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Jude Law-Breaker? Actor Arrested for Alleged Attack

9/5/2007 9:48 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Actor Jude Law turned himself in to London police Tuesday after allegedly beating the crap out of a paparazzo outside of the star's home.

A police spokesman wouldn't identify Law by name, but confirmed, "A 34-year-old man from Maida Vale was arrested yesterday on suspicion of actual bodily harm after voluntarily attending a London police station." Law is both 34-years-old and lives in Maida Vale -- a swanky London neighborhood. Law was snapped leaving his home -- smiling -- shortly after the alleged incident.

According to a published report, the battered photog says Law went nuts even though he wasn't shooting at the time, accusing the snapper of being a pedophile that only wanted to shoot Jude's children.
Police say the "34-year-old" was released on bail. A court date was set for sometime in October.

Last year, cameras caught Law lashing out at photogs in Los Angeles, telling them, "You don't film my f**king children" and threatening, "I'll have you up for pedophilia!"

Calls to Law's reps have not yet been returned.


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These paps really shouldn't even think about filing charges when they get a little boo-boo because THEY are stalking. I mean really, look at all the damage Jude did, OMG he's scarred for life. Get real paps and stay away if you don't like it.

2604 days ago


While I would never accuse David Beckham of being the fountain of all knowledge, he did make a point some years back that paparazzi are essentially stalkers. Any one else who camped outside your house 24/7, took photographs of your children and followed and harassed you constantly, would be brought before the courts in quicksmart time, and given either jail time or would be forbidden from going anywhere near that person from then on.
Why is it ok for paparazzi to take photos of celebrities' children? It makes me so angry that they push people like Jude Law to the absolute limit, follow them constantly - Jude Law is a human being and he snapped - and then it is Jude that is seen as having done wrong. If you push people to the limit, they will inevitably snap.
Leave them alone, photographers. (not that this will ever happen, I am aware).

2604 days ago

Canadian Queen    

Way to go Jude! They are stalkers and you have to protect your kids from these creeps!

2604 days ago


For all the invasions and attacks the pap's impose on celebrities private lives, I think they deserve every bit of abuse back at them.

Good for Jude Law! I'd do the same for my kids.

2604 days ago


Dear Teri......i did not come here for a spelling B, but just to make a point....I think the point came across, even if i missed a few letters.. why don't you try to stay with the topic and try to ...relax mamma....R E L A X ........
we really need less critical people in this world....

2604 days ago


smack his azz for me way to go jude besides looks like minor injuries boo hoo nosey punk

2604 days ago


In the past there seems to have been a suspiciously vocal group of "friends" of the ex-Mrs Law ready and willing to present her side of the story to the press. Right when their family life became a public soap opera they opened themselves up to this kind of press scrutiny.

That's not to say I think lurking in wait for pictures of kids is acceptable. It's not. But some celebs seem to want to play the press then get upset when they are no longer in control.

2604 days ago


Cat Fight

2604 days ago


You know this is getting worse and worse, the harassment the paparazzi gives, there will be a law down the line that bars them from getting too close to anyone. This is a perfect example AMONGST MANY of how far gone the paparrazi are regarding movie starts, seriously, they dont have a life and cant take a poop, sleep, eat, enjoy anything without them harassing them and thats where its going to be at eventually. The silliness of getting a scoop is getting dangerous.

Get a life paps, you need to get a grip because you will be in court soon with every pop start, movie star or whoever you decide to stalk. I wish we could stalk you and you would know how it is.

2604 days ago


oh please the paparazzi should thank Jude Law now their photos will sell for even more money and they can even sell the one of his owie too.

Paparazzi know that the anger of the people they stalk is a hazard of the trade, I don't feel sorry for them at all.

2604 days ago


Boo-hoo. The paparazzi need to stop stalking celebrities at home, especially if they have children. I think any parent - including a celebrity - has an absolute right to do whatever they deem necessary to protect their children. If what you showed in the pics is the guy's only injuries, then this situation is being blown completely out of proportion. From the TMZ article, I expected to see black eyes and a broken nose.

2604 days ago


Is this guy seriously pressed charges for that injury?!? I come home more battered than that on a daily basis...and I'm a preschool teacher...

2604 days ago


His kids weren't even with him when he assaulted this pap! He wasn't protecting them- they weren't even there! Jude Law has always had a bad temper and it's always showed-walking 10 feet ahead of his girlfriends, treating his wife like cr*p (leaving her when she was sick with post partum depression after giving birth to thier 3rd child), cheating on his fiance, etc. The police were called to his house before when he went off on his wife. The guy's a bad tempered, self-centered a**hole. I don't care how famous you are or how mad you get at an "injustice" (I notice the injustice of him getting paid a criminal amount of money for what he does doesn't bother him!) - you aren't allowed to assault other people that annoy you. I hope he learns his lesson.

2604 days ago


Puh-lease... "protect his children" from what? Being photographed? Puh-lease!

And no, people don't have the right to do whatever they want (including battery) to "protect their children" from being photographed! Those kids live as priviledged millionaires because their father is a celeb. They also have the downside of photographers. Boo-hoo. Makes their life a living hell? Gimme a break! These kids don't know and will never know what a living hell is!

And what's all this villifying the paps? If WE- the adoring public- didn't have the greedy hunger for all these celeb pics and gossip they'd have no reason to photograph celebs. Aren't we all on TMZ- which is all about celebs and celeb photographs? Why complain about "evil paps" when they only supply OUR demand?

Get over it. Jude's a bad tempered a**hole who can't handle celebrity. He should go back to the stage and work for scale. We'd all soon forget about him (and his kids!).

2604 days ago


Well Said Deborah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2604 days ago
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