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Out with the Old, in with the New -- Part II

8/21/2007 1:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With Hayden locked in a dead heat with sexpot Kim Cattrall, maybe what she needs is competition a little closer to home: Her mom!
Hayden Panettiere
The "Hero" and the MILF were spotted making their way through LAX last night -- apparently, Hayden's mom didn't have time to pack a bra. Hang loose, sister!

So ...


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Hey Harvey...who is writing this crap?...

2597 days ago


That woman looks like one of those fake a** vain bitches from The Real Desperate Housewives of Orange County

2597 days ago

Save Joe Francis     

TMZ - are you guys a bunch of creepy old fat guys in Hawaiian shirts browsing porn all day or serious journalists?

2597 days ago


In all seriousness, WHO exactly at TMZ is putting up the countdown? WHY is there a countdown? The incessant sexual insinuations (and the endorsing of them) about Ms. Panettiere disturb me greatly. Knowing that there are people at TMZ that potentially fantasize about a teenage GIRL, and a GIRL that has a child-like face at that, sickens my insides and brings bile to my mouth. Check yourselves, seriously. You are borderline pedophiles.

2597 days ago


Come on, saggy hooters like Hayden's mom has are OK, they swing around and it's fun to watch them get all tangled up. Mom looks tired and old and.....easy. And already doing the Lindsay/Dina thing, just what we need, another trashy mom and daughter routine but I must admit, Hayden's mom makes Dina look good, egads. Hayden on Letterman was a hoot, she acted like a brainless trailer-trash slut, no surprises there at all. Wonder why TMZ hasn't shown this, obviously, Hayden's personal TMZ slave is trying to protect Hayden from herself. Like there is any doubt about what Hayden is, LOL.

2597 days ago

just me    

Seems the paparazzi are thinking that Hayden is a good bet to follow in the path of bad girls Brit and Lindsay. I am supposing that accounts for the obsessive countdown to her 18th birthday. I'm sure that navigating one's way in life is tough enough for an average 18-year-old and even tougher for an 18-year-old with millions in the bank and so I guess it will be interesting to watch Hayden, her career, her social life and the choices she makes these next few years.

I think it is interesting to note that bad girls the likes of Britney, Lindsay and Paris have all fallen off the Forbes Celebrity 100 list and good girls the likes of Hayden and Hilary Duff are now on the list, Hayden grabbing the 2007 #98 spot, just below the 2004 #97 spot Lindsay occupied when she was 18-years-old. And at 19-years-old, Hilary Duff grabbed the #72 spot on this years Forbes Celebrity 100, just above the 2005 #77 spot Lindsay occupied when she was 19-years-old.

I do hope Hayden has been watching and learning from celebrity idols the likes of Britney and Lindsay who have fallen from positions of most worhipped celebrities to positions of most ridiculed celebrities and whose careers are in the toilet.

2597 days ago


The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Hayden is a lovely young lady. Mom is also attractive, obvious mileage notwithstanding. But in this case, I'd rather climb the tree than eat the apple :)

2597 days ago


somebody at tmz has a serious and sick obsession with hayden having sex. if it weren't for tmz's unhealthy zeal for this person's private parts and private life, nobody would care. i'm seeing a business that wants to manufacture celebrittneys, and destroy celebrittneys, so they can make a buck in the process. now we're supposed to care about slimy bear and slippy bear and their folks cutting off their cash supply? then again, maybe you're just reporting on the sick behaviors of the excessed. vote trotsky in 2008!

2597 days ago


Looks like mom is going to try and out-do Lohan's mom in being trashiest mother with no guidance. Gonna be another party mom who will probably say, just LiLo's mother who said, "I like to think of myself not as a mother but as her best friend"

Party on mom and I guess we'll your daughter in the tabloids.

Get a clud lady.

2597 days ago

Big Mike    

I would so love to split that nice, seamless, fresh, love box of Hayden's.... Also, I would roll her over and begin to run my taste sensor over her chocolate, poo poo smeller... I am not telling lies. In a texas minute, I would ruin her for life and would have to be pulled off of her by 10 tow trucks.. Imagine how fresh and dainty her love box is and how nice it would be to spend about 6 months inside that beautiful, tight, clean, love nest... YUM, YUM, YUM... BRING ON THE BIRTHDAY GIRL - I HAVE A PRESENT FOR HER...

2596 days ago


This GIRL is 18 years old ! Just what we Mom's want. OLD fat A$$ men lusting over a teen ager ! lol

BTW....who cares ? In 25 years every GIRL who is considered a SEX KITTEN (now) will be shipped to places unknown (because they have grown old(er).

2595 days ago


shes everywhere it's getting **** annoying

2580 days ago
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