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Britney's Ring Finger Rock

9/3/2007 4:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears opened Vegas nightclub LAX on Friday with a bang -- and sporting a huge rock on her ring finger! Oh no, not again!
Britney Spears
Britney and "Mindfreak" Criss Angel have been spending a lot of time together, and Angel was in Vegas partying with her as she hosted the event. The big diamond ring was put on display as she walked the red carpet, but a source close to Criss Angel says there are no marriage plans in the future, reports Page Six.

We've noticed the ring is part of Brit's regular accessory repertoire -- she's even been spotted sporting it before she met Angel. Plus, it's not like Britney would rush into a quickie Vegas wedding or anything.

Here are three pics of Britney -- from 7/13, 7/23 and 8/28 -- all with rings on that special finger.


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well it's nice her hair cover's her ear's

2570 days ago

tuna marie    

she has the worse fingers i have ever seen, dirty bitten down nails, stubby fat fingers and she covers those fat fingers with tacky ugly rings that looks like she bought them at k-mart. she is a freaking mess from head to toe.

2570 days ago


She will do anything to get attention....why would you wear a ring on THAT finger unless you want attention and more headlines....

2570 days ago


Wow, Cousin It finally had a kid!

2570 days ago


there is little doubt that anyone with Britney has a ring around that "special finger" .......

2570 days ago


She looks like a man in that top photo.

2570 days ago

Desease control    

Ms. adopt a kid a minute angie jolie is bringing home another kid.

Jolie told the orpahnge that she was adopting Pax from that she was setting up a couple of charities to help them out and after she took home Pax they wouldnt have to worry about money any more.
Delighted tohe orpahnge gave her Pax in good faith.
Then after the ink was dry on the adoption papers guess what
the charities had closed beacuse Ms joile didnt put any money in them.
Now the orpahnage is in bad need of money and madd that they were taken for fools
by ms jolie and bradd Pitt.

I think Britt should sell her ring and give it to the orphnage,
To prove not all stars are bad and only care about themselfs.

This is brits chance to do something good,
You never know it could be her kids at an orpahnge one day.

2570 days ago


I'm so tired of hearing about this trainwreck. Nothing surprises anyone anymore with her, right? She's awful. She doesn't have a lick of talent and her personal life shows that she truly has nothing going for her. Those first 2 pics on the bottom, it doesn't look like the ring's on her ring finger. The left pic looks like her index finger, and the middle pic looks like her middle finger. Ban Britney from TMZ!

2570 days ago

Here comes the judge    


2570 days ago

Here comes the judge    

Another Bipolar moment:::::::::::Priceless.

2570 days ago


Just another publicity stunt.
And by the way, she is fat.

2570 days ago


WHoa! check out the yellow nicotine stains from her chain smoking habit!

2570 days ago


Let's just hope she is using birth control. Obviously she is very fertile. She doesn't need to bring yet another child into this world that she will neglect.

The hat/hair combo looks like Cousin It.

2570 days ago

thrown out    

#18 I think you just about said it all, why can't the rest of you idiots just hope and pray she's getting her life on the right track. I am 50 years old and am sick to death of all your stupid comments, how about getting on a web site for teenagers!!!!!!!!

2570 days ago

homophobes are bigger losers than britney spears    

Well, I am not fifty. And I am sick of Britney Spears period. She's played out, beat down, nasty, vile, fat, untalented, and psychotic. I love TMZ, but I wish Harvey would tell us what we have to do to never see this hog on this page again. Her comeback is a joke. The world will watch to see her either back out at the last minute or screw up beyond belief. Even Criss Angel, who is known for putting his leg over anything that will hold still long enough, is denying her. A guy with no standards is still above this disgusting slimeball of a human. That's how pathetic she is.

So please, Harvey, tell us. What will make you stop? What will make TMZ a Britney free zone? How about if, from now on, no one comments on any of her posts? Will that help? I'm so willing to just just ignore her greasy fat self if it will just make her go away.

2570 days ago
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