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Deep Thoughts

By Gary Busey

9/7/2007 2:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ photogs caught the frequent "Entourage" guest star doing a little shopping yesterday afternoon -- and when you turn the camera on Mr. Busey, you never know what you're going to get!

Pearls of Busey's wisdom include riffs on the devil, the act of giving, and driving the speed limit.

Please enjoy this free TMZ presentation of "Verbal A-Busey."


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2602 days ago


OmG...He was on Celebrity FIt Club.....he's a total nutt......He said something about tigers......but overall he seemed like a great guy....just a little crazy....

2602 days ago


Dude is about half a bubble off plumb.

2602 days ago


That is great!!!! You got to love Busey!!! Keep them coming...

2602 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Busey is as dumb as a fox. He seems decent, intelligent and generous enough to share his thinking thus opening it up to, er, lack of appreciation in some negative circles. Don't discount wisdom seasoned adults have to share; perhaps the country wouldn't be in quite the pickle it's in if older views were listened to and actually heeded. Busey lived through Viet Nam like many of the rest of us, and his five points are valid and well thought out, even if the 'claw' representation might be a bit dramatic and less than satisfactory image for some. He seems like a guy I'd like to get to know. He ought to be in more movies in character roles; Walken has been spread a little thin lately. Busey has screen charisma, and these older actors need funds to live & retire on. They didn't earn a fraction in the past of what today's actors earn, and all probably could use the work while maintaining their pride and integrity. The industry should support their seasoned guys and gals, because that will be them in a few years. The NHL is now doing a better job of taking care of it's legends too. It's just the right thing to do. I like Gary Busey, and even more now. Enjoyed his rant. Go Gary.

2602 days ago


As Gary talks about the Devil's Claw and the five points of the fingers he forgot to mention his domestic violence on his girlfriend or was it his wife that was on I believe at the time KABC 7 news. I was a Golden Globes party about 5 years ago and a woman friend I was with was enamored with him so will he became a blowhard and talked to her endlessly I stood off to the side since I have no respect for him now since he struck a woman.

So Gary became annoyed that i was not right up near him star struck and in the middle of a long boring story of his as he talked he stopped and turned to me and said:

'are you with us?' and I replied: 'I am right here' because I know how violent he is what else could I say that would appease him.

2602 days ago

John Denver Rules    

I Love him. If you think (very deeply) about what he says, he usually has a point. Of course it helps if you're high.

2602 days ago


Google his films. Then think about what he says...

He has a vocabulary much higher than the 100 words most of your "subjects" have.

2602 days ago


I JUST LOVE HIM!! he's a good ol boy, heart of gold.

2602 days ago


and # 6 is right on

2602 days ago

Mrs. Harvey Levin    

I want to know where I can get the good stuff like he does! :)

2602 days ago


You should hear his driving directions that he's now selling. Do a search for Navtones and check out his video on the old u tube by searching Busey and driving directions. Unbelievable stuff. He seems like a great guy to hang out with.

2602 days ago


You go Gary!!!

2602 days ago

clear memory    

Does anyone out there remember the motorcycle accident that almost ended Gary Busey's life? It was amazing that he even survived...a traumatic brain injury like that changes people for the worse, not the better. This explains his strange behavior. In a way, he can't help himself.

2602 days ago

Insert comical name here    

Love him, he is so strange in a good way. More like him would improve our society.

2602 days ago
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