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Single White Ex Child Star

Seeks Drunk Girl

8/28/2007 1:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0828_bonaduce_tmz-1America's favorite redheaded train wreck -- no, not Carrot Top, but Danny Bonaduce -- is looking for a new assistant to keep him in line! Apparently, his last girl Friday, a 25-year-old teacher who Danny happened to be dating, had a "family emergency" and had to leave her, ahem, prominent position with the former Partridge.

Danny is looking for a female helper. "She does not have to be attractive, beautiful or sexually stimulating in any way. She does, however, have to be capable of playing a drunken woman." Danny's new sidekick will be part of his stage act -- walking on stage and giving him a hard time. And get this -- Gretchen, Danny's ex wife, is willing to teach the new girl how to play the role!

So if you're a female, ugly or pretty, young or old, and have experience as a drunk -- your dream job is waiting!


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I love Danny, and with over 500 partners and a wife that stayed with him for many years, apparently I'm not the only one...

2611 days ago


I hate to be so judgmental, but I do find him SO GROSSLY UGLY!!! Yuck!

2611 days ago


....#25 maria32

I have no interest and listening to Danny talk about his past or present problems. I have no interest in him or what he has to say. He is a sad pathetic little man.

2611 days ago



There are way more then 500 ugly desperate women out there. Why did he stop at 500? He should do another 500. Give him a call maybe you will get lucky and he will make you #501.

2611 days ago

Krystilin his number?...oh probably do...

2611 days ago

Kitty Meow Meow    

I don't like him because he thinks he's smart. He's not.

2611 days ago

danny bonaduce    

I am a little bit confused. I make my living on the radio, so why all the comments about my be ugly? I am also a little bit confused about some of your math. If my 15 minutes were up 30 years ago. How is it possible that I currently do morning radio in Los Angeles, and several other cities and the moment that job is over i go tape my new television show. And finally, I did not need an assistant who could play a drunk girl. I asked for an assistant who was good with computers and keeping schedules every day. At the very end. I explained that in my comedy act, that I do approximately once a month. She could come and play a drunk girl, who hassles me for the last five minutes of the show.The reason I wrote she did not need to be attractive or that she could be old was to let her know that the name John was daily assistance in the fact that she might have traveled with me. One day a month was not some sort of come on. I have a rule. I only employ people who listen to my show. I only shop for products that sponsor my showr or in business's that are owned by people who listen to my show. I look at anyone who listens to my show or pays for commercial time as my employer and treat them with the appropriate respect. I don't know how the fact that you think I am ugly plays into that. But it just seems plain cruel. By the way if you do listen to Adam and I on 97.1 fm or on any of our other stations in any other city. I will do as I always do. Try and spend my money at your place of business rather than someone does not listen to me at my place of business.The same applies to sponsors. I can be reached at Either way, I have canceled the position of assistant. I can keep my own schedule, and there's more than enough drunk women who yell at me at comedy shows. Respectfully, Danny bonaduce

2611 days ago


All I can say about him is GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2611 days ago

One for the road    

Danny!! miss you on AIR in Chicago!! Call Johnny B...
Happy belated B-Day to Countess I.M. Bonaduce!!

2611 days ago


Danny, I am your gal. How do I apply?

2611 days ago

One for the road    

Glen Beck has a great article about you on his site. When are you going to be on his show again??
It is amazing to me how many people out there are crapin' on you. God bless you for keepin it real.
I'll always remember when you were on the AIR in Chicago, and you talked that guy down that was jacked up on drugs that wanted to kill himself. I couldn't go to sleep that night, I listened to the entire program!!

2611 days ago


I should call my sister in law. She's the self proclaimed family drunk...Aunty Mel Dearest.

2611 days ago



2611 days ago

MJ RIP    

ick ick ick. He has ruined Adam's show. Ratings are not up, they are lying/fudging the numbers. I know enough people in radio, some on his station to know the truth. The best part is when DB is off on some errand for the show or rolling in late (again).

However I know how much he loves fame and being on TMZ is his idea of total coolness, regardless of the reason why.

I'm embarrassed for his children. It's not their fault their father is such a loser. They didn't get to pick. This is one way he makes money but you know he could move to a better place and raise them with real morals, respect and kindness.

2611 days ago

Merry Christmas    

You know, as a single, heterosexual female, this picture does nothing for me. I try to find something sexy about it, but no - it doesn't work because it's friggin Danny Bonaduce!

2611 days ago
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