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Nugent Blows a Gasket Over Hillary and Barack

8/24/2007 3:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

barack oba,a, ted nugent, hilary clinton, Rocker Ted Nugent referred to Senator Barack Obama as a "piece of s**t" and Senator Hillary Clinton as a "worthless b**ch" in a video making the the Internet rounds today. Wonder how he really feels?

In the video, recorded sometime last week, Nugent walks the stage holding a pair of what he calls "machine guns." "Obama, he's a piece of s**t," Nugent screamed. "And I told him to suck on my machine gun ... and then I was in New York, I said, 'Hey Hillary, you might want to ride one of these [referring to the "machine guns" in his hand] into the sunset you worthless b**ch!"

Senators Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein received similar treatment.

Nugent is known for his conservative political views and his pro-gun position. His official website is broken into two parts; music -- and hunting. Says it all, doesn't it?


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Now i can truly understand why the Evangelical and Fundamentalist Christians choose to side with the Republican party, isn't Ted Nugent just a stunning example of the morality of the Republican Party?

2579 days ago


I touch little boys.

2579 days ago


It's not worth the time to even acknowledge comments by Nugent. Unlike the Dixie Chicks, he has no career or talent. He's nothing but a loud-mouthed putz.

2579 days ago

my, my, what truth dacoits you are    

Walking that straw dog, are you?Listen closely. Republican does not equal Evangelicals. Conservative is a closer approximation. Arnold, Rudy, and McCain,etc. do not match.

2579 days ago

my, my, what truth dacoits you are    

When the dixie tricks show up down South, they have to have more security than Farrakhan at a klan rally.
Tricks, you're no good. There goes the neighborhood."

2579 days ago

Veteran Cosmic Rocker    

Debra Noce, Nuge wasn't the only rocer/pop star to have an underaged girl relationship. In 1972, Led Zeppelin master Jimmy Page dated Lori Maddox who was only 14 at the time whilst Pagey was 28 (the girl looked older than 14 and it was the 1970s). Their relationship lasted FIVE YEARS and was a well kept secret from the public for years. Then before he was a 1980s teen idol, Rick Springfield dated Exorcist star Linda Blair in 1974. He was 25, she was only 15 and their love affair lasted TWO YEARS. Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley admitted to sleeping with underaged groupies in the 1970s. Mick Jagger probably did as well. There were few rockers who led reclusive lifestyles in the 1970s and the most famous was Pink Floyd as David Gilmour and Roger Waters had wives and kids but Nick Mason and Rick Wright saw their marriages collapse and they had kids fom their wives and the only thing the band touched were nicotine (which Gilmour and Waters both kicked the habit cold turkey in 1975) and alcohol in moderate amounts but weed and other drugs were eliminated after Syd Barrett went crazy.

2579 days ago


I guess all of you still believe that your meat or leather comes from thin air. Bash the hunters all you want if you live in a cave and eat grass. Otherwise go visit a slaughter house and see what is ethical in your minds. Not only is dear and elk meat ten times better for you it doesnt have the hormones pumped into your Bessy friends.

2579 days ago


Well done. Funny how the regressives (aka liberals) bitch when someone steps up and says anything derogatory about them, but have no problem when some dim bulb who only has an eighth grade education (Jen Aniston) calls President Bush stupid, it shows who has the brains. Hey Jen babe, keep laying down for the producers. It's the only way you'll guarantee cash flow. Or how about Sarandon? Jason Alexander? Robbins? There's too many idiot libs to list. And the issue. None of them have a clue what they talk about. Just rant and hypothesize. Nugent in case you are wondering singled these four jokes out because of their stance on the second amendment. There's a reason why America has been around as long as it has. 80% of us LEGALLY own firearms. Why the libs want to take them away? Because the felons out there carrying guns (which is illegal) predominantly vote LIBERAL. Wake up you dopes.....................

2579 days ago


I say, let him talk. The only people listening already agree with him. Blah, Blah, Blah. . . .

2579 days ago


Why to go Ted. About time someone spoke up. I will look for tickets to your concert in my area and buy your records. To you some of your own dirt for a change.

2579 days ago


You people if anyone should know, the best way to hurt a 'celeberty' or in this case demasculate one is to ignore him in the media. He can talk, it's America. But the track record of the things he supports belongs in Iran. His tickets are free anyway, you can find him at a state fair near you.

2579 days ago


Oh Well He Will Always Have A Job At Fox News

2579 days ago

Marcus Walker    

And what does this freak know?!? He literally lives right down the street from me - and he is so far from the political truthiness (like that Stephen Colbert reference?!?!?) that I can literally see his peanut of a brain twisting its way around free publicity for his next stunt. Can anyone say, what, deer-hunting.

Give me a break.

2578 days ago

Mary Beth    

Good job, Ted!!! You left out you have tweeds that have been in America longer than he has! You also forgot the part about "Shrilly" being the "wife" of an impeached president! I wonder, where are the digs when Sean Penn, the auto mechanics major from a community college, cavorts with Hugo Chavez? Where is the press when one of the Kennedy's is found in the bathroom of an airplance with the needle still in his arm? Yes, I mean YOU, RFK, Jr. If those two are the best the democrats can trot out, I hope the other republicans out there support Ted and get on the mic. This is the deal, democrats, if you dish it out you have to take it, too.

2578 days ago


So conservatives, ask yourselves this: what if a performer said the same thing about Bush, waving machine guns and saying he should "suck on these?" Would that be okay? I don't think so. Making fun, or saying you're "ashamed" of a politician is one thing, but waving guns is out of line. I'm all for freedom of speech, but I believe we should use it responsibly. There are some things that go beyond the bounds of "entertaiment," and, in my opinion, Nugent should at least get the Dixie Chicks treatment from the media--this should be a top story on the broadcast news, radio stations should refuse to play his songs & so forth, letting everybody know that there are some things we do not tolerate as a nation.

2578 days ago
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