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Joe Jackson -- Beat It!

9/10/2007 3:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If it were 1968, Joe Jackson would be the escorted through a private entrance to the hottest L.A. clubs and given the V.I.P. treatment -- but forty years later, he can't even get through the front door!

TMZ spotted the tyrannical dad attempting to enter Mood nightclub in Hollywood, (was it Polident night?) and he was denied! That's no way to treat Michael Jackson's poppa!

The iron fisted Jackson, 78, appeared to be in the company of a young lady -- or two! Where was wife Katherine? Maybe she made a few phone calls to get Joe on the "Do Not Allow" list! Anyway, he's out way past his 7:00 PM bedtime!


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Go with the Flow!    

First! What is he doing going to a nightclub at his age anyway? Shame on him!

2537 days ago

Desease control    

Im sure he cheats on his wife all the time

There is no morals in this family.

His son molestlittel boys

so he problay is mosleting young woman

too old to be a Pimp

2537 days ago

Jus D truth    

2 years ago I was invited to a party at a friends house (a real big house ) in Las Vegas. Joe was there & let me tell you. This man is a REAL CREEP. My friend Lori (sister of the home owner) was totally man-handled my Joe. Lori is a very pretty Phillipina -Well Joe just grabbed her hand and pulled her down onto his lap & would not release her saying "Don't you know WHO I'AM??? I'm Joe Jackson & you should be HAPPY I picked you to "SERVICE" ME"!!!!. When I went to get lori's husband, did Joe let her loose - JOE IS A HORNEY - OLD FREAK - WHO THINKS BEING A JACKSON - MEANS SOMETHING!!! He needs to understand - All that comes to anyone mind when they hear tha name JACKSON is FREAK!!!!

2537 days ago


Joe Jackson ~ who really cares. Find something more interesting to tell us about.

2537 days ago


Where is his wife? Sitting at home in denial as usual.

2537 days ago


What a bastard. I hope he gets pee pee cancer.

2537 days ago


Are you all serious??? While his old butt shouldn't have been trying to get into a club. There is no need to bash the man or his family. Sick and tired of stupid ppl... who believe everything the media presents to them... the way the media would like it seen. Last time I checked... Michael was acquitted. Obviously there was no proof that he molested anyone. If you couldn't figure out that ... that family was looking for money... you're not very bright. That trial was more about money than child molestation.

Frankly, all of Hollywood is out of control... most of them are screwed up. It's definitely not a Jackson thing.... It's a celebrity thing. You all build them up and the first time you hear something negative about them... you drop them... like they were used gum.

2537 days ago


Exactly, # 5.

2537 days ago

Brother Harold, S.J.    


2537 days ago


Diana, I agree with you on almost everything except for one point. All because Michael was acquitted doesn't mean he didn't molest that kid. By your reasoning, OJ Simpson didn't kill his wife or Ron Goldman! The jury always know best, right? What a crock!!!

2537 days ago


That guy is like his son ..........Too much money too much time .........Its not worth saying anything else .........Young girls, give me a break .

2537 days ago


7 Diana-Your stupid. Now, on to this man and his complete disregard for his wife....she deserves everything she gets. If she would have divorced him when the kids were young, maybe they would not have a child molester in the family. She stood by, when this man beat all the boys. He deserves to be dissed at the door.

2537 days ago


Anon, I point out that he was acquitted as a reminder. Personally, I don't think he did anything... because the mother seemed more motivated by money. Those kids had a lot of issues. If MJ would have offered to pay her something... she would have taken it... and kept coming back every few years.

Yes, I think OJ killed his wife and Ron Goldman. It doesn't take Rocket Science to figure that out. OJ got away with murder.

The way society is today... if I had a few bucks... I'd surely leave the Country... as some loser would be trying to sue me for something ... or trying to make a buck off of me some how... saying "I did something" or "said something".

Morals are lacking.

2537 days ago

Stephanie Goldmin    

i want him to molest me so i can urinate on him and use my air horn in his rite ear!

2537 days ago


I thought they were divorced anyway.

2537 days ago
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