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Falcons to Vick: Get Your Sh*t Together!

8/24/2007 7:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Statement from Atlanta Falcons Owner Arthur Blank Regarding Michael Vick's Plea Agreement and Indefinite Suspension:

"Today, Michael Vick admitted his guilt to very serious charges related to his earlier indictment. His admissions describe actions that are incomprehensible and unacceptable for a member of the National Football League and the Atlanta Falcons."

"We respect and support the Commissioner's decision today to place Michael Vick on an indefinite suspension. As with other actions he has taken this year, the Commissioner is making a strong statement that conduct which tarnishes the good reputation of the NFL will not be tolerated."

"We hope that Michael will use this time, not only to further address his legal matters, but to take positive steps to improve his personal life."

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You are a disgrace to mankind!!!! Such a pathetic case of a so-called human torturing defense-less animals. I hope your time comes in prison. Now you got noone to wattch your blind-side. Good luck Mikey-Boy---you jerk!

2616 days ago

Ted D    

Sounds like the NAACP is still trying to justify Vick's outrageous behavior....

National NAACP takes 'no position' in Vick case
August 23 , 2007

WASHINGTON (AP) Falcons quarterback Michael Vick "is not a victim" and should be held responsible for his actions involving a dogfighting ring in Virginia, the national president of the NAACP said Thursday.

"He absolutely must account for what he has done," Dennis Courtland Hayes, interim president and CEO of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, said in an interview with The Associated Press. He had earlier given similar comments to NBC's "Today" show.

But Hayes cautioned against condemning the Atlanta star too quickly.

"It's real clear that Mr. Vick himself would acknowledge that he has made a mistake," Hayes said. "I think there is reason to believe in his redemption."

Hayes' comments came a day after the head of the NAACP's Atlanta chapter said Vick should be allowed to return to football after the case is resolved.

"As a society, we should aid in his rehabilitation and welcome a new Michael Vick back into the community without a permanent loss of his career in football," Atlanta NAACP President R.L. White said.

Hayes said White and others who have come to Vick's defense are expressing an overarching frustration with disparities in the criminal justice system.

"People need to understand the backdrop as some in the African-American community make their expressions of support," Hayes said. "That backdrop includes anger and distrust with the criminal justice system that disproportionately pays attention to African-Americans and Hispanics.

"While no dog deserves to be mistreated, the backdrop includes the perception among some African-Americans that the criminal justice system treats them like animals and that nobody seems willing to do anything about the disparity."

Hayes, who said the national group did not have an official position on the case, said he didn't want to speculate about whether Vick was being treated differently because he is black.

"He may in fact be being treated better than some African-Americans and Hispanics who don't have the resources and financial means that he has," Hayes said. "On the other hand, there might be some of a different race or different ethnicity who might be treated a bit differently."

On Monday, Vick said through a lawyer that he will plead guilty to a federal charge of conspiracy to travel in interstate commerce in aid of unlawful activities and conspiracy to sponsor a dog in an animal fighting venture.

Three Vick associates have pleaded guilty to the conspiracy charge and say Vick provided virtually all the gambling and operating funds for the "Bad Newz Kennels" dogfighting enterprise. Two of them also said Vick participated in executing at least eight underperforming dogs, raising the possibility of the animal cruelty charges.

2616 days ago


VICK IS SICK! How he nerves doing like that much behind our backs??!! What a waste of being his valuable football player. He deserved it for what he did rather be playing the football instead!!! Be sense the next time for others.

2616 days ago



Posted at 7:43PM on Aug 24th 2007 by VICK RULES

And now he will rule from his prison cell. How SICK do you have to be to throw away a million-dollar lifestyle torturing animals. Of all the things he could have done with his $$$$$, he chose this.
What a waste...

2616 days ago


I also have to add, you want to look at dog fighting as abuse? what about those of you who go hunting and kill innocent animals? It is all the same, so go re-evalute your reasons for bashing Michael Vick.

2616 days ago


Angela..you sound like an ignorant hick that probably sleep with her dog!

Have a nice weekend everyone!!!

2616 days ago

britstarr from mississippi    

It is abbsolutely sickening what he has done !! and i'm glad to see that the NFL has dropped him like a hot potato how out right iggnorant he was in his actions, like he really needed more $$ he has made a complete wreck of his life ,carrer and will never be able to lose that stigma related to what he has done to those poor defensless dog's for a sport !!! he is one greedy and desensitized human being !!!!

2616 days ago


Anyone who can abuse helpless, innocent animals needs to have the book thrown at them. Maybe he'll see all those dogs in hell.....and they can help the Devil fry his ass!

Hey Mikey.....what goes around, comes around!!! Hope you rot!

2616 days ago


he is not fit to eat dog doo. i hope he rots in jail OR gets some of what he has done to "his" dogs. Eye for an eye on this one!

2616 days ago


The NFL and NBA need to step up and end all this! I can't even turn on the NBA anymore, and the NFL isn't far behind. A one strike and you're out rule needs to be set in place. I'm sick of this!!!! I'm a Colts fan and season ticket holder, and if our bread and butter Mr. Peyton Manning was in trouble for something like this I'd boo him off our own field! Unfortunately Atlanta is probably on of the only cities that wouldn't boo someone for this.
PLEASE NFL start enforcing stricter rules and consequences now!

2616 days ago


Goes to show...you can take the boy out of the neighborhood...but you can't take the neighborhood out of the boy.

2616 days ago


you idiots can't compare deer hunting to dogfighting.
first off,dogfighting is illegal and gross.Second of all,
if no one hunts deer,they get overpopulated and die of starvation.
And last time i checked we don't eat dog right?
So there is no need to "hunt" dog.this is not china.

2616 days ago

Jeannie Valladares    

I had never heard of this man before all this happened. Now that I know who he is, I feel like purging. He is a heartless bastard, and deserves absolutely everything that is happening to him. I hope he gets abused in jail just like he mistreated those poor defenseless dogs.I wish him the absolute worse, and I hope I never see him in the NFL. I live in Miami, and I would absolutely hate to see him in a Miami Dolphins uniform!

2616 days ago


Really, folks, where would we be without our black pro athletes and rappers abusing animals, raping and killing women, and shooting each other in those lovely drive-bys? The list goes on and on. Think about it. Way to perpetuate every thug/animal stereotype out there. Kudos.

2616 days ago


THe NFL's and Atlanta Falcon's actions are not enough. They are just hoping that public sentiment dies down and they can bring back their "star". This is unacceptable!

2616 days ago
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