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Somber Spears Turns In

9/10/2007 11:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In a major change from Brit's wild Vegas weekend, where she was hitting up to three clubs a night and partying with Diddy and 50 Cent -- the melancholy mother ended her night at the Bellagio in the company of -- her brother, Brian.

Family support may be just what the busted popwreck needs, after colossally flopping in her hyped "comeback" performance, and enduring a blistering verbal assault by caustic VMA host, Sarah Silverman, who notoriously poked fun at Paris Hilton hours before she went to jail -- and last night attacked Britney just seconds after Brit left the stage. Oops, she did it again!


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Mrs. Harvey Levin    

FIRST- and she still sucks!

2565 days ago


It's sad. She's turned into such a train wreck.

2565 days ago


Let's pray for Britney and not bash her, it was not her best at all and I was stunned. Really! she just looked like "why am I here?" Britney your brand is going to fade away and no one is going to buy anything from you. Everyone who sung LIVE sound great. But a lot of singer's are studio singers only after all the mixing and tech stuff, they sound great, anyone can do that. That's why American Idol is great you know they Can sing and the CD it's better.
Britney please take some advice and fire everyone around you, they are yes people and taking your money!!!
Becasue if it were me I would not have allowed you to get on stage in that out-fit unless you were fit.
The show producers should have looked at your performance in rehearsal's several times and the out-fit and said "No or change the routine!

Let say "No more" people!! that's why I don't go to concert's, bad rap shows etc

2565 days ago

too sad    

bombs awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay !

2565 days ago


Ok, I used to loathe her so much but after last night, I kinda feel sorry for her and hope that she'll do better with her career.

2565 days ago

shut up tmz    

People leave her alone, hold your head up high Britney, you have accomplished more than most people will in their life time. Hold your head up high, everyone has a bad day, yours is just in the public all time.

2565 days ago

pray for britney    

I am glad to see Britney has support from someone. After all of the money this poor girl has made for a lot of people...why isn't anyone stepping in to save her from herself. She is clearly on a road to self destruct and needs help. It would be great to see an old friend (Timberlake) step in and a be there for her at her lowest point. Remember, there are two innocent childrens lives at risk here too. Not just a former pop star who is looking for another hit.

2565 days ago

Fly on the Wall    

Britney, do the right thing! Go to the biggest, tallest building you can find in Vegas, and jump off of it. Do the world a big favor, you skank loser!

2565 days ago

Save Joe Francis     

That was the most pathetic performance I've ever seen and it just goes to show what an empty shell of an "artist" that Britney really is. She's not a musician, she's not fully invested in her music because she doesn't write the stuff. She doesn't have a singing voice so she has to lip-synch. She doesn't write her own songs and doesn't appear to do much collaboration on them either. She could dance (once) but with all the partying and boozing she's clearly lost that ability.

As disastrous as the whole performance was I think it was the perfect start to the MTV VMAs because the whole thing was a celebration of corporatized music where everything is a facade. Image means everything and talent is meaningless.

How is Britney any better than Milli Vanilli? The only difference is that back in Milli Vanilli's day they had to use real singers to give them their voice and these days they can manipulate anyones voice using computers to sound great.

2565 days ago


I am no fan of Britney and yes she flat on her face, big time.

But it has to be noted that there were several "singers" that lip-synched.

Someone has to start editing out the crap from these shows.

Either show up, sing for real, dance for real or get the hell out.

It's all too ridiculous.

2565 days ago


I actually feel really bad for her and am ashamed by all her negative press. She went out there on stage knowing that the media sees her as a "trainwreck"". You can tell that she was very uncomfortable and out of place and she has lost the confidence and self esteem that once made her the pop princess she was. I don't think it is too late for Brit and I certainly don't believe that one bad performance is the end of her career. She needs to realize that many people want her to suceed and want her to do well. Brit just needs a good team of people that care about her and her career not what they can get from her. Brit, I'll help you out! Try giving her a break!

2565 days ago


She's needs help. I think the bashing should stop. She needs to patch up her broken relationship with her mom and let her help her. She can still come back, she's young but she need to resolve all her problems, get a clear head and then she can come back. I agree she needs to fire everyone around her and just let her family help her. I pray for this lost soul. I would hate to see her end up like Anna Nicole Smith . If her family doesn't step in and stop this wreck next time they see Britney it will be in a coffin.

2565 days ago

Fly on the Wall    

What's the difference between the Titanic and Britney Spears? The Titanic provided real music when it sank.

2565 days ago


Britney is tragic and I was actually embarassed for her!! I can't believe they let her go on! I'm afraid she'll be dead in a year just like Anna Nicole! She has no support system except people she pays to do what she wants them to do. No one is honest with her and they use her for her money and publicity. The best thing she could do is take her kids, move out of So. Cal., and just focus on being a mom and getting her life together. I was such a fan of Britney's and now I just feel so sorry for her! I really hope she gets some honest people to support her, because her performance last night just proves how lost she is.

2565 days ago

Blah blah blah    

I hope she lets her entire family back into her life. She still got it, she just needs to work on herself and it will all fall into place, praying for you Britney.

2565 days ago
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