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Brad: Jen and I Have "A Deep Friendship"

9/7/2007 9:19 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

How's Angelina going to feel about this?! Brad Pitt says he and ex-wife Jennifer Aniston are bound by "a lot of life together," and that they're still friends in a "deep" way.

Pitt tells V magazine (via People) that he and Jen "still maintain a deep friendship ... that isn't erased in any way" by their breakup more than four years ago. As for the split itself, Brad says, "I don't know how better to have handled [it] ... The thing guiding me then was ... you need life to be everything you need it to be."

And when it comes to his current baby mama and paramour Angelina Jolie, Pitt says he had to put questions about his marriage to Aniston behind him, "before an attraction to Angie could be answered."

Fitty Wants Hillary, Thinks He's a Soldier

Go shorty, it's your inauguration day, go shorty, it's your ... Can't you just hear it? It could happen, now that 50 Cent is on the record pushing Hillary Clinton for president.

Fitty tells Rap-Up magazine in its September/October issue, "I'd like to see Hillary Clinton be president and ... this is a way for us to have Bill Clinton be president again, and he did a great job during his term." Meanwhile, he also points out the difference between him and George Bush, "I actually go to war, when I go to war. Bush just sends [people] to war."

Party Favors: Larry Wachowski Is Still a Man ... Alyssa Milano Joins "Earl" to Love Lee

The buzz that bizarro-director Larry Wachowski -- one half of the Wachowski Brothers of "Matrix" fame -- was getting the chop and becoming a woman are, apparently, untrue. FOX News reports that Larry has not yet become Lana ... TV Guide's Michael Ausiello reports that Alyssa Milano will be joining the cast of "My Name is Earl" to play Jason Lee's love interest. In other child star news, Henry Thomas -- Elliott of "E.T."-- will be joining "Without a Trace" to play the nemesis of head guy Anthony LaPaglia. Phone home ... so we know where you are!


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Lin, Lin, Lin......get a life!

2570 days ago


Gee, that's funny. I was an extra on Mr. & Mrs. Smith set and he couldn't stop pinching Snarky Angie's butt. Guess he'd answered his marriage questions by then.

2570 days ago


Brad is a dog and he went in to heat and went after onother dog....Jen is a lady and I hope that in time she finds the love of her life.........and forget's the dog

2570 days ago


Brad and Angie are such great role models for those kids. Let's cheat on our partners and then break up marriages. Hooty HOO. If Brad wasn't feeling so guilty he wouldn't be talking about it. I can't even look at these two. AND will someone answer me why they won't adopt in the US??? There are plenty of children here that need homes. WHATeva....

2570 days ago


53. If Brad ever leaves Angie, he will NOT go back to Jen ... get real!

Posted at 11:30AM on Sep 7th 2007 by scarlett



2570 days ago


what goes around comes around, Brad.

2570 days ago


i wonder if jen knows they share such a deep friendship..........

2570 days ago


All marriages end, whether it be death or divorce. How come people are still talking about Brad and Jen? I don't get it? Their marriage's over...move on folks!
All of us have ended relationships that we were no longer happy in. It's life. You can have one soulmate or you could have a hundred but at the end of the day, everyone deserves to be happy.

Wow, just imagine the life he would of had if he listened to some of the advice posted on here. We would probably be talking about him in rehab!

2570 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Pitt and Jenn may have a deep friendship, but no amount of intellectual justification erases the likelihood that this whole public saga has to have ripped Jenn's heart apart. She has likely suffered mostly silently while trying to keep her head up. When couples who have been married 30 or 50 years are questioned, they'll say that when the two people aren't 'growing as a couple', you communicate with that person you vowed to love 'till death do us part', and kickstart or do whatever you have to do to grow together again in your marriage out of respect for your vows and that person. If every couple loped off into another relationship when it felt like 'they weren't growing as a couple', there would be NO long lasting marriages. There aren't any problems in a marriage that can't be solved if a person is committed, apart from the obvious dealbreakers like addiction or violence, unless it's just that you want what you want, when you want it. IMHO.

2570 days ago

Sarah Silverman SUCKS!    

Funny, I remember there being rumors about Brad & Jen having problems long before he met Angelina.

2570 days ago


50 cents is a moron. Clinton Administration is just as bad as the Bush one, but no one will see it that way. Democrats and Republicans are just the same bunch of idiots.

2570 days ago

John Grieme    

Seeing what 50cent had to say about Hillary and Bill and President Bush makes me realize, he's probably stupid enough to be a rapper. If that doesn't work, maybe he could run as Hillary's VP, that is if Bin Laden isn't available.

2570 days ago


The media is always trying to create stories like that. They are doing it with Katie and Tom, and other high profile couples including brangelina. That doesn't mean they are having problems, right now. If brangelina splits in a few years, then the tabloids are going to report that they knew they were having problems years ago?? WTF If Brad and Jen were having serious problems before Angelina, they would have ended their marriage before they did.

2570 days ago


"LaReina" & "Lenn K" well said. My sentiments exactly. Have you thanked a Soldier today!!!!

2570 days ago


Brad is trying to get some good publicity and improve his image before his new movie is released so it won't tank like Jolie's did. Also, he possibly may be getting an idea what most people really think of him and his skank Jolie, and their actions; i.e., being "citizens of the world", all those needless foreign adoptions, etc. etc. Those "citizens of the world" get all their money from the good old U.S.A. though, don't they??? How is the rest of the world padding their bank accounts???? He needs to realize we aren't all stupid and have a mind of our own.

2570 days ago
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