2007 10:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Another night in Hollywood, another celebrity skirmish.

TMZ cameras were rolling in front of Hyde nightclub last night, when outspoken rapper/actor Mos Def went face to face with a paparazzi who snapped his photo in front of the world famous celebrity hotspot. Pissed off that the photog wouldn't delete the shot, Mos first used his words to try and convince the guy to do what he wanted saying, "I'm not from around here" and "You're violating my space." That technique didn't pan out.

Just when it seemed that Mos was going to give up and walk away, one of the rapper's sneaky pals got behind the photog and tried to forcefully snatch the camera away. The photog, who ain't exactly a little guy, held on for dear life.

That's when Mos jumped in -- trying to grab the camera from the other side and jerking the snapper around, until he realized that the other cameras were recording the whole thing. Mos then ran up to the TMZ photog and explained, "I'm not trying to damage nuthin' ... I just want him to erase the photo. I'm not hurting him, I just want him to erase my photo and knock it off."

Obviously, the photog never deleted the shot.


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YO! You guys should leave Mos Def alone. He never bothers anyone and he's very professional. You all push and push to make them do somehting out of the norm then exploit them. SHAME SHAME!

2589 days ago

Radical Free Agent    

But folks, didn't you hear Mr. Def ax the man to delete his photo? As he pointed out, he axed nicely.

Why is the word 'ask' so difficult for some?

2589 days ago


who the hell is mos def? i don't listen to rap or hip-hop. but he sounds like an angry little man. aww poor little rapper doesn't want his picture taken. well then, don't hang out hollywood shot spots where there are photographers all over the place. now there is some good logic right there. it's not like the guy was climbing a tree outside your house. grow the hell up or GTFO ktx~

2589 days ago

big joe    



2589 days ago

big joe    


2589 days ago


From what I've read, Mos Def is not a "lowlife." He's a pretty good actor and a good poet, too. He was cute in the movie, BROWN SUGAR.

2589 days ago


Rap has been crap for a long time now. I believe it is tarnished beyond repair and has damaged a lot of young lives. Most of it promotes greed, violence and sex these days. The videos are all about fancy living with the best clothes, the best cars, the ho's, guns, over indulgent lifestyles that cause the viewers of it to either try and emulate what they see or feel worthless because they don't have it all.

Just try and compare the music choices today to the power house music in the 60's and 70's from Smokey, Robinson, Al Green, Marvin Gaye, The Commodores and so many others. You'll walk away wondering what happened and realize that the stuff put out today is not music.

2589 days ago


Man I tell you what, stupidity reigns supreame around here, with both the celbs and the posters. First off, if you dont want your pic taken, don't be a celb or stay low key. These celbs get everything the paps are giving them. Second, it is not illegal to take pics or video tape your neighbor. If your hot ass neighbor is in their back yard suntanning you have every right to take their pic (as long as your not on their property). You can not invade privacy, which usually means setting up hidden cameras in bathrooms or in their homes. Last, rappers are rappers, they are all alike, and this moron just proved it. Dont care what his lyrics are about, he is a thug, period, and if I were that pap, I would file assult charges.

2589 days ago


White people kill me. First of all, Most Def has appeared in movies, HBO Films, HBO series and on records. He is one of the most versitile entertainers in Hollywood. Some knucklehead didnt even know about his co-starring role in 16 Blocks with Bruce Willis or HBO's Something The Lord Made. And notice the hypocrisy. White people will come to the rescue of 6' 8" Garrett after the paps "attack" him, but all of a sudden its a black celebrity...that "deserved it." So white celebs get a pass but black ones deserve it? C'mon people..your great-great grandfathers are coming out of you!

2589 days ago


I think I'm done on TMZ. I didn't realize just how much the people that write in really hate black people. Kinda sad.

Thanks for the good times TMZ.

2589 days ago


Boy you "bloggers" need to go back to elementary school. You sound and spell like idiots which I assume you are if you are "loving" these nasty rappers. Rap is no form of music and should not even be in that classification.
Drop dead or go somewhere else if you can't handle the cameras......but deep down inside you know you are loving every minute of the are such whores.

2589 days ago

Tell Us    

I think the pop should be respectful at times. "No," means, "No." This is in part why Princess Di is not here today. We aren't that interested in their lives anyway.

Mos Def is basically if not totally, coo'.

2589 days ago


i think mos def was being kind about asking him to delete the photo, he wasnt being a douche he just asked to not be photographed. why is it so hard to oblige him?

2589 days ago


It seems like the only people you guys are familiar with are Paris Hilton and Britney Spears...what a bunch of losers

2589 days ago


.........."hip-hop & rap" are dead........THE TRUTH HURTS, grow up..."Yo!! i'm from the streets", take a trip home, homeboy,,,,,,,,even Snoop got into acting, moron. Snoop takes his kids to "MIGHTY DUCKS" games, & coaches football...He still does his music. BUT HE DOESN'T ACT LIKE A FOOL..........stupid east-coasters, you will never understand the WEST-COAST. party on tough guy!!!

2589 days ago
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