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Crazy Fan Attacks Brad in Italy!

9/3/2007 10:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brad Pitt, in Italy for the Venice Film Fest, was attacked by a crazed fan who says she just wanted to give the hottie a hug. Brangeloony!

As Brad and Ange made their way down the red carpet to promote his film, "The Assassination of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford," the woman, who had been waiting in the throng, burst through security and grabbed him.

An onlooker told a reporter, "Brad didn't look very happy about it all." The woman was escorted away by security.

Crazy love!


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corky, if you give 1/3 of your meager income, you are giving more of yourself than angie does

it is true that you have to give to receive, and it's great that you got something back, but of course we should not ever expect to get something back (not that you expected it); your reward might come on Earth, but then again--it may not, and if you don't get your reward here it doesn't mean you were a bad person

my point remains that although she is generous, she can afford to be. she's not going to the very limits of what she can afford like you are

very few people with her amount of money would give so much as angie, though

i have always thought that making so much money was immoral, but I can see that actually depends on how you acquire it and what you do with it--and it's really more about power. There are some people who can handle it, but 99% of the people can't

Some people who are very wealthy talk about how hard they worked for it. Which may be true, but there are plenty of people in poverty who work very hard too. In all levels you have people who are generous or not, and people who do or don't work hard for what they have.

So, it's great that Angie gives so much, but honestly she could afford to give more. It's her choice what she does, but to portray it as going out on a limb just because it's generous compared to the greedier people and to regular people percentage-wise is a bit much.

She does give a lot, but she also has a lot left over. You can look at it from either viewpoint.

2572 days ago


think he needs new security!

2572 days ago


Jeez, It's a good thing she didn't have a knife. She could have taken him out just like that! Somebody on his security detail wasn't doing his job! Wow!

2572 days ago


#78 So who exactly is "obsessed"? Just sayin'...

2572 days ago


YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2572 days ago

queen kiki the great    

Since my comments were deleted (for what reason, I am not sure) I will pose the question once more.

Why do folks keep calling Jenny (Ms. Aniston) an ugly loser?

Physically she is no where near ugly and she is a successful actress.

Jen may not have an Oscar like Angie (best supporting actress "Girl Interrupted" ) but she was the favored "Friend" on her long running Emmy winning series and she has millions in the bank. If Jen in your estimation is a loser, then why are we discussing her if she is so unimportant?!

Since you wanna discuss ugly, what about Angie's grossly over sized lips?

Additionally, have you guys seen Babel? I don't know if it's the make up or if he's aged tremendously since being with Angelina...but Mister Pitt is aging horribly!!!

Apparently this chick likes 'em kinda old!!

First Billy Bob and then Brad...CAN SOMEONE SAY DADDY ISSUES?????

I am quite sure that there are a lot of people who dream of being a so called "loser" just like Ms. Aniston!! And somehow, I think that she has forgotten all about her ex husband!

2572 days ago


If Angelena is so hung up on a father for MAD then please tell me why she does not get married and make BRAD the father she wants ?? ? She runs all over the world adopting kids from other countries, with out a thought of a marriage. What are these kids going to think after they are grown and know she did not even get married before adopting so many ?? So who is baby sitting them while she globe trots ? Some nanny who is not the MOTHER, she claims to be ? Take another look at your self Angelena. WHy are you doing this ?? I think for the publicity of it all. Adoping comes with the name of MOTHER, not a common tramp.Money does not make a MOTHER. It seems Angelina is a bit of a hypocrite.

2572 days ago


Funny how that kinda looks like Brad's ex....hmmm

2571 days ago


That crazy fan looks like Jen!!!!!

2571 days ago


#42 to Jen. I am in no way saying that I memorize all his words. Yes, celebs do try and make things in their personal life seem great. It isn't - he is sleep deprived etc, just like every other parent usually is. The only reason I know this set of cousins friends is because the lived out of state - so it was a big deal when we went and saw them. Was it a yearly thing - no. And I am by no means trying to argue with you, that is not what this is for. I am just posting what I know, some of what I have heard, some of what I have read, just like most everyone on here. I don't want to argue with anyone over them. They are a a world apart from how I live my life and probably yours too. That's nothing to be ashamed about. I am happy that I don't have that constant attention on me or my family. I like being a wallflower as they use to say. I am sorry if I have upset you in any manner. I just want people to know that they aren;t fake. Will they make it? They seem to think so - but then again, doesn't everyone who is with someone they love? I am rooting for them as I would for any other couple that is in love. Life without it is a horrible thing,and I am sure you have many people who love you- so please, no hard feelings. It really isnt in my nature to have any. I just wish the best for everyone in life, including you, who I do not even know. I don't wish anyone harm,unless they are child killers/molesters, etc. But I am pretty sure you aren't that type of person. Lets all be friends ok?

2571 days ago


To #53 and #85 - Yes I am 45 and on disability - and yes #85, my income is meager. I do have a husband, but he makes about what I do - and he/we have a harley payment and insurance and all the bills I mentioned earlier, plus the normal bills that you & everyone else probably have. My disability has been going on for 7 1/2 years now - without a pain free day. You learn to live with it, somehow. Somedays I want to take away the pain, but I have my babies (grandchildren) whom I love dearly, although the oldest is only 3 1/2 so she would not remember me. Her mother, my daughter was a little over 4 wihen my dad died, and she doesn't remember him, only what we have told her I believe. #85 - No, I don't give expecting to receive, you are correct in that. I give because it makes me feel good. That sounds selfish I guess, but I really am not being so. It probably stems from not being able to do the things I use to do, and by giving, maybe that's my purpose here on earth. If not, then I don't know why I am here when so many great people have been taken from us so young , Steve Irwin comes to mind. I actually had to receive psychotherapy to deal with that and the loss of a dear friend who was only 55. I pray everynight that I wont wake up. There are too many other people who make a diference in the world that should be living instead of me. I am not asking for pity, just stating a horible fact. My disability isn't fatal, i just have to live with it the best I can. Sharing what little I do have makes my soul and heart feel needed by someone that has less. Plus when I give, I usually get beautiful name postal stickers, if it;s to a charity.So I do get in return. They mean a lot to me - it's usually the little things that do make you most happy in life, I extend an olive branch to you both...

2571 days ago

Howard Haraway    

I thought Americans where the only one's f'd up in the head when it comes to seeing a celebrity . WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE PEOPLE. These Hollywood people contribute nothing to society ,NOTHING !!!. However they sure like to run their mouths on how to run the country. All of a sudden they become Rich and Famous and they know whats best for us. It's Pathetic. I bet most of them only have a High School Education. It's so hard to be an Actor,
BOO WHO !!!!
Howard from The wonderfully Historical - Bucks Co. ,Pa.
Where good 'ol George Washington Crossed the Delaware River

2571 days ago


This says a lot about the woman that grabbed him. She is nuts!! She obviously needs to get a life if she is so obsessed with him that she needs to grab him. This is assault. And it is obvious she is over obsessed with him since she grabbed him. She is obviously very small minded like anyone who gets infatuated with a celebrity. In this no right and wrong world that we now live in though things like this are not taken seriously.
For those of you that said you would have grabbed him too, think about what you are saying because you sound insane. GET A FREAKING LIFE!! WHAT SHE DID IS ASSAULT WHICH MEANS AGAINST THE LAW!! Get a life, get a psychiatrist and learn what the law is. I find some female actresses very attractive but I would never grab them without their consent. No matter how attracted I was to someone I wouldn't grab them against their will because I know it is WRONG and I am SANE!!

2571 days ago

alicia pacilio    

I adore Brad Pitt....I love his movies...I think I fell in love with his acting w/ the movie
Ledgends of The Fall..anyway I still watch his movies..still admore his acting abilities...
it looked to me as if this girl scard the crap out of to speak...Don't know about you but being grabbed like that from behind/kinda scary with ec=veryone screaming and touching you must be was uncalled for he was being very polite and a gentlemen...she was being an ass...Alicia Pacilio

2571 days ago


As we all know everyone has there own opinion. I am with everyone who says I would grab him in a NY minute if I had the chance to. That man is hot and have you seen him in those movies. Wow! I think Angelina is the luckiest woman in the world. Imagine what there, you know, is like and don't say no one has not thought about it sometime in their life. What it would be like to get it on with a star, especially one that looks like that. Come on we are all human here. The stars have to expect that this will happen one day or another, mind you I don't condone stalking but what is a harmless hug gonna do other then make everyone jealous who wants to do it but doesn't have the guts to attempt it. You go girl!

2570 days ago
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