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Angelina: Iraq and Roll

8/28/2007 5:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Globe-trotting, tattooed do-gooder, Angelina Jolie, swapped the tony Hamptons to visit war torn Iraq. The United Nations Refugee Agency Goodwill Ambassador is in Iraq visiting refugees displaced by the war, and will also visit US troops.
Jolie with the Troops
As reported by People, Jolie arrived in Iraq on Tuesday after visiting Syria on Monday. TMZ contacted the United Nations, who told us that Jolie was traveling sans entourage on her humanitarian mission.

The photo, from OK! Magazine, was sent in by the mother of a US Marine from Denver. It was taken today in Iraq.

The UN was responsible for travel arrangements, and said they wouldn't comment on security measures taken to protect Jolie. Travel arrangements for special ambassadors typically take two weeks to prepare, but in the case of Ange, the agency needed a whole month. Jolie will return to Damascus this evening, then back to Brad and their precious brood.


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Her life is all about publicity.

2574 days ago


17, Sorry but I don't know why anyone would be jealous of her. She always make sure she gets alot of publicity for everything she does. She just lacks moral character & it really starts with that.

2574 days ago


The Homewrecker comments are getting old. Brad and Jen have been divorced for over 2 years now - and the only people who can destroy a marraige are the 2 people in it. As for Laura Dern/Billy Bob Thornton - I think Angie did Laura a favor - Billy Bob is gross.

I challenge anyone of you to sit down and watch Angelina be intereviewed about the refugee crisis in any country and believe she is anything but sincere. She does understand and is knowledgeable. She gives idea's on the refugee problem without taking political sides. She actually goes into places where most of us would never go and sits with people and talks with them.

I'm not a fan of her movies and I hope she gains some weight soon. Let's not confuse the bad movies and the bad past judgements she has made with her humanitarian work.

2574 days ago


I think Jolie is great she is one of a kind Lady i would love to meet her....

2574 days ago



2574 days ago


Humanitarian or not, she's still a lunatic. "Well I have proved to the world that I am totally insane between cutting myself, Billy Bob Thorton and my brother, so I'll go adopt a bunch of kids and play humanitarian-the world will think I'm "Godly"". Give me a break. Once a nut, always a nut! Stay home and take care of your kids!

2574 days ago


Good for her! I don't like her, but at least she's doing good things with her life!

2574 days ago


#53 - you are jealous, stupid and probably ugly - why do people hate this woman so much....

2574 days ago


because she is a skank.

2574 days ago


OMG she looks horrible in that pic

2574 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

Oh who does she think she is..the second coming of Diana..No matter what she does to redeem herself people will still see her as a wacko homewrecker...

2574 days ago


she is so lame.
only if the soldiers had as much protection she is getting over there.
and when is she going to realize pictures with people in other countires isnt really helping the problems they have...

2574 days ago


I'm sick of her public mourning of her mother. I've lost ma, pa and sis. I know what that pain is. But starve myself over it? Hell no, I was too busy raising my kids to allow mourning to overtake my life. My kids needed me.

She raves about what a wonder mother she had, yet on her youngest daughters birthday, attending the party was a "if I can make it" note in her daybook. She can't use her mothers love as an example of how to treat hers--why not?

It's all about Angie.

2574 days ago


Im not a fan of Angelina Jolie, not because Im jealous, but because I dont see her as anything other than reckless and unkind. Yes, she is a jet setting celebrity who brings attention to refugees, but I don't believe she does this because of a genuine love for those in need. I see her as someone on an ego trip. She does what she does because she wants everyone to think that she is this wonderful person. The sad part is that she more than likely wants to believe herself that she is this persona that she and her PR Rep have invented. Its a classic psycological disorder often concerning people diagnosed with, personality disorders (i.e obsessive compulsive disorder, people who display pshychopathic and sociopathic characteristics, severe bipolar/depression .)People who suffer from these types of disorder's tend to have a hard time dealing with reality and the consequences of their actions and reckless behavior is often devestating on the lives of those close to them (i.e obsession with blood,death, vampire rituals,basically a facination with the darker side of life; kissing her brother- a desperate attempt to aquire attention, possibly a throw in the face to her father whom she hates; cutting and starvation- also cries for help and attention as well as a type of self-punishment; her constant need to adopt- an escape tactic to draw attention away from destructive thoughts and actions,a way to avoid dealing with her emotions and inner self) By not taking responsibility for her behavior and not dealing with emotional distresses( i.e death of her mother) she is putting her children and those around her in an unstable and possibly harmful environment. Eventually she'll have to deal with her issues, if she doesnt, things will most likely implode around her, leaving her kids in an emotional battle for security and normalcy. No she isn't a saint, she's simply living a life of deciet and selfishly damaging the lives of those she "supposedly" cares about. Angelina only cares about her narccistic self! PLEASE ANGILINA, GET HELP!

2574 days ago


If she does nothing you guys bitch and down her, if she does something you do the same, there is no winning with you guys.............for all the Angelina haters, what the f....k are you doing to help others, do you participate in your community or anything? cannot take someone away from another person if that person did not want to leave.....what the hell is Jennifer doing to help?...........................................uuuugggghhhhhh get a life haters!!!!!!

2574 days ago
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