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Paris Waxes Brazilian

8/22/2007 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Forget Hollywood Boulevard! The new tourist trap in L.A. is Paris Hilton's home.

TMZ cameras were outside of Hilton's West Hollywood pad yesterday where a family of Paris-ites was also camped out -- waiting for the fabulous socialite to come home. While most celebs would run for cover from randoms camped outside their pad, the always-gracious-to-her-fans Hilton posed for pictures with the family of four, visiting California from Brazil. Está quente!

The fam told our cameras afterwards that meeting Paris was the best part of the vacation. Guess they haven't been to Pink's Hot Dogs.


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To be star-struck by this moronic, no-talent, disease-ridden, f***k anything that moves, hair-extension-wearing, superficial, pompous and selfish girl - well, one would simply have to have NO life.

It beats me how anyone would even want to walk down a short hallway to see her. I can only chalk it up to a lot of idiots in this world....

2627 days ago


How is it that your cameras just had her in Croatia with her sister yesterday and now she's taking pictures in front of her house? Is it possible that TMZ is using old news and old photos of Paris just to have SOMETHING to report- even if it's totally fake?? Come on guys- she REALLY is not that interesting. Do a poll of your readers and I think you will find that we would all like a moratorium on Paris for about a year.

2627 days ago


Paris Hilton is very gracious and much nicer than most other celebs.

2627 days ago


The hatred displayed in print by some of the posters is quite irrational and solely a reflection of their own state of mind - which is downright disturbing.

As for Paris Hilton, she is very sweet to her fans , and being rich and famous is not a crime in California. I think she ranks miles above some of the other Hollywood people who despise their fans and show it in their behavior.

2627 days ago

Paris has herpes    

"The always gracious to her fans"? Did you ever read that interview (Maxim? something) where the reporter says she's nice to people who come up and take pictures and as soon as they leave she calls them freaks and says mean things about them? Yes, gracious indeed, she should be grateful she has any fans given that she does.....nothing requiring any talent.

2627 days ago

Vivi guysssssss...for THOSE WHO DON'T SPEAK PORTUGUESE...THEY FAMILY SAYS IN THE VIDEO ..."SHE IS A WHORE"...sooooooooooooo what does that mean?!...see the thing is...I bet you that most of the foreign people who visits LA wants a pic of someone who might be recognized in their country ...but you know... Paris is not that popular in Brazil......ohhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh " I FORGOT" she actually is...but just because dumb people believe that she has talent for being dumb....

2627 days ago


Paris is HOT!!!!! i'd break my engagement for her!!

2627 days ago

just me    

TMZ plugging Pink's? Been there a few times and the hot dogs are great but the long line to order and hassle getting a table in the crowded dining area ain't worth the dog. Pink's serve up great dogs but it's a magnet for star-struck celebrity hunters and too crowded. I would give The Stand hot dog restaurant in Encino a more favorable mention for discriminating hot dog connoisseurs hunting great dogs served up fast and hassle-free in the classiest hot dog joint in Los Angeles.

2627 days ago


What nobody realized is that the boy is saying to his mother, in Portuguese, that his mother called Paris a "puta" before seeing her!

2627 days ago

Lord Snooty    

Jason and I think that Brazillian daughter had a real nice ass...!!

2627 days ago

Daniel Redfern    

I thought her old house already sold?
I've heard from friends it's in Bel Air. In a very top notch gated community!
(I'm from L.A keep that in mind please)
TMZ has to find out where she is moving to!

2626 days ago

Jacqueline Gomes    

I'm from Brazil...and thay somethings in portuguese like: "She is so nice, call her a bitch again"

2626 days ago


I don't really think much of/about Paris Hilton, she is what she is. BUT.....I appreciate that she does stop and have her pic taken with her fans (how she got famous, I do not know, other than being a rich Hilton). She still needs to give back to the community like she said she would.....PARTY ON GIRL, just live up to those promises and maybe you will have fans based on what you do, not who you do, what you look like or where you party!!!! Really....what does she want to be remembered for?

2626 days ago
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