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Hottest Videos -- Week of 08/26

9/1/2007 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nick Hogan's awful car crash left his buddy in critical condition. The Hulk showed up moments after the accident wearing his signature tank top.

There was a melee outside of Teddy's this week, and TMZ got a special post-fight breakdown by the one and homely Steve-O.


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Mary Worth    

Last years Miss Teen USA winner, also messed up when it came time for the final answer. But the contestants were told there was "no right or wrong answer" before hand.

What bothered me was that the host, Mario Lopez said, earlier in the evening, that he would keep his opinions to himself; that he wouldn't interfere with the process.

He didn't keep his word. He sabotaged Miss West Virginia's chances, after she gave a sharp, short answer to her question. After she walked away, he thanked her, then looked at the camera, and basically dissed her efforts by focusing on HIMSELF!

The effect was to make her look foolish!

The judges were not too sharp, anyway!

2579 days ago


This girl is a ding bat! Didn't she realize she would be on TV before they went live? Even with Ann and Matt, she had no idea what she was talking about. Matt and Ann both try to guide her in her responses. She should NEVER appear anywhere live again for her own sake!

2579 days ago


good for miss s. carolina... the good thing is she's an instant celebrity and she can only move up from here. A year from now will anyone remember who actually won miss teen? nope, but they'll remember Caitlin.

2579 days ago


how dare she insult south africas education ,she has no wrote-dumb blond!

2579 days ago


It won't be to much longer she will be living at Heff's mansion so I really can't say anything about this poor kid..............

2578 days ago

Skeeter 17    

This girl is a good example of a DUMB BEAUTY! In succeeding interviews, she was said to have redeemed herself---but of course...she has been coached this time.

2578 days ago


To me it showed that this girl has gotten by from her looks. She is an idiot. The only person I think that could top her is Kathy Ireland. That woman said the word "worser" 2 times in one sentence.

2578 days ago


This broad is just palin stupid. People dont watch a beauty contest to hear what the contestants have to say anyway. People watch them for what the chicks look like. The dig-bats in these contests have been groomed from a young age by their sick parents to be fake and full of crap.

2578 days ago


How did she redeem herself? They asked her the same question! She was up all night preparing the answer already, or her mom was. They should have asked her a different question! If they asked her a different question, a really difficult one, I'm sure she would have tried to cut and paste stock answers to other questions she prepared for.

2578 days ago


She didn't understand the question?!?! That's even worse! No wonder the rest of the world think we're such idiots. It overwhelmed her? I could be hanging upside down by a thin rope -with my ankles and wrists tied together-over Niagara Falls and I still wouldn't have given such a stupid answer!

2578 days ago


I do not think she understood the question, But.... If she was smart enough she would have been able to "wing it" better than she did. I still cannot see why she talked (or what ever that was) Iraq and South Africa. I mean there is no right and wrong answer, But that was a mess.

2578 days ago

smart blonde    

She claims to have "not understood the question"?? Funny, since she repeated the whole fricking question as the first sentence in her response. Face it, she's just stupid.

2578 days ago

what ?    

she was on the today show and still was an idiot , and then she said what she said she meant to say in the pageant but she had trouble concentrating and i think her parents made her practice it all night . the sad thing is that this brain challenged individual will be rich cause she wil marry someone who wants a trophy wife ... and that the way life goes? lol

2578 days ago

Donald Keyballs    

I bet she reads TMZ daily.

2578 days ago


She had a "Britney".

2578 days ago
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