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MC Spears -- Britney Rocks Mic in Vegas

9/1/2007 10:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears hightailed it to Las Vegas last night to host the opening of LAX Nightclub at the Luxor Casino. Come on in, y'all!

The platinum-haired pop tart arrived on the red carpet wearing a cute, white baby doll dress -- and a wig that looked sewn into the seams of her hat!

Once inside, the host with the most fake hair grabbed the mic to much applause -- and gave a measly, two-sentence introduction. As DJ AM spun records in the 26,000 square foot, two-story party palace, Britney was onstage dancing her heart out -- from her seat.

Littering the VIP section were heiress Nicky Hilton, "That 70s Show" alum Wilmer Valderrama, and "Mindfreak" of the week, Criss Angel.


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This is sad    

To those saying that they don't understand why Britney is covered so often, let me explain. This is a girl from a humble background who shot to stardome at a young age. We were all rivited by her Pepsi commercials, girl on girl kiss with Madonna and relationship with Justin Timberlake. She was living the (Pop) American dream.

Enter Kevin Federline. The same icon who we were so dazzled by was slowly reduced to a boozing, beaver flashing, head shaving trainwreck. This is why the story is so fascinating.

Based on how harshly Kevin has come after her for more money, there is no doubt in my mind that he is the source of her current state. This guy is an abusive leech and will continue to suck the life out of her. Keep in mind he has ZERO income, talent or branding and she brings in close to a million dollars per month. A millon dollars per month and she is not at her height of popularity. Imagine what she will bring in when the smoke clears and she is putting out new music, videos, etc.

I think a lot of people are fascinated by this story because they want to 1) see a happy ending for her or 2) wait to see what fiasco happens next. I personally hope that she is able to bring herself back to her pre Kevin Federline state. I think she is doing the right thing by taking small steps => quick appearance at club opening=> VMA awards => Song release? I would definitely buy her CD, pay to see her in concert, etc. I think that there are a lot of people who want to see a happy ending to this story.

2616 days ago


i agree that she did behave good at the club but ;; i really think that brit should be home with her kids and not partying all the time. i mean, its OKAY to go out once in a while because britney is still young, but she shouldnt be going out every damn night.

2616 days ago


And, - THIS is news? God, what empty lives some people must have.

2616 days ago


i don't even think this girl is pretty without her great professional team...she has absolutely no sense of style on her own...and she looks like any other blonde at the mall....ahhhhh, the power of affording the best....hell, they could all transform us too, it's what they're paid x-tremely well to do...this ms spears is all about manufactured dreams and fabricated resolutions...not the real deal, ppl!

2616 days ago


she did a good job, she looked very cute,and was polite, she was there, didnt flake out,.

2616 days ago


Trainwreck Britney was already on the tracks before she met Kevin Federline. Remember her first husband...for 24 hours?, "cheating" on Justin Timberlake? KFed IS a snake, but Britney pursued him, so whatever he did after that, I'd say she asked for. This disaster has been a long time in the making, way before Kevin.

2616 days ago


Who would hire that DJ??? Steve Winwood and Gloria Estefan? I thought I was watching a clip from 1985.

2616 days ago


Who sings that song in the club that goes "follow me, follow me" at 1:25

2616 days ago


She was present at a opening!
Why does that require comments of anger and hate!?
Some of you are beginning to appear more troubled then your subject!

2616 days ago


If all that is required to be celebrated is to show up on time and not flash your cooter or wig out at anyone then yeah, your 15 minutes are up.

And she does look just like "Cousin It"! LMAO!

2616 days ago


The dude in the white hat with the t-shirt said it all - "Burnt Out Star" - take the hint, Britney - RETIRE! - Go to parenting classes, join a gardening group - join the PTA - get a clue!.

2616 days ago


HEY TMZ..wasn't that BRODY JENNER in the video by the stairs while britney was going up the stairs? I can see his facial structure a mile away!

2616 days ago


#26..that song is called "Call on me" and it's by Eric Prydz :)

2616 days ago


Brittney did have a 24 hour marriage in Vegas to her high school friend but you never heard or saw anything that resembled her fall from functional until she began her train ride on the Federline express
That train is now stopping at the depot for refueling $ and most likely will forever hang onto her unbalance.

2616 days ago

Animal Lover    

Don't blame TMZ for doing their job, if they didn't report on Ms Sleeze then you'd all be complaining. Anyway there's not much to say about her as usual, she's just popular now because she's in the media everyday. The media is what's giving her the time of day because right now she's famous for being famous it certainly isn't because shes talented. She's just another Anna Nicole Smith, famous for flaunting their bodies and being all over the place just to get the attention of the media.

2616 days ago
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