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Salma Hayek:

Baby Mammoth

8/16/2007 3:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There's going to be a helluva chiropractic bill for the stork delivering Salma Hayek's baby!

The magnetic mommy-to-be was snapped leaving Fred Segal Mauro Café in West Hollywood yesterday, where she emitted that classic pregnancy glow --at a high octane level! From the looks of Salma's belly -- and her boobage, the unborn bambino(a) is ready to pop out as a toddler! Paging Dr. Seuss!

The flawless "Frida" starlet is handling her pregnancy like a champ. Who else can pull off wedges with swollen ankles while carrying an extra life ... or nine?!


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I hate it when some women think that just cause your pregnant anything and everything you do puts the baby in jeapordy. I am sure if she felt off balance or uncomfortable she wouldnt be wearing them shoes. Some women can pull it off while some women cant. We're all different. I dont blame women for wanting to look good when pregnant. Heck im only 12 weeks along and already feel frumpy and old. Why hate on someone for putting a dress on, or wearing some fancy sandals... is it a crime that when a woman is pregnant, that they want to feel pretty when deep down they probly feel like the fattest person on the planet?

2624 days ago


And one more thing.... women who are pregnant are pregnant... not handicap for goodness sake. Let the women wear some wedge sandals with having a heart attack.

2624 days ago


Wow, Yes she is big but most pregnant women tend to get large in their last trimester. Thank God she looks like a NORMAL woman and not an anorexic beanpole. Since she had large breasts prior to the pregnancy she boobs certainly wouldn't SHRINK! She looks great and she will get her shape back. Enjoy motherhood Salma.

2624 days ago


She is way too big. She should have slowed down on eating everything in sight. UGLY!!!

2624 days ago


Hellllooo- she is 5'1" tall! She isnt having a HUGE baby or anything- she is just so darn petite that she is all baby. I might add that she looks darn good and very healthy. In the celebrity world people think she should look anorexic even when she is pregnant.

I might add that she has always been well endowed. Her child will be fed!

2624 days ago


It's a testament to just what a fantastic example of a woman Salma is, that she can still look so sensational while being so tremendously pregnant. I wish I were a billionare fashion company president, because that's what it took to hold onto Salma long enough to put a bun in the oven.

2624 days ago

Tammy Ashley    

She may be pulling her pregnancy off well but by the picture she looks very uncomfortable. I was blesses with big breasts for almost my entire life. I've never had any children but I can imagine how huge they would be if I did. No thanks. Big boobs may be in but I would settle for a nice 34b instead of 36c-d. From knowing other preganant women through the years my thougt is that she is thinking boy I can't wait till this kid pops. lol.

2624 days ago


ewwwwwwwwwwwww! she is sooooooooo annoying.

2624 days ago


I think pregnant women should have immunity from "gigantic" comments. Atleast she is healthy. And I think she looks absolutely gorgeous! Im 8 months pregnant and you would never catch me in anything other than flip flops and comfy t shirts.

2624 days ago


I think she looks good....She will get her figure back in no time.... I still have my baby fat from 24 years ago... :0)

2624 days ago


Damn!! Those puppies are huge.

Pregnancy looks good on her.

2624 days ago


I am a 5'1" latina who had three kids and when you are petite and curvy that's what you look like when you are in your third trimester. I lost all the baby weight EVERY time. My oldest is now 20 and I still look great.

Salma had a great curvy figure and will have it again a few months after the baby is born. As for the heels, if you know how to walk in them before you are pregnant you will know how to walk in them during and after your pregnancy. I wish her the best she looks wonderful!

2624 days ago


This woman is a goddess and will have the prettiest baby ever. Boy I will rejoice when wedges go out of style, they are HIDEOUS on anyone. But the dress is gorgeous.

2624 days ago


Oh god here is JOHNNNNNY with his dumb ass racists remarks. Your just jealous a woman like that wouldn't touch you with a ten foot pole. I never knew it to be a curse to have curves! is that why Beverly Hills is innundated with plastic surgeons who get paid top dollar by woman with hopes get more curves? Wait maybe your gay! yeah that must be it. you like it in the pooper.

2624 days ago


i really shouldn't be amazed that so many are willing to type off judgmental, crass, ugly statements anonymously.

gee, i can only imagine what those of you saying "she shouldn't be wearing that" would be heckling her for if she *were* photographed in flip-flops and casual/loungewear.

2624 days ago
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