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Zahara Gets Mom Look-Alike Purse

9/7/2007 1:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Zahara Jolie-Pitt is creating a rage among emaciated supermoms and humanitarians -- with her purchase of a "just like me" purse for her mother, Angelina.
Angelina Jolie and Zahara
Z, who will be 3 in January, created a paparazzi frenzy after a play date in a NYC park. The tiny trendsetter broke with tradition and busted out her white bag after Labor Day. So did Zahara.

UPDATE: It looks like Zahara favors the Valentino "Histoire" bag.


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that is too freaking adorable

2602 days ago


That Kid's going to go through some serious Identity Crisis when she gets older. I commend Angie for adopting, but as a Black Male raised by a White Family, shiloh is in for one helluva ride...Just ask Tom Cruises' black adopted son Gunner. NOBODY'S heard from him since Tom joined Scientology. Where is that kid??? I'm concerned!!!

2602 days ago


Okay, Angelina clearly needs training on how to take care of a black child's hair. Hello? Can someone say Baby Love? Get it together.

2602 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

OH my gawd, where did her thighs (quads) go?
Let's hope she's taking vitamins and calcium to stem osteo. When flesh wastes away like that, the bones are thinning too.

2602 days ago

Corey Haim is HOT    

I cannot believe how this kid is always being carried,, it's weird,,
as a mother of 3 girls,, youngest one is 3,, she loves to walk and hold my hand, makes her feel like a big girl,
I've never seen a regular normal 3 year old,, want to be carried everywhere,, this is the age of walking like a "big girl"

also,, isn't going to the park a fun "exercise" ??
not a carry me along time,,
I just find this not natural,,
then again,, it's Jolie,,
she's a skany brother lovin freak show
why should she let her kids walk?

2602 days ago


I think this is a fake picture. It looks like a photoshop touch up job.... the image looks reduce/shrunk down to make it seem like it's in her hand...
I just copied the exact picture and did it ...that's what they did!!!
TMZ are such trouble makers and out of their mind. That's sad...

2602 days ago

Shame on you    

Good Lord, didn't you people ever carry your children? This little girl is only two years old! There's nothing wrong with feelig safe, secure and snuggled in a parent's arms.

2602 days ago


oh please on the kid being carried - they have to be with all the media frenzy and fans that they draw - it's more about security of their kids - remember what happened in vegas with brit and her boys? and who cares IF she bought her a purse? my boss's 3 yr comes into the office and everytime asks for my purse and any type of makeup I have in it. she walks around with it while she is here. my kid did the same thing when she was little - it's the princess syndrome. angie and brad contribute enough.....what do you for the 3rd world?

2602 days ago

Oh Please    

The question that should be asked is why does TMZ find it necessary to pick on, put down, and degrade a child? This kid hasn't done anything to anybody but yet you keep treating her as if she is the enemy,.

2602 days ago


Omg, AJ looks sick. She went from a 10 to a 1 in the looks department. Sorry, Zahara isn't a cute child what so ever. The pretty one is Shiloh who AJ seems to hate for some reason.
Hope Brad takes Shiloh far away from Jolie and her collection of children from other countries. She does this for attention not realizing the world has heard her speeches about her children. She lets Zahara scream at Shiloh in the mornings. AJ admitted to this one.
All the photos with AJ and Shiloh, AJ looks mad just because she is carrying Shiloh. The other kids she has bought can walk or can they? She always carries them like they're infants or kids that don't know how to walk. AJ had many fans until she started losing weight and looking like a skeleton. Go away AJ you are not even cute anymore.
AJ will soon be history.

2602 days ago


Can that kid walk????

2602 days ago


I agree that it's photoshopped! There are no shadows and it's shaped too cookie-cutter to be real!

2602 days ago

Oh Please    

Angelina is an adult and can take care of herself, but why is TMZ taking on doing this to a child? Isn't anybody else concerned about this?

2602 days ago

Glee (I'm baaaaack)    

Wow, that baby purse could feed 100 kids in a month in africa.

2602 days ago


Uhh..yeah......never seen a picture of the kid walking....And oh my gawd....look at her hand and wrist.......WTH....?

2602 days ago
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