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Mos Def-iant -- Rapper Knocks Around Photog

8/16/2007 10:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Another night in Hollywood, another celebrity skirmish.

TMZ cameras were rolling in front of Hyde nightclub last night, when outspoken rapper/actor Mos Def went face to face with a paparazzi who snapped his photo in front of the world famous celebrity hotspot. Pissed off that the photog wouldn't delete the shot, Mos first used his words to try and convince the guy to do what he wanted saying, "I'm not from around here" and "You're violating my space." That technique didn't pan out.

Just when it seemed that Mos was going to give up and walk away, one of the rapper's sneaky pals got behind the photog and tried to forcefully snatch the camera away. The photog, who ain't exactly a little guy, held on for dear life.

That's when Mos jumped in -- trying to grab the camera from the other side and jerking the snapper around, until he realized that the other cameras were recording the whole thing. Mos then ran up to the TMZ photog and explained, "I'm not trying to damage nuthin' ... I just want him to erase the photo. I'm not hurting him, I just want him to erase my photo and knock it off."

Obviously, the photog never deleted the shot.


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i couldn't understand a word he said

2579 days ago


I want to say that most of the negative talking up here in society is the way it is now. #1 u shouldnt stereotype anyway i can say all white people are ancestors of slave owners. people on this world only care about making a buck, and who do u guess is making them greedy like this think about it. i have seen some ignorant comments,like some white kid dissing black music but like black rappers, or a white guy scared of a black guy and calling the police way after the incident is resolved. Im not saying anyone is wrong for their opinion, but no one should have their privacy or airspace violated. talk as if u were in their shoes, not aas if ur jelous or are the gum on the bottom of their shoes respect people. do unto others as u would want them to do un to u.

2555 days ago

Not really an Oprah fan    

Please please report that Mos Def is ANNOYED with the hip hoppers who are not bringing attention to Jena 6. I know you guys love to report on the bad but can you at least consider distrubing some positive images. I appreciate your sensitivity if you have any. We will see.

2546 days ago


I must say that these celebrities should be aloud to have their personal space.. but Mos Def I am sorry to say are a celebrity..your picture is and will be taken.. thats the price you pay for being a frikken millionaire dude!! Get over it!!

2504 days ago


Um, elaureat, it isn't illegal to videotape your neighbor in public're mistaking videotape recording for taping a phone call - where in certain states (California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Washington) you have to inform the other party you are recording the conversation...
Doesn't have anything to do with videotaping or taking photographs in public (both legal - all day long - anywhere).
essentially makes your whole argument sound kind of silly and mute, no?

1482 days ago
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