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Britney's Career: 1998 - 2007

9/10/2007 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears


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what a world    

HA HA HA! Her performance was terrible. She looked like she would have rather been anywhere but on stange. She could hardy muster up the energy to the dance moves. Her career is a disater. She needs some serious help It is obvious how unhappy with life she appears Somebody in her camp needs to do something before she ends up like Owen Wilson, only worse.

2603 days ago


I thought the Silverman remarks were disgusting. I don't get why MTV allows this sort of garbage. Brittany was obviously depressed. Its time she gets help. Lets stop the nasty remarks and let her heal. She probably should have waited awhile longer before she attempted this show. So much going on in her life, maybe she just is giving up. Love you Brit.

2603 days ago

No need to wonder...    

Please, even if her "real" performance was scrapped, she should have been able to pull through more than what she did. Additionally, we've seen the video of her rehearsal - it was no different than the crap she tried to pull off last night. She doesn't need to focus on a rebound, she needs to focus on her family and mental health.

2603 days ago


Very painful to watch. Feel super bad for her.

2603 days ago


Go away Britney and let us live our lives in peace. Death to the horrible, greedy pop star!

2603 days ago


she looks totally sprung out.


2603 days ago


It looked like all the stars in the audience were doing their best not to laugh! It was horrible. She really needs someone to step in and manage her career.

2603 days ago


Very sad. She looked scared out of her mind. Too much partying, not enough resting and practicing. Maybe now she'll focus her energies on her kids since her career is clearly OVER.

2603 days ago



SERIOUSLY, SHE HAD ONE BAD PERFORMANCE, WHO COULD TAKE ALL OF THIS CRITICISM! I am not even a big Brit fan, but I am finding myself feeling very sorry for this girl, after seeing all the terrible news stories, if this girl kills herself, let's see what everyone has to say then, why is life always about "what have you done for me lately" wasn't this girl at one time the top selling female artist-she recently had to clean house after marrying a "L-O-S-E-R" and unlike the rest of us, who get to deal with our problems privately, hers were everywhere! I am also hearing rumors that she over-heard Sarah Silverman rehearsing-I did not find that funny at all-it was a disgrace, these are babies that are becoming the butt of jokes-COME ON PEOPLE, WE HAVE ENOUGH GOING ON IN THE WORLD TODAY, FOR GOD SAKE, TOMORROW IS THE ANNIVERSARY OF 9/11, GIVE THE GIRL A BREAK BEFORE THIS CAUSES MORE TRAGEDY----PLEASE PEOPLE!!

2603 days ago


She looked more presentable during practice than she did during her performance. I do, however, feel bad for her. It is hard when people bring your kids into something and shows how immature and classless those are that bring up the little ones. If they have a problem with Brittney and hav esomething to say... say it about her.

2603 days ago


Enough Said About This Loser.

2603 days ago

Louisiana girl    

I am not a fan of Brittanys music, but she is still a person who has feelings and this is her job in life to entertain. She may not be perfect but I don't know anyone who is. She looked scared to death on that stage last night. As for Sarah Silvermans comments, I would have gone up on that stage and do a "Faith Hill" on her! That girl has no respect for people or their family. That was wrong what she said about Britts kids. As a mother of 2 little kids myself, that would not have been acceptable by me. I hope Brittany gets her chance to show all those people that she can make a great come back. We all hope the best for her. Oh, we will not watch the mtv awards if silverman is going to be on it again.

2603 days ago


Even is the planned performance had to be scrapped at the last minute, she should know how to execute a dance move and know the words to her own song. There are no excuses for this amateur walk-through that anyone could do better in their own living room.

2603 days ago


It was so sad to watch. Once such a great star, now she looks like crap and she can no longer dance. What happened to her dancing? Once you know how it should never leave you, and it seems to have left her. I hope she will go on and be a good mommy now and enjoy life.

2603 days ago

Bella E    

She was a total mess. i feel terrible for her, she seemed to have lost all of her stage performance along with all morals. i think its time she goes off whatever drugs shes on and takes care of her children.

2603 days ago
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