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Zahara Gets Mom Look-Alike Purse

9/7/2007 1:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Zahara Jolie-Pitt is creating a rage among emaciated supermoms and humanitarians -- with her purchase of a "just like me" purse for her mother, Angelina.
Angelina Jolie and Zahara
Z, who will be 3 in January, created a paparazzi frenzy after a play date in a NYC park. The tiny trendsetter broke with tradition and busted out her white bag after Labor Day. So did Zahara.

UPDATE: It looks like Zahara favors the Valentino "Histoire" bag.


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That kid looks like Marla GIbbs.

The mother looks like Barry Gibb.

2606 days ago

Oh Please    

OK, I admit to being out of the loop, so can anybody tell me what this couple did to deserve such hatred and criticism from TMZ? TMZ never writes anything positive about them, they do so much to help underprivelged and those less fortunate but you never hear that on here. What did they do to TMZ, please post and let me know. Anybody who goes for kids throats like these guys must have been dissed.

2606 days ago


K who are these idiot moms who say Kids at three are carried still. I mean please. My child could walk real fast a three. He use to get me things in the grocery store on the lower shelves when he was 2. Plus a stroller is a nice thing to have in the city when the kid get tired they can sit in that. Oh but wait that wouldn't frame Miss Jiolies face as well. Attachment parenting my butt. Codependency training more like it

2606 days ago


Please let me state this your in a public park with your kid you are looking for attention. How many other celebrity's with kids do things with their kids in NYC and you don't know about it? If you go to central park you will be noticed but let me tell you that high riser apartment they are living in at the moment has a playground and walk area for them to use with privacy. So don't give me crap she's just taking her kid to the park. There is more security around her and that kid then any public official. She knows exactly what she's doing.

2606 days ago

Oh Please    

Does anybody else notice the excess amount of negative attention TMZ heaps on Zahara or is it just me??? Makes one wonder.

2606 days ago


Why don't we see more of SHlLOH..seems as though she is kept away and the others kids are photo printed more....What is up with that?

2606 days ago


no way is that pic real. It's an obvious fake mini purse.

2606 days ago

Oh Please    

Dawn: Maybe she just wanted to take her child to the park. If you don't think other celebs do the same, you have been hiding under a rock, kid!! Gwen Stefani, Brittany Spears, Jennifer Garner, Madonna, Julia Roberts, they have all been photographed with their kids in the park in the last month. I guess celebs aren't allowed to take their kids out to the park, right?

2606 days ago

Oh Please    

If this couple only adopted cute blue eyed blond haired children, would anybody really care? I doubt it. You might want to take a deeper look at your hatred and it's roots.

I'm just sayin...............................................

2606 days ago

Corey Haim is HOT    

I agree with

She does not have to go through the public park, she can take her kids to the more private agrea where she lives, AJ just goes out in public like this to get in TMZ, hoping it will help her career that is in the gutter, women all over the world find her a dirty skinny tramp, and she has lost her apeal to the mass audience,, she is never going to recover her sexylook , she is washed up,, she knows this,, therefore she is always in the public with one or more of her kids,, and it's so obvious she favors Z over the other children,
I think poor lil Pax is left out all the way around,,, Brad seems to favor the oldest son Maddox,, which I feel is the main reason he left Jen,, was because he wanted to be this kids dad,,more so than AJ's trophy husband,
I feel sorry for the left out kids,,
but I feel sorry for the ones that get the attention too,,
it's all a mess and they are just really crappy parents in the "media",,
who knows what goes on behind closed doors,, but i'm sure it's just as crappy as the crap we see in the pix

2606 days ago

Satan Angelina    

it is not photoshopped. Check out JustJared, he has more photos of the two with those purse. What a waste of money. I thought Angelina feels guilty eating because she thinks about the people in the third world country, I guess not guilty enough to buy a $1,700.00 purse plus a little one for her little Z. She also said she doesn't want her children to be spoiled....hmm..wait a minute this is the same woman who said she will be a stay at home mom after she adopted lasted for a minute. When are you guys going to open your eyes and see that Brad and Angie are fake. They use the children and charity work to gain publicity. Funny, they adopt a kid when they are promoting a movie and goes to do charity work (with pictures taken and publish) when they need to BRANGELOONIES to watch their movies.
Brad and Angie, we can see through you. Not everyone in the world are as stupid as your fans.

2606 days ago


Who cares if she is carrying her or not, they are both carrying white handbags after Labor Day!!!!!!!!! LOL

2606 days ago

Oh Please    

Why doesn't TMZ pick on somebody their own size and make the kids off limits???

2606 days ago

Oh Please    

by so sick of this woman

Angelina actually feeds 100 times this many children in Africa every month. How many hungry children have you helped?

2606 days ago


How can people be so mean to this child, don't you have a heart? calling her ugly and all that, she's just a poor little girl who doesn't even know what's going on around her. Just leave them alone for Christ sake. If you've ever given a $1 to charity you wont be saying all these nasty things about them. you should be ashame of yourself.

2606 days ago
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