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"Idol" Wannabeen Headlines at SC Balloon Fest

9/7/2007 3:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"American Idol" reject Bucky Covington got a real boost to his career -- as headliner at -- hold for it -- The Great Southeast Balloon Fest. The wha?
Bucky Covington
TMZ was on scene when Bucky boy blasted his own brand of hot air and spastic dancing for what looks like an audience of dozens of adoring old folks in Anderson, South Carolina. Bucky "performed" before the hot dog eating contest, and just after the wing eating contest. At least he was out in front of other bands like ... Morris Day and the Time! Oh-wee-oh-wee-oh!

When your final 15 minutes of "Idol" fame tick down ... this is where you go. There's always the balloon ride.


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I'd hit it.

2568 days ago


I seen Bucky at Wefest, which is a country festival in MN. There were 60,000 people there this year. He performed with other artists such as, Keith Urban, Alan Jackson, Sheryl Crow, Carrie Underwood, Toby Keith, Sawyer Brown, and many more. He did a great job! Go Bucky! I want VIP tickets to WeFest now! J/K.

2568 days ago


Bucky's been in the top ten...

Research, people, research!

2568 days ago


Hey, I like Bucky! And he can't be doing too bad since his song is on the radio. He's a lot better then some of the contestants we got this last season!

2568 days ago


Apparently TMZ does not follow country music. His newly released album has received good reviews, with the newest single going to #1 on the country charts and #4 on the Billboard 200, certainly awarding him more than 15 minutes. I'm not much of a Bucky fan but country music stars are not as snobby as your average rock star and they are quite frequently found playing smaller venuews such as state fairs and casinos, making them accessible to those fans who don't have a $100 to pay for a ticket.

You guys should probably do a little more homework when you are attempting to belittle people.

2568 days ago


SCREW YOU TMZ! Bucky has a country album out that is doing quite well. Just because he doesn't live in Hollyweird doesn't mean you have to down the young man. In other parts of the country we are REAL people not FAKE like Hollyweird.

2568 days ago


I luv Bucky and his songs that get a lot of airplay on country radio. From what I understand his album is doing very well on the country charts!!

2568 days ago


What's wrong with that?? TMZ, you don't need to be snots about this.. I went to a Balloon Festival last year and it was very cool.. Also, not into Bucky's music but what's the big deal? Give 'em a break -- I'm sure his fans are thrilled

2568 days ago


There must be a lot of bitter people working at TMZ. They have all turned into Perez Hilton wannabes. They are reporting NON-news and dissing so-called "has beens" that are probably making more money than THEY are. TMZ hasnt had a good story since the Michael Richards fiasco. TMZ is becoming the "Where are they now?" of websites. Sad.

2568 days ago


Slow news day tmz? Stop picking on Bucky! He's been touring with Sawyer Brown and doing very well! His 2nd single off his awesome album comes out next week"It's Good To Be Us", and he just does these county fairs and fests as a side job. It's plain to see that the footage you chose has been edited to show same moves over and over. He's having fun; what's wrong with that? TMZ is pathetic!

2568 days ago

dirty white boy.    

Tell them Tammy..

2568 days ago


TMZ - Please research first. It makes you look foolish. I actually saw his video on TV and it was good. So was the song, by the way.

2568 days ago


you think thats bad. Kimberly Caldwell and Paris Bennett will be playing the Richmond County Fair this weekend in Staten Island, NY. there is more publicity for the elephant that will be there than these two rejects.

2568 days ago


Bucky's very popular in the Charlotte, NC area and well respected. There are plenty of people who'd want to see him!

2568 days ago


Now, You are going way too far when you try to insult Morris Day and the Time. They are freakin awesome, especially live. I have seen almost a hundred concerts and they are in the top two of best all time performances.

At least TMZ rated them higher than whoever this guy is!

2568 days ago
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