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Matthew McConaughey -- Jerk in a Shirt

9/11/2007 11:48 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A female fan waited more than two hours to take a picture with chesty Matthew McConaughey last night -- and he rewarded her patience by quickly blowing her off! Sorry, lady ... he's not for you!

TMZ cameras caught the pony-tailed, toothpick-chewin' hunk leaving Nobu, where a lone fan politely asked for a photo with him. Matt told her, "Not right now," and hopped into his car.

Feeling the burn of the diss, the fan vented to TMZ, calling him a "jerk" and adding, "It wasn't cool, it would have taken two seconds to take a picture ... not even an autograph!"


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Everyone has the right to have a nice dinner with family, friends, or by his self. I thought that Matthew David, even though he didn't smile, doesn't mean that he doesn't appreciate his fans. Everyone needs "Time for oneself," and that is a Scorpio for ya.

2530 days ago


Matthew McConaughey does not owe it to a fan to allow his picture to be taken with her while he is out for dinner. Period. End of story.

Calling him a jerk for doing that is a far more jerky thing to do.

2602 days ago

Candy Cane    

Who does he think he is? WE OWN HIM!

2602 days ago


So he's a jerk for wanting his privacy? This psycho stalker needs to get a life.

2602 days ago


If he is at a premiere, then I'm sure he wouldn't mind but the man was out to dinner. That is his personal time. He shouldn't have to stop and sign or pose. I'm a lawyer, does that mean that I have to give legal advise 24hrs a day 7 days a week to anyone who asks? c'mon...

2602 days ago

MJ RIP    

that's because it wasn't a hot guy. It will be a good day when all the men can come out of the closet and don't have to pretend to care about women.

2602 days ago

Blah blah blah    

I don't blame him for wanting left alone, there should be a time and place for autographs and photo opts, leaving a resturant is not one of them. These people need to get a life and let these "stars" have there own lives.

2602 days ago


Yes, Kate, it does. I'm an MD and give free medical advise all the time, and I don't mind at all ... in the end I know where my money comes from.

2602 days ago


He only wants to be photographed without a shirt. Teacheramy said it right.

2602 days ago

mike smith    

hounded by paps all the time, this guy does *not* know how to deal with nice people for make a polite request. i'd vote that guy off the island... who is he anyway?

2602 days ago


#6 They are"stars" because we make them stars. McConaughey needs to be a public figure, or stay home.

2602 days ago


The worst part of that clip was when he gave her the "once over" and then said no. What a dumbass. Karma is a wonderful thing and hopefully he'll get a visit real soon.

2602 days ago


Thank you Dr. Dani!
It wouldn't have killed him to take 2 seconds for a picture, since his
fan(s) are paying his mortage and 12 months a year vacation.... She was polite and it's not like he was overrun by fans and had to get out of there fast...JERK!

2602 days ago

Get a life    

He has a right to say no. Who knows how many of these he signed or pics he took earlier? Just because you have no life and stand outside like a stalker doesn't mean he has to stop and make your day. People who get excited about celebrity sightings are LOSERS.

2602 days ago


Fans are insane. They owe you nothing! They may be in the limelight, but that does not mean that they are for your pleasaure whenever you deem necessary. Get a life.

2602 days ago
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